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Ethics of Instruction - 1Q2

The following information dealing with responsibilities and minimum expectations in carrying out teaching assignments should be provided to all faculty annually, ideally in a regularly up-dated faculty handbook.

  1. The statement on Academic Freedom-Rights and Responsibilities in the Statutes of the Board of Trustees.

  2. The statement below on Minimum Expectations of Faculty as Teachers.


The following is a list of minimum expectations of University faculty in carrying out their teaching assignments. These expectations broadly define normal faculty behavior in a fair and open teaching/learning environment.

  1. To inform students early in the term, by means of syllabi or other written statements, of planned course coverage, required textbooks, and an approximate schedule of assignments.

  2. To inform students early in the term, by means of syllabi or other written statements, of the grading policy to be used, including a description of the relative weight to be assigned to different activities and of attendance requirements, if any.

  3. To announce and adhere to a schedule of office hours which permits and encourages students to meet with the instructor in his/her office and to be available for special conferences as needed.

  4. To attend promptly and fully each class meeting; to obtain permission from the chair in advance when class must be missed (except in cases of emergency); and when possible to provide an alternate instructor who has been given directions concerning planned class activities).

  5. Not to reschedule class meetings without the permission of the dean or chair and the consent of the students enrolled. Not to reschedule final examinations without the permission of the dean, the Provost, and the consent of the students enrolled.

  6. To return student work promptly except when announcement has been made to the class that work will not be returned (although such work should be available for student examination) and to retain any unreturned student work for at least one term.

  7. To provide the student at his/her request with appropriate and helpful written and/or oral explanations for assigned grades and other evaluated work.

  8. To provide teaching and learning experiences that are free of favoritism, prejudice, discrimination, or harassment.

  9. To remain abreast of new developments in the subject field and to incorporate this new knowledge in course instruction.

  10. To assist in instructional support activities such as curriculum development, textbook selection, course revisions and acquisition of publications and other library activities.

  11. Not to become involved in amorous or sexual relationships with any student for whom the instructor currently has any teaching responsibility, including counseling and advising, supervision of independent studies, research, theses, and dissertation. (Effective 8/16/94)  [For more information, please see the University Policy on Sexual Harassment (Policies of the SIU Board of Trustees, Section 7.D.) and the Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures - 2C5 & 3C4.]

Approved by Chancellor effective 6/9/94
This policy was issued on February 1, 1996.
This policy was edited on October 13, 2014, replacing the February 1, 1996 version.
Document Reference: 1Q2
Origin: OP 6/26/81; OP 10/13/89; OP 11/5/90; OP 4/10/91; WC 2-93/94

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