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Academic Development Courses


Academic Development Courses

Learning Support Services offers three enhancement Academic Development courses that are graded on a letter-grade basis. These enhancement courses carry elective credit, which may be counted for graduation credit. These courses are AD 115 Study Skills, AD 116 Reading Speed and Efficiency, and AD 117 Career Planning and Development. All other Academic Development courses carry institutional credit – such courses are not calculated in the count of hours earned toward graduation. However, they do count for calculations involving satisfactory academic progress for financial aid.


AD 070 (3 cr. hrs.) Beginning Algebra
Signed numbers, fractions, integer exponents, algebraic expressions, solving linear equations/inequalities, graphing, polynomial operations, factoring, rational expressions, system of linear equations, applications. Four contact hours.


AD 082 (3 cr. hrs.) College Reading II
Course focuses on strengthening reading comprehension; encourages critical reading. Evaluation of ideas is facilitated by keeping journals, participating in literature groups and practicing effective strategies. Four contact hours.

AD 116 (2 cr. hrs.) Reading Speed & Efficiency
Improvement of reading rate and flexibility with emphasis on comprehension, vocabulary, and textbook reading strategies as related to reading efficiency and overall academic performance. Two contact hours. Prerequisite: college-level reading skills.


AD 090 (5 cr. hrs.) Basic Writing I
Focus on thinking skills and expression of ideas within organized and coherent paragraphs and short essays. Emphasis on sentence skills and college-level vocabulary. Five contact hours.

AD 092 (3 cr. hrs.) Basic Writing II
Focus on writing of multi-paragraph essays and analytical skills needed to address abstract topics. Four contact hours.

Study Skills

AD 115 (2 cr. hrs.) Study Skills
Improve study behaviors and attitudes through academic goal setting, study systems, note-taking techniques, test-taking strategies, time management, classroom communication and problem solving. Two contact hours.

Speed Reading

AD 116 (2 cr. hrs.) Reading Speed & Efficiency
Reading Speed and Efficiency focuses on improvement of reading rate and flexibility. The course also emphasizes comprehension, vocabulary development, and textbook reading strategies as related to reading efficiency and overall academic performance.

Career Planning

AD 117 (2 cr. hrs.) Career Planning & Development
Career decision-making process investigates self-awareness, career exploration, career information gathering, life styles and job-search strategy including development of resumés, interviewing skills and networking techniques.

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