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Grammar Programs (Modules)
Available in the Writing Center

To get credit for a module:

  1. Complete the module review. You must go through the entire module. Be sure to answer all of the questions you missed to create a computer record of your score. Ask a member of the Center staff for assistance if you need it.
  2. Take the first post-test. If you score 12 or better, you’ve finished the module. However, you must turn in your score sheet for the module to be validated.
  3. If you don't pass the first post-test, take the second post-test. If you score 12 or better, you’re finished.
  4. If you don’t pass the second post-test, sign up at the main desk for tutoring. When you have finished your tutoring session, you will have completed the module. Be sure to keep your appointment.

For English 100 GRM credit (1 hr.) – see a staff member because you must take a diagnostic test before beginning the work. The scores on this test determine the modules you need to do, which are completed at your own pace. Also, if you are registered please be aware that you must begin the work by Week 8 (Week 4 in the summer) or you will be dropped from the English 100 class. All work must be completed by the Friday before finals week.

Remember that we advise you to complete one module per day. The Writing Center will keep records on no more than two modules per day.

Grammar Modules

  1. Sentence Patterns
  2. *Modifiers (Adjectives & Adverbs)
  3. *Independent Clauses (compound sentences)
  4. *Subordinate Clauses (punctuation & position; who/whom)
  5. Subordinate Phrases (appositive phrases, participles, dangling participles, and infinitives)
  6. *Fragments & Comma Splices
  7. *Subject-Verb Agreement
  8. *Verb Agreement & Tense
  9. Adjectives & Adverbs (confusing pairs, word choice, logical comparisons)
  10. *Pronoun Case
  11. *Pronoun Reference (indefinite pronouns, standard forms, agreement)
  12. *Frequent Grammatical Errors (dangling modifiers, misplaced modifiers, parallelism,
  13. comparisons)
  14. *Commas
  15. Standard Punctuation (end punctuation, quotations, italics, apostrophes, hyphens)
  16. Paragraph Development I (topic sentences, developing sentences, concluding sentences)
  17. Paragraph Development II (adequate development, coherence, transitions)
  18. The -S Marker in Writing (plurals, possessives, subject-verb agreement)
  19. The -ED Marker in Writing (past tense, modifiers, troublesome verbs)
  20. Apostrophes
  21. Synthesis (incorporating information from sources)
  22. Summary
  23. Capitalization
  24. Commonly Confused Words (accept/except, affect/effect, etc.)

*areas covered by the Grammar Diagnostic Test for ENG 100

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