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Research and Export Control

Implementation Guidelines Concerning Research - 1M5

  1. Research is broadly defined herein as including all creative, scholarly, or empirical work (other than that normally associated with instruction and instructional development) that is designed to extend, clarify, or communicate knowledge.
  2. The University, in concert with the units and consistent with available resources, shall encourage and support the securing of external resources for research programs and shall encourage and support researchers in the dissemination of results from research results.
  3. Each unit shall have a comprehensive policy on research activities consistent with University policies on research and with the overall mission of the University. The policy shall be formulated by the department, school, college or appropriate unit and shall define: (1) the quality and kind of research activities that qualify for unit support; (2) the criteria and procedures for allocating unit resources, i.e., research time, travel and equipment monies, space, etc., to research activities; and (3) the criteria and procedures for both assessing and rewarding research.
  4. Consistent with the University's total mission and resources, units shall provide researchers with adequate assigned research time.

    1. Research time shall be assigned to faculty to help them (1) develop their research skills; (2) initiate and/or conduct promising research; and (3) prepare major research proposals for outside funding.
    2. Recipients of a research award granted by the Graduate School shall be assigned the research time specified in terms of the award.
    3. Research time shall not be assigned for purposes of instruction, instructional development, administration, service, or any other activities not clearly identifiable as research.
    4. The amount of research time assigned to a faculty member shall be tied closely to the scope of the research activities, research promise, and research productivity.
  5. The Graduate School, as part of its purpose and function, should monitor, with input from the Graduate Council and the Deans, the resources allocated for, policies relevant to, and productivity resulting from research activities. Monitoring tools include but are not limited to the Policy 1M4 report, school/college annual reports, and university-level, school/college-level, and unit-level policy reviews. Relevant policies include but are not limited to promotion and tenure policies and "A Policy for Awarding of Credit for Grant Authorship." Regular graduate program review should also include a discussion of the program faculty's views of the resources allocated for, policies relevant to, and productivity resulting from research activities.

Approved by Chancellor effective 6/30/21
This policy was issued on July 1, 2021, replacing the February 6, 2018 version.
Document Reference: 1M5
Origin: GR 2-83/84; OP 8/2/95; GR 1/17/13; GR 17/18-03; GR 20/21-15

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