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Supplemental Instruction


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What is SI? 

Supplemental Instruction (SI) offers peer-lead group study for historically difficult courses, those with at least a 30% D, F, W rate. SI leaders offer three 50-minute group study sessions a week and one office hour. Sessions, which are informal, voluntary, and free, offer students an opportunity to discuss important concepts, develop study and test taking strategies, and focus on how to learn with what to learn. Leader office hours provide one-on-one practice.

Who can attend SI?

Supplemental Instruction is for all students. Students who attend receive extra study practice, can compare notes with other students, learn different study strategies, and hone their skills.  Everyone can benefit from attending SI. In fact, those who attend regularly will likely earn a better grade in the course.

Which courses participate in SI?

At SIUE, SI covers courses in:

  • Biology (BIOL150, BIOL151, BIOL240a,b, BIOL250, BIOL319)
  • Business (FIN320, MS250, MS251)
  • Chemistry (CHEM113, CHEM120a,b, CHEM121b, CHEM241a,b)
  • Engineering (ECE210)
  • Mathematics (MTH145; MTH152)
  • Nursing (NURS240)
  • Physics (PHYS131, PHYS132, PHYS141, PHYS142, PHYS151, PHYS152)

Who can be an SI leader?

SI leaders are knowledgeable, qualified students who have taken the targeted SI course on campus and received a good grade. They should have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher, be organized and good managers of their time, have good communication skills, and possess leadership ability. Leaders must be able to attend all SI course lectures, hold three 50-minute sessions a week, hold an office hour, attend leader training and bi-weekly SI leader meetings, complete and submit paperwork on time, and communicate regularly with the course professor, the students, and the SI staff. Being an SI leader is a rewarding experience. The leader becomes an "expert" in the course content, which can help with upper level courses. This position can be counted as a Co-op or Internship with transcript recognition and included on a resume. Leaders gain and improve leadership and communication skills.

What can Faculty do to help?

Faculty can:

  • Post SI session information on the course Blackboard
  • Add SI leaders to Blackboard so leaders can access course materials, email announcements and session materials, and generally market their sessions
  • Encourage students to attend SI
  • Meet periodically with SI leaders to discuss course expectations and student needs
  • Inform leaders what materials and resources they can and cannot use in sessions
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