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Educard Program [ Continuing Education ] - 1O2

The Educard program permits the holder to be admitted to most credit classes offered by the University.

  1. Educard holders are admitted to classes on a space-available basis.

  2. No transcript is provided or University credit offered for the service.

  3. Any department or program may require Educard holders to receive approval before admittance to a class.

  4. Admittance to the University is not required of Educard holders.

  5. The Educard Program will be available for a nominal fee per term.

  6. Classes which are considered dangerous or hazardous may be excluded from the program.

  7. The minimum age for students to attend classes on Educard at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is 16. This stipulation may be waived by the Office of Educational Outreach at the written request of the department offering the course the student wishes to take.

  8. Students of traditional high school age may attend up to a total of three courses through Educard. After the third course, they may attend University classes only through regular admission or Early Admission.

  9. Students of traditional high school age are not permitted to enroll in AD 065, AD 075, AD 080, AD 082, AD 085, AD 090, AD 092, or AD 095.

  10. Students who have been admitted to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville within the past year or who have enrolled at SIUE during the past year are not permitted to enroll in AD 065, AD 075, AD 080, AD 082, AD 085, AD 090, AD 092, or AD 095 under the Educard Program.

  11. No more than three courses may be taken on Educard in any one academic term.

Approved by Chancellor effective 8/7/92
This policy was issued on August 28, 2008, replacing the February 1, 1996 version.
Document Reference: 1O2
Origin: CC 9-77/78; OP 4/10/91; CC 15-90/91; OP 8/7/92

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