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NOTE: Paper Submission via email does not, in any way, replace a face-to-face tutoring session. We highly recommend you call or stop by to schedule an appointment rather than submit your work electronically. However, if you are a distance learner, or cannot physically come to the Center, then feel free to send your paper through this medium. Please realize though, that when you submit a paper by email, there is no opportunity for a dialogue to develop between you and the reader; thus, our comments will be very brief, and you may find them vague.

Remember: We do not edit or proofread! Present as many specific questions as you can.

To get assistance with a paper by email, copy your text, paste it into an email and send it to

Also, as we do not edit or proofread, it is important to present as many specific questions as you can. This does not mean you write, “please check over my paper for grammar issues.” Rather, you should write specifically, “please look at my first paragraph, should a comma be used in the second sentence; how about in the fourth paragraph, is my construction of the third sentence correct; do my transitions work between paragraphs?” etc.

When we get your paper, we will schedule it for the next available appointment (which will vary in time, depending on how busy we are). Email sent after 2 p.m. Friday may not be checked until Monday. Email is not regularly checked on the weekends.

Include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your instructor’s name
  • The class (department & number)
  • The assignment (briefly describe it) — very important!

Feedback time for emailed papers is limited to 30 minutes>

  • Please avoid sending papers during break weeks as we are not open and, thus, unable to respond.
  • As you can see, getting help by email is more complicated than a face-to-face meeting and there is a high probability that some difficulty will occur. Please be patient and allow plenty of time. Remember that this process is not automated, so you’re not going to get an instant response.

When demand for assistance by email is light, we don’t have many restrictions. However, if demand becomes heavy, we may have to limit this service.

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