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Bar Service

  1. Host Bar service is available for no less than two hours and no more than four hours and is priced per person with a minimum order of ten people.
  2. Cash Bar service is priced with a set-up fee, per event.
  3. No alcohol will be provided without food ordered for the event. A food order must consist of a meal or a substantial order of appetizers which will be provided by Catering Services. If at any time food is not available, alcohol service will discontinue.
  4. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in the University Center and other designated areas on campus in accordance with the State of Illinois Policy and Regulations for the sale and use of alcoholic liquors on the SIUE campus and must be provided by Catering Services. (For additional information visit Policies and Procedures, Volume 1, Chapter 6 at
  5. The sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages is provided under the license agreement with the State of Illinois. Food must be served when alcohol is being served.
    1. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted during any student organization-sponsored event.
    2. The alcohol request form is available through Event Services. The form must be completed and submitted no less than ten business days prior to the scheduled event.