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Permit Requirements

Faculty and staff who park vehicles on University property must purchase and display SIU Edwardsville parking permits on their vehicles. Permits are available online, by mail, or at the Parking Services office. Faculty and staff at the East St. Louis Higher Education Campus and the Alton Dental School may purchase permits online, by mail, or at Parking Services Office.  Employees are defined as individuals who have entered into a contract with the University that includes withholding for taxes, FICA, Social Security or benefits.

The minimum permit requirement for faculty and staff members is a Blue permit. Semester permits are also available. You also have the option of purchasing Green permits for the closer lots.

Only one Green permit may be issued to an individual. Art and Design faculty and staff (excluding graduate assistants) and employees located in Birger Hall may purchase Orange permits for Lots D or G.

Employees will have to choose from either a green or blue permit.  You may not purchase one of each.

If anyone is found guilty of parking hangtag misuse, he/she may be charged with a Class A Misdemeanor punishable by serving up to one year in the Madison County Jail and/or up to a $2,500 fine.


  • Alter it
  • Sell it
  • Purchase one from anyone other than Parking Services
  • Use someone else's

Permit Sales and Permit Registration Form

Parking Services sends email to faculty and staff annually reminding them to purchase permits for the upcoming academic year. Included is information about registration deadlines, permit prices, purchasing permits by mail or online and the criteria for purchasing specific types of permits. A copy of the most recent communication can be accessed here (which will download into a PDF file).

Parking permits may by purchased annually or by semester.  Fall and Spring semester permits are sold as a supplement to our regular annual permits and are intended for those who will be employed for a single semester only. If you will be here longer than that, the annual permits remain a better value.  Summer semester permits are half of an annual permit.  Between July 13 and the first day of the succeeding fall semester, permits for both the current and the upcoming academic years are honored when appropriately displayed on registered vehicles.  Also, both fall and spring semester permits are honored during the succeding summer term.

Each permit must be displayed with the permit number facing outward from the rearview mirror of the vehicle. If it won't fit there, place it in a prominent location on your dash.  Motorcycle owners may display permits in locked cases on their bikes. If they also own cars or trucks, they are permitted to display permits inside the cases from their rearview mirrors. Please remove your permit from your rearview mirror when you are operating your vehicle. To not do so is a violation of the Illinois Vehicle Code which states "No person shall drive a motor vehicle with any objects placed or suspended between the driver and the front windshield, rear window, side wings or side window immediately adjacent to each side of the driver which materially obstructs the driver's view."

Employees may obtain a Parking Permit Registration Form by clicking on the Forms page of this website. They are also available in the Parking Services office. Please note that there are no refunds for permits once they have been purchased.

If an individual is found guilty of parking hangtag misuse, he or she may be charged with a Class A misdemeanor permissible by serving up to one year in the Madison County jail and/or up to a $2,500 fine.

Emertius/Retiree Permits

Green permits are available for all retired SIU Edwardsville employees. A Retiree permit allows the person to park in any green, brown, blue or red permit coded lot on campus. It may not be used to park in metered spaces, Lot B or C, spaces for persons with disabilities or University vehicle spaces. 


If you are interested in forming a carpool, the first step is to get a group (2 or more individuals/2 or more vehicles) together and register with Ridefinders (, a division of Madison County Transit.  After your carpool is approved by that agency, your group must come to Parking Services to obtain a hangtag.  One hangtag will be issued per carpool.  Each member will be required to purchase a green permit at half price for up close parking in the green lots.  One person would be required to serve as the "lead" person.  That individual would also be responsible for any tickets issued to the carpool permit.  Carpool members may purchase temporary permits on days when they need to drive themselves.  Should someone leave the carpool or the carpool dissolves, individuals would be required to pay the difference between whatever permit they are requesting and the amount paid for the carpool permit.

Service Permits

Service permits are available to University departments when work requires staff members to make frequent business-related trips to and from the University and who use personal vehicles to do so. Service permits are honored only on vehicles that also bear current SIUE permits.

For a University unit to obtain a service permit, the requestor must write a memo or send an email to Parking Services, justifying the need. If requests are approved, recipients are entitled to park in University vehicle spaces or in regular spaces in any permit-coded lot, but may not use meters without paying. Individuals who wish to park in Lot C behind Rendleman Hall, but who cannot find an available University vehicle space, should go to Lot B. Service permits are good for a maximum of three hours.  Service permits are to be used only for official University business and may not be used for personal reasons. To do so may result in citations or the loss of eligibility for a service permit.

Construction Permits

Vehicles with construction permits may be parked adjacent to the work site. To obtain construction permits for a contractor, a written request must be submitted to Parking Services through Facilities Management or University Housing. This letter must include justification for the permits.

Disability Permits

Employees who have permanent or temporary state-issued disability hangtags, parking cards or plates are also required to purchase and display SIU Edwardsville parking permits in order to use parking spaces for individuals with a disability on University property. Vehicles with appropriate permits may be parked in handicap spaces only when individuals with a disability are the driver or passenger in the vehicle.

Morris University Center employees with disabilities are expected to park in handicap spaces in Lot B. Rendleman Hall employees with disabilities may park in handicap spaces in Lot C. Please note that a special permit from the State is required to use the metered spaces in Lot B or C.

For a short-term disability, 30-day temporary permits may be issued by the University. The purchase of a current SIU Edwardsville permit is also required. An SIUE disability permit does not authorize an individual to park in a space for individuals with a disability. Rather, Parking Services works to provide these individuals with more convenient parking than they would normally have.  Employees must bring a physician's statement to receive a temporary permit.

