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Student Declaration of Current Residence and/or Relocation - 1Q10

Every Student is required to report a correct current address at the time of registration. Any change of current address must be reported to the Registrar’s Office within 5 business days after the change becomes effective.

 If the current residence is outside the state of Illinois and the student is an on-line student or a student connecting to an on-line course while physically located outside the state of Illinois, the student should access the Authorization page prior to registering for a class/program to verify SIUE’s Authorization to offer on-line courses to a student physically located outside the state of Illinois.  If the student has any questions, they should contact their advisor or the Office of Federal, State, and Licensure Compliance (OFSLC) at  or 618-650-3217.

Prior to enrolling in any program that leads to licensure or certification and/or partaking in an experiential learning experience outside the state of Illinois (such as, but not limited to, clinical rotations, internships, externships, student teaching, clerkship, supervised field experience*, co-curricular courses, fellowships, apprenticeships, travel, etc.) a student shall consult with their advisor, appropriate faculty member, program administrator,  or personnel at the OFSLC at preferably at least 60 days prior to enrolling in that program and prior to any relocation.  This will give the student or faculty/administrator an opportunity to consult with the OFSLC to determine what if any federal, state, or international laws are applicable to the educational experience and/or if possible, determine whether or not the educational program meets the licensure or certification requirements of that state.  Often this approval can be given immediately or in some circumstances pre-approved when the placements are experiential learning experiences commonly used by students and programs at SIUE.

 Upon enrolling in the program or experiential learning experience, the student shall notify the Registrar’s Office of any change of address, if applicable, within 5 business days after the change becomes effective.

 The purpose of this Policy is to comply with Federal Regulations, individual state and international laws, and reciprocity agreements. The physical location of the student during an educational activity may impact SIUE’s authorization to offer on-line education and experiential learning experiences to that student.  In addition, the student location may impact that student’s receipt of financial aid.  Students should check the Authorization and Professional Licensure websites and consult with their advisor prior to registering for classes each semester, as regulations and authorizations are subject to change.

* A supervised field experience is defined as a student learning experience, occurring in a state other than Illinois, comprised primarily of the practical application of previously studied theories and skills, under the oversight of a supervisor, mentor, faculty member, or other qualified professional who has a direct or indirect reporting responsibility to the Institution where the student is enrolled, whether or not credit is granted.  Independent off-campus study by individual students not engaged in a supervised field experience is exempt from requiring pre-approval.

Approved by Chancellor effective 02/19/2020
This policy was issued on February 20, 2020.
Document Reference: 1Q10 
Origin: OC 2/19/20

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