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Grant and Contract Routing

Grant and Contract  Routing Form*

(for proposals and awards)

*Form must be downloaded and saved to your computer in order to save changes.

Get an up-to-date version of Adobe Reader

Mac User Instructions for Opening Adobe Forms (OU)

Obtain SIUE approval before submitting all external grants and contracts (including subcontracts)

Submit award documentation to set up grant account

How to route a grant.

Cost Sharing

Cost Sharing Policy

Procedures to follow before submission of a grant if your proposal contains institutional commitments in the budget.

Grant Management Handbook

Download the Post Award Grant Management Handbook

For more information about managing an active sponsored project, visit the External Grants Homepage.

Budget Preparation

Budget Worksheet

Template budget worksheet for calculating grant costs.

Grants vs. Gifts

Grant v Gift Checklist

Is this externally sponsored project a grant or a gift? Attach this checklist to the routing form if the sponsor is NOT provided directly by a government source at the federal, state or local level.

Subcontracts and Contractual Agreements

Subrecipient vs. Contractor Determination Form

Letter of Intent to Establish a Subagreement Template

If your project budget includes subcontracts/ subawards, complete one "Subrecipient vs. Contractor Determination Form" per subaward or contract.

For each subaward per proposal, submit one "Letter of Intent to Establish a Subagreement."

Expense Transfer Request Form

Expense Transfer Request Form

Request permission to transfer expenses into an externally-sponsored project.


Form Name Purpose

Animal Care 

Animal Care Forms

Obtain SIUE approval for research involving animals

Animal Welfare Assurance Document (Word)

Animal Care Protocol (Word)

Continuing Review Report Form (PDF)

Continuing Review Report Form (Word)

Online Training and Certification for Animal Care

Visit the Animal Care Policy Page

Occupational Health and Safety Program For Research with Animals

Forms for all SIUE faculty, staff and students who have, or plan to have, regular contact with live vertebrate laboratory or wild animals,

Health History Evaluation and Vaccination History Form

Letter of Explanation for Your Doctor

Waiver & Release of Liability & Convenant Not to Sue

Vaccination Declination

Health History Evaluation and Vaccination History Form: Completed by Applicant as well as Applicant Doctor.

Letter of Explanation for Your Doctor

Waiver & Release of Liability & Convenant Not to Sue: Signed and Completed by Applicant

Vaccination Declination: Completed by Applicant if declining use of vaccinations


IBC Application

Risk-Assessment Tool 

Click here to view the definition of Biohazardous materials.

Go to the Biosafety website for more information on SIUE Biosafety. 

Export Controls

(incl. International Travel)

Temporary Export License Exception Form

Satisfy record-keeping requirements for export control regulation in connection with SIUE-related business

Financial Conflict of Interest

FCOI Disclosure Form_All Investigators including Lead

FCOI Disclosure Form_Lead Investigator Only

FCOI Disclosure Form for Travel

FCOI Disclosure Form: Additional Tables Sheet

FCOI Disclosure Form: Additional Tables Sheet for Stocks and Stock Options Only

FCOI Section VI Signature Page

Disclose Financial Conflicts of Interest
See the  Conflict of Interest Policy

See the Financial Conflict of Interest Procedure

General Conflicts of Interest

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

Disclose Conflicts of Interest
See Conflict of Interest Policy

Human Subjects

Human Subjects Forms

Obtain SIUE approval for research involving human subjects

a.IRB Protocol Application

Protocol Exemption Screening Test

Exempt Research Application

Tips for Preparing Exempt Application

IRB Regular Protocol Form

Approval of Ethnographic Research

C IRB Clinical Trial Application Form

C IRB Clinical Trial Protocol form

*If you have questions about whether your research needs ethnographic review and approval, please contact Linda Skelton

b. Consent Forms 

Informed Consent Template for Subjects Over 18 Years of Age

Informed Consent Template for Subjects 17 years of Age or Younger-For Parents

Child Assent Form-For the Child

Informed Consent Template for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Recruitment Statement for Research Participation

Audio/Video/Digital Recording Release Consent Form

c. HIPPA Guide 

HIPPA Authorization Form

HIPPA Waiver Form

Examples of PHI Identifiers

HIPPA De-Identification Form

d. Other

Adverse Event/Unanticipated Problem Report

Continuing Review Request/Notice of Study Completion

SIUE Federal Wide Assurance for IRB

Responsible Conduct in Research

Read Guidelines for training students in Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR)

Unmanned Aircraft Systems/Drone Use

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Use

UAS Pilot-Operator Qualifications

Forms for obtaining FAA exemption to allow UAS/Drone flight and to register as an eligible drone pilot. See University Policy 6S4:

Intellectual Property

OTT Evaluation and Technology Disclosure

New Faculty Incentive

Form Name


New Faculty Incentive Program

Apply to receive new faculty incentive funds from the Graduate School. See instructions.

Internal Funding

Form Name



STEP Program Application Materials

(incl. Cover Page, Checklist, Guidelines, Previous Funding Form)

 STEP Award Guidelines


Hoppe Application Materials

Hoppe Award Guidelines

Vaughnie Lindsay New Investigator

Vaughnie Lindsay Application Materials

Vaughnie Lindsay Guidelines

School/College Evaluation Form

Committee Evaluation Form to submit to R&D

Paul Simon Teacher-Scholar

Paul Simon Application Materials

Paul Simon Award Guidelines

Distinguished Research Professor

DRP Application Materials

Dist. Research Prof. Guidelines


Competitive Application Resubmission Initiative Program Downloads

CARI Guidelines

Conferences & Workshops

Conferences & Workshops

Program Downloads

Conferences & Workshops Guidelines


Form Name


Faculty/Staff Travel

Faculty/Staff Travel Request Form (latest update 6/4/15) and

Budget Worksheet

Chair Approval Form (for use when peer-review cannot be otherwise documented)

Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form for Travel

Temporary Export License Exception Form

Request matching funds for travel to conferences. See Faculty/Staff Travel Instructions and Policy

Other Relevant Websites

Financial Conflict of Interest Policy (for trips funded by external parties)

Export Control Policy for International trips

SIUE AIS E-Forms : for travel vouchers  to be submitted to Accounts Payable

Travel Voucher Instructions by Accounts Payable

Graduate Student Travel Grants

Graduate Student Travel Request Forms


Form  Name



Publication and Production Cost Application Form

Request funds to support the publication and production costs. See Guidelines to apply.

Copyright for Journals

Form Name


Copyright for Journals Application Form


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