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Catering Requests/Orders

Only food and beverages purchased from the University Center Dining Services and Catering may be served at events scheduled in the building. No other off-campus catering companies may provide food for events in the building.

Registered student organizations may bring in light food/snacks for general meetings involving members only (not “events”) provided the cost of such food/snacks does not exceed $100 in value. Student organizations are expected to clean up and place refuse in a nearby trash receptacle. If a student organization brings in outside food and does not clean up and dispose of refuse properly, a cleaning charge, per the current rate schedule, will be assessed. Additional charges may apply depending on the extent of time required for cleaning. Violations of this policy may result in forfeiture of scheduling privileges for a minimum of one semester.

Food left over from an event must remain with the University Dining Services and cannot be taken by the customer.