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Reservations in the Morris University Center and other reservable spaces

  1. The MUC, SSC, Quad, and Lawn are available for reservation by:
    • Registered Student Organization
    • University Departments
    • University Guests (including non-university organizations, non-university individuals and students, faculty, staff, and alumni for non-departmental or non-student organization use)
  1. Rooms and facilities available for reservation are listed on the Event Services Website.
  2. All requests for the reservation of MUC facilities and services must be filed with the MUC Event Services Office.
  3. The University Center Director or his/her designee has the authority to deny the proposed use of Union facilities at any time or to impose, at any time, limits on the scope, conduct, or audience size of any event in order to carry out the provisions of these policies. The Director may also require, as a condition of use, the services of additional maintenance, technical, or security personnel.
  4. Rooms may be reserved prior to an event for decorating based on availability. Click here for the full policy on decorations in the MUC and SSC.
  5. The customer, not the MUC or the University, is responsible for loss of or damage to any personal property of the customer, their guests, agents, employees, or invitees, located within the Facility or on University property, before, during, or after the term of the event.