Should the need persist after 30 days, the individual may request (2) more 30-day temporary disability permits with a new doctor's note for each additional permit.  For high risk pregnancies, a 90-day temporary disability permit may be issued if supported by a doctor's note.

Replacement Permits

If a person needs a replacement permit, he or she must complete a form stating that the permit has been lost. If the permit has been stolen, a police report must be filed with University Police. If lost, the replacement permit would cost $20.  If stolen, the replacement will be issued at no cost.  Only one replacement per year will be issued. Additional replacements would be at full permit value.

Temporary and Complimentary Permits

If an individual forgets or misplaces his or her permit, a temporary permit for the Edwardsville or East St. Louis campuses may be obtained from Parking Services. Temporary permits for the School of Dental Medicine may be purchased at the Business Office. A temporary permit authorizes parking in a lot corresponding to the permit originally purchased. The rate is $3 per day. Until a temporary permit can be obtained, the motorist may pay to park at a meter or in Lot B.  Temporary permits may also be purchased online.

Short-term temporary (seasonal) employees who work for no more than ten (10) consecutive work days per year may be issued complimentary parking passes by the employing unit. Passes may be requested from Parking Services. On the eleventh (11th) consecutive day of employment, the individual must purchase a parking permit.

These 10-day permits are also made available for new employees, so they have more time to decide which lot they prefer prior to purchasing a permit. Contact Parking Services for further information about complimentary permits.

Evening Permits

Evening permits are sold to faculty with evening classes and are valid for parking in Lots A, E or Lot F after 3:00 P.M. Monday through Friday or in the red permit lots anytime. Permits may be purchased at Parking Services or online. Only one Evening permit may be issued to an individual.

Motorcycles and Mopeds

Designated motorcycle and moped parking is located in most lots. Only one motorcycle may be parked in a single space. Motorcycles may not be parked in automobile spaces on the Edwardsville campus wtih the exception of "pay by space" spots, provided payment is made. Properly registered motorcycles and mopeds may be parked in automobile spaces on the Alton and East St. Louis campuses. Each motorcycle must be parked in a lot which corresponds to the color of the permit. The permit must be displayed in a lockable case available through Parking Services. The initial case is free, additional cases are available for $20.

Event/Guest Parking and Special Requests for Parking Passes

Parking arrangements for events scheduled by external agencies as well as major University-sponsored events are typically made by Conferences and Institutes or Event Services. Those departments work with Parking Services to make special parking arrangements for scheduled events.

For smaller events, guest parking is available to administrative and academic departments which have University fiscal accounts. The types of arrangements available are as follows:

  • Lot B validation codes may be issued, upon advance request approval, by Parking Services to a University unit for its guests parking in Lot B. Use of these coupons/codes is charged to the requesting unit's account.
  • University units may also purchase temporary (guest) permits for guests for $3 per day or $30 per semester. These too are charged to a University account and are available for most University lots.

Note that these temporary permits or coupon/codes apply to regular spaces in permit-coded lots or in Lot B. Charges must be billed to a valid University account ( a budget purpose number is required). Guest permits or coupon/codes may not be issued for current employees or currently enrolled students.

A section of Hairpin Drive is reserved for prospective students and their parents who have made appointments for Admission Counseling and/or campus tours. Permits are issued by the Office of Admissions.

The cost of parking for music productions, theater productions, Arts and Issues, etc., should be built into event ticket prices if possible. Sponsors of events may choose to pay a flat fee for not ticketing a specific lot based upon the number of hours suspension of ticketing is requested. The rate is $100.00 per hour.  Weekend events would be exempt, since there is open parking on weekends.

You may download the Special Request Form for event/guest parking passes located in the Forms section of this website.

Summer Camp Parking

All summer camp sponsors must purchase guest permits for camp participants. Employees teaching the camps, however, are expected to purchase their own permits. All permits are available at Parking Services. Contact Parking Services for rates and additional information.

Occasional Driver Permit

Non-permit holding faculty and staff who normally use other means of transportation (i.e., bus, bicycle, car pool) and who occasionally may need to drive a vehicle to campus may park in the Red (student) or Blue (employee) lots for $3 per day. Permits are available at Parking Services or online.

Unauthorized Permit Usage

When guest, construction or service permits are used by unauthorized individuals or for inappropriate uses, the issuing unit will be penalized as follows:

All unused permits or previously issued service permits will be invalidated, and departmental use of all such permits will be suspended for one (1) semester or 90 days for the first offense and one (1) year for subsequent offenses. A $100 fine will also be issued to the person using the permit inappropriately.

Overnight Parking

Employees on official University business which requires them to leave a vehicle on campus overnight may do so at the Supporting Services parking lot (Lot S). Each motorist is also asked to provide University Police with a description of the vehicle and the estimated time and date of return. Private vehicles should not be parked in University fleet vehicle spaces, however. Other than the residential parking lots reserved for students, overnight parking on other lots is not allowed.

Overnight parking arrangements for individuals employed at the East St. Louis Higher Education Campus or the School of Dental Medicine may be made through Parking Services.


No parking is permitted in the tunnel between Rendleman Hall and the Morris University Center.

Occupied vehicles are permitted to stop along Hairpin Drive in designated areas for the sole purpose of dropping off and/or picking up riders. Parking, even when the vehicle is occupied, is not permitted and will result in a fine being issued, except for individuals with special permits authorizing them to park in the Admission Counseling/Campus Tours section.

Parking Services reserves the right to revoke parking privileges for any violation.

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