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FY2016 Awardees Announced

Hoo Sang Ko and Guim Kwon, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, “Neural Network-based Closed-loop Control of Artificial Pancreas”

Howard Rambsy, Department of English Language and Literature, “Young Black Men as Muses: Creativity in Writing about Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown”

Catherine Seltzer, Department of English Language and Literature, “Pat Conroy: A Life”

Kyong-Sup Yoon, Department of Biological Sciences, “Do Flies Produce More ROS, Lipid and Peroxides and DNA Adducts in Their Gonads after Exposure to Sublethal Doses of Ivermectin?”


The fy2016 ART Progam has closed. Please watch this website for future updates.

January 12, 2015:   Applicants submit packages to department chairs.*

January 16, 2015:    Departments submit on behalf of applicants to the School/College Dean*
Applicants submit an electronic copy of Pages 1-2 of the cover form to

February 2, 2015:     School/College Deans submit applications to the Graduate School

*Department Chairs and School Deans must provide an evaluation of the application using the Cover Form. Therefore, applicants should coordinate with Chairs and Deans about internal deadlines. Department Chairs are encouraged to coordinate applications internally and submit applications to the Dean on behalf of the Department. This will ensure proper coordination and retain anonymity in evaluation.


Information Sessions

Thursday, December 11, 2014: 9:45am-11:00am, MUC, Willow Room

Friday, December 12, 2014: 11:45am-1:00pm, MUC, Missouri Room

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Assigned Research Time (ART) Awards are designed to provide seed funding for research to help faculty members
• perform exploratory research to determine project feasibility, and to develop preliminary data to support extramural applications.
• support innovative research that elevates the quality of scholarship produced by the institution and increase its competitiveness for external funding support.

The Graduate School will award up to two units of assigned time for research. One unit equals one course buyout or one 50% time graduate research assistant. Applicants may request any combination of the two types of units with a maximum of two units. Requests for assigned time can be made for Fall 2015 and/or Spring 2016 semesters.

Project Period

Start of Fall Semester 2015 - End of Spring Semester 2016


This program is limited to tenured and tenure-track faculty. The terminal degree must be obtained prior to submittal. Signatures by the Department Chair and School/College Dean certify applicant eligibility.
All applicants must have submitted completed final reports and fulfilled the terms and conditions, including submission of an external grant proposal, of projects previously funded by the SIUE Graduate School at least 5 business days before this program deadline in order to be eligible for this program. This requirement applies to all PIs and Co-PIs of the previous internal award.

Application Procedures

All applications must include the following:

All applications must include the following:
1. Assigned Research Time Cover Form, including signatures and ratings of chairs and deans. The budget should contain an accurate estimate for either the cost of call staff in the department and/or for the 50% G.A. Requests for funding beyond the awarded dollar amount will not be granted.
  •  A PDF copy of Pages 1-2 of the cover form should be submitted to Patience Graybill Condellone at on January 16th. This will aid the Graduate School in recruiting appropriate reviewers and help expedite the review process.
2. Proposal Narrative (5 pages)
Describe the background and significance of the project, the goals and specific objectives of the project undertaken during the requested research time, the procedures and methods to be used, and the anticipated outcomes. Narrative must be double-spaced with 1” margins and use either Times New Roman 12 pt. or Ariel 10 or higher font.

3. Timetable (1 page)
Include a one-page timetable for the project, from the desired beginning date to the anticipated date of completion. The Timetable does not count toward Narrative page limit.

4. C.V. (max 2 pages)
Applicants must submit a curriculum vitae (max 2 pages). Applicants are advised to tailor the document to include publications, activities, and projects most relevant to the proposed research.

All proposals must be submitted by the Departments to the College or School Dean by 4:30 PM on Friday, January 16, 2015. NOTE: Internal Coordination is required by the Departments to determine when applicants should submit to the Department Chairs for evaluation before submission to the Deans. Proposals and Deans' evaluations must be received in the Graduate School by 4:30 PM on Monday, February 2, 2015.

Review Process

Proposals will be reviewed by the Graduate School Research and Development Committee and ad hoc subpanels of faculty peers within the four broad disciplinary areas of Arts & Humanities; Science & Engineering; Biomedical; and Social Science/Business/Education.

Review Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated according to the following review criteria:Proposals will be evaluated according to the following review criteria:

1. Intellectual merit of the proposed activity
2. Feasibility of the proposed scope of work and research plan
3. Potential for external funding

Terms and Conditions



FY16 ART Cover Form

FY16 ART Guidelines

Previous Awardees

FY16 ART Awardees

FY14 ART Awardees

Program Contacts

Patience Graybill Condellone
Internal Grants Coordinator
The Graduate School/Office of Research and Projects
phone: 618.650.5618

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