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Policy on Scheduling Final Examinations - 1K1

All final examinations are to be given at the time and place indicated in the schedule prepared by the Office of the Registrar. No final examination for a class may be rescheduled without the consent of the department chairperson, the appropriate dean and the Registrar.

The final examination schedule shall be rotated on an academic term basis, beginning with fall 1984. This policy will not change the time-frames in which exams are currently scheduled, but will rotate the day on which a given examination is held. Evening and weekend classes are exempt from a rotating schedule.

Final examinations are held during specified periods normally from Saturday through Friday of the last scheduled week of the term. In the event that the University is closed during a day (or part of a day) of final examinations, the examinations scheduled for that time will be rescheduled by Academic Scheduling. Academic Scheduling will determine appropriate means to inform students and faculty of the revised schedule.

Examinations will be rescheduled to minimize conflict for students and faculty as well as with facilities. Any conflicts which do arise will be resolved by the coordinator of academic scheduling in the Office of the Registrar.

In the event of rescheduled exams, grade turn-in for faculty will be extended one day beyond the last rescheduled examination day.

Students who have more than two final examinations scheduled for the same day, or who have two examinations scheduled for the same time, may contact the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management for the purpose of rescheduling one of the student's examinations to another time within the final examination schedule. The Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management will work to reschedule the student's examination so that the student will have no more than two exams on any one day. The student must make a signed written request for change to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management at least two weeks prior to the first day of the final examination period. This request must include the student's name, student identification number, and list of scheduled courses.

Approved by Chancellor effective 4/11/01
This policy was issued on July 20, 2004, replacing the April 17, 2001 version.
Document Reference: 1K1
Origin: CC 14-74/75; CC 7-83/84; OP 4/10/91; PVC 1/17/96; CC 36-00/01

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