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Dear Parents:

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You've cheered their successes. Soothed bumps and bruises along the way. Served as a guide for their journey thus far. Congratulations... you're the proud parent of a college student!

Your relationship with your student will undoubtedly change during this time of transition into adulthood. But know that students often say that they look to family first to serve as mentors, advisors, and confidantes. Keep the lines of communication open, and learn as much as possible about SIUE and everything students can experience during their time here.

The next few years will provide numerous opportunities and challenges for you and your family. SIUE is a wonderful place where your student will learn, grow, and change. And while they may be away from home…students still need support and guidance from parents. Hopefully this website will help you in that role. We've tried to think of everything you may need to know to help your student be successful during college. If something is missing, or if you have a suggestion…let us know.

And above all…enjoy the journey!

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