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Policies and Guidelines for Course to be Offered Off campus for Undergraduate Credit * - 1C4

Off Campus Courses

Proposals for courses to be offered off campus for undergraduate credit shall be submitted by the academic unit to the Curriculum Council, who shall make recommendations to the Provost. If approved, courses will receive normal residence credit. Prior approval (Form 93) is required (1) whenever courses are offered off campus for the first time, or (2) whenever the format of the course is changed.

Electronically Delivered Courses

Courses delivered electronically are considered courses in nontraditional formats, and in most instances, are courses offered off campus. Courses delivered electronically and offered for undergraduate credit must be in a fully interactive format and must be approved by the Undergraduate Courses Committee of the Curriculum Council. Programs requesting approval to deliver courses electronically must include:

  1. a copy of the Form 93 for the course, along with its appropriate attachments.

  2. identification of sites; provisions for site monitoring; faculty visits to each site, as appropriate;

  3. identification of support services for students at the sites, e.g., access to libraries, laboratories, computers, etc.;

  4. identification of the means for student accessibility to the faculty, including special provisions such as FAX, e-mail, telephone, and availability of faculty office hours for off campus students.

Credit for off campus courses and/or courses offered on campus in nontraditional formats shall be awarded in accordance with University policy governing traditional coursework, i.e., fifteen hours of instruction (excluding final examinations) and appropriate assignments and examinations for each hour of credit.


Students seeking admission to an off campus course available for undergraduate credit shall meet admissions criteria that are identical or equivalent to on campus criteria. A student wishing undergraduate credit may apply for admission as an unclassified undergraduate student. Students may enroll for one term while their applications are in the "classification pending" category. Courses numbered above 499 are for graduate students only; undergraduates may not enroll without the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research.


Faculty who teach off campus undergraduate courses and/or courses offered in nontraditional formats shall have academic qualifications equivalent to faculty who teach on campus undergraduate courses.

* Not applicable to courses that are part of an off campus degree program.

Approved by Chancellor effective 4/24/95
This policy was issued on January 11, 2002, replacing the April 4, 2000 version.
Document Reference: 1C4
Origin: CC 1-81/82; OP 11/5/90; OP 6/3/91; CC 14-94/95

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