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Goshen Lounge Banners

Limited spots are available for banners around the Goshen Lounge of the MUC. These banner locations are available for registered student organizations in good standing with the University only.

All registered student organizations are required to work with the MUC Marketing department to design and print their banner. MUC Marketing will ensure that the banner meets standards for content and will print the banner on lightweight vinyl to be 5 feet long by 3 feet deep with grommets for installation on every corner and one in the middle of the top and bottom.

Banners will be displayed on an annual basis and must be renewed by the end of finals week of the spring semester.

All banners must be general to the registered student organization. No event-specific banners will be approved for posting.

Registered student organizations will incur a fee based on the current rate schedule for the initial printing, design and hanging as well as an annual re-hanging fee.

Any banner left after the specified time will be removed and the contact person will be notified. If a banner is not claimed within five working days after notification, it will be discarded.