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Assignment Alert Form for Classroom Faculty

This form alerts staff of an upcoming library assignment. Knowledge of the assignment will allow us to: 1) identify available resources; 2) direct students to resources more effectively; 3) refer to a copy of the assignment when clarification of requirements is needed; 4) anticipate increased demand for certain materials and provide security for essential items; and 5) make collection development decisions.

General Information
First Name:
Last Name:
Course Number:
Course Title:
Number of Students:
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Assignment Information

Please describe the assignment below.

Use the following areas to add to your assignment description or to elaborate on it to give your librarian an overview of how it fits with your class objectives.

1. What are the goals of this assignment?

2. What types of resources are students expected to use? (Include specific types of publications, particular areas of the Library, types of databases, etc.)

3. What is the scope of this assignment? How many sources are you expecting students to review?

4. Has the class engaged in prior library instruction in preparation for this assignment?

5. What is the approximate time frame for this assignment?



6. Are there questions or concerns about the assignment you would like us to be aware of?

7. Would you like us to contact you to schedule a library session or to discuss this assignment further?
Yes No

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