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Program Description
International Travel
Application Procedure
Review Procedure
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Program Description

The Research and Development (R&D) Fund provides limited travel support for major paper presentations.  A major paper is defined as (1) one refereed by an external professional peer group or (2) one that is invitational, the invitation resulting from recognition of the researcher's professional status by external peer group.  (The latter need not be refereed, the invitation being adequate to define the paper as a major paper.)  Funding is granted for:

1. travel from within or outside the U.S.* up to a maximum of $900. (Matching funds are not required from the chairs or deans.)

2. a maximum of two trips per fiscal year per faculty or staff member who has one or more active  externally sponsored grants. All other faculty and staff are eligible for one trip per fiscal year.

3. In the case of multiple authors on a paper, poster, or presentation, R&D funding will be limited to support only one of the authors. Faculty mentors may, however, apply for funding to accompany a graduate student to present shared research.

4. Signed application packages must be received by the Graduate School at least 2 weeks before the departure date.

* Travel Outside the Continental U.S.

  • State funds provided for a trip outside the continental United States may not exceed what is typically needed for national travel (not greater than $2500 per individual per trip). Any Cost beyond this may be from Foundation funds at the discretion of the School/College Dean, Graduate School Travel Program, ICR funds at the discretion of the School/College Dean, or is the responsibility of the traveler. Travel funds derived from externally funded grants and contracts are excluded from this cap. 
  • If traveling outside the U.S., you are subject to federal export control regulations. View the guidelines regarding export control regulations and licenses and submit the appropriate paperwork before departure.An Export License or a completed Temporary Export Form must be part of the application for Graduate School travel funding support for international travel. Laptops, PDAs/cell phones, digital storage devices, data and software are subject to federal export controls regardless of the reason for travel. Visit the Export Controls Website for more information about how export controls apply to your trip, as well as information about an export license and the Temporary Export Form.

  • Clean Laptop Program for International Travel SIUE’s ITS has developed a program for international travelers to obtain clean laptops for use while they are abroad on SIUE-related business.  The laptops will provide both you and the University extra security in the event that the laptop is compromised and will assist both you and the University with maintaining export control compliance.  Below is the procedure.To request a Clean Laptop for travel abroad, do the following.Email Sheryl Lauth in ITS at AND your name, eID, the date needed, and date to be returned.  Allow at least a week to prepare the laptop for travel.   ITS has a limited availability and requests will be processed on a first come, first serve basis.  The length of checkout should not be longer than a month.  If you must keep it longer, specify the reason in your request email.  Note that ITS may be unable to accommodate your request. VERY IMPORTANT:  Upon returning to the United States, your password will need to be changed as soon as possible.  DO NOT CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD ON THE TRAVEL LAPTOP.


Travel funds are for the purpose of research dissemination at conferences or other professionally sanctioned activities. Requests to give presentations at other universities, unless part of a recognized conference, are generally not supported. Similarly, administrative functions at professional meetings such as panel chairs and organizers, are generally not supported.

All requests for travel support must be received at least 2 weeks prior to date of departure.

Reimbursement cannot be provided for expenditures made prior to approval of the application for funding.


Faculty and staff with continuing full time appointments may apply for R&D funds.  Staff members must have an active grant to be eligible to apply.  Emeritus faculty may be eligible; see Participation of Emeritus Faculty in Graduate Education and Research.

Application Procedure

Faculty and staff should use the Faculty Travel Request Form and the (optional) Budget Worksheet when applying for R&D funds. Signed application packets must be submitted to the Graduate School at least 2 weeks before the departure date and should include

  • a copy of the abstract of the paper or poster to be presented
  • documented proof showing clear indication of peer review or special invitation. In those cases in which documentation of peer review cannot be presented, applicants may have their department chair complete a Chair Approval Form certifying that the presentation is accepted in tenure and promotion decisions and performance evaluations.
  • a copy of nnotification of acceptance
  • a detailed budget and justification
  • (if traveling outside the continental U.S.) an export control license or completed Temporary Export Form

Packets may be submitted any time to the Graduate School's Office of Research and Projects.  Reimbursement cannot be provided for expenditures made prior to approval of the application for funding.  Applications must include appropriate supporting evidence, including a detailed budget and budget justification that includes per diem estimates, taxi and mileage estimates, registration fees, lodging, airfare, etc.

If approved, the Graduate School will transfer the funds to the unit.  Transfers will occur on a quarterly basis to a non-state account (January, April, July, and October)

Any questions concerning eligibility for travel matching program may be directed to Lisa Lawrence at x5887 or Questions concerning funds transfers and financial reports may be directed to Tammy Smart at x5364 or

Review Procedure

The Graduate Dean makes all final decisions regarding the use of R&D funds. The Graduate Dean may refer applications to the Graduate School's RPAB for recommendation.

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