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Frank Cherry Collection: W - Z Titles

(Stock orchestral arrangements)

Title Accession Number
Wagon Wheels 351
Waitin At The Gate For Katy 387
Waiting 1359
Wake Up And Live 854
Waltz Lives On, The 950
Waltzing In A Dream 203
Wanted 841
Was I Drunk, Was He Handsome, Did My Ma Give Me Hell 376
Was It Rain 850
Was That The Human Thing To Do 57
Water Under The Bridge 519
Way You Look Tonight, The 768
We Better Get Together Again 158
We Just Couldin' Say Good-bye 126
We Three 1213
Weather Man 607
Well Alright 1103
We'll Make Hey While The Sun Shines 341
We've Come Along Way Together 1059
What A Difference A Day Made 471
What Good Is The Good In Goodbye 423
What Will I Tell My Heart 827
What's Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander 361
Whats New 1120
What's The Matter With Me 1168
What's The Name Of That Song 686
What's The Reason 542
When A Lady Meets A Gentleman From South 1330
When A Woman Loves A Man 413
When Did You Leave Heaven 745
When I Grow Too Old To Dream 508
When I'm With You 724
When It's Sleepy Time Down South 37
When Mother Played On The Organ 157
When My Dream Boat Comes Home 789
When My Prince Charming Comes Along 548
When The Leaves Bid The Trees Goodbye 619
When The Poppies Bloom Again 822
When The Rest Of The Crowd Goes Home 50
When The Robins Say Goodmorning 590
When The Stars Go To Sleep 961
When The Sun Bids The Moon Goodnight 251
When The Swallows Come Back From Capistrano 1189
When They Ask About You 1407
When We're Alone 59
When You Climb Those Golden Stairs 448
When You Wish Upon A Star 1161
Where Are You 109
Where Are You 848
Where Are You 1390
Where Do I Go From You 1175
Where Have We Met Before 968
Where Or When 867
Where There's Smoke, There's Fire 515
Where There's You, There's Me 726
Where Was I 1130
Where Were You Last Night 45
Where's Elmer 319
Whispering Grass 1196
Whispers In the Dark 881
Whistle And Blow Your Blues Away 92
White Sails 1093
Who Blew Out The Flame 1018
Who Loves You 780
Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf 294
Whose Honey Are You 556
Why Can't This Night Go On Forever 193
Why Cry Baby 1248
Why Dance 21
Why Did It Have To Be Me 47
Why Do I Dream Those Dreams 367
Why Don't We Do This More Often 1264
Why Don't You Practice What You Preach 390
Why Dream 608
Why Talk About Love 906
Wild Honey 478
Will Love Find A Way 649
Willow Weep For Me 186
Winter Waltz, The 659
Winter Wonderland 487
Wise Old Owl, The 1237
Wishing 1068
Wishing You Were Waiting For Me 1350
With A Song In My Heart 246
With A Twist Of The Wrist 1253
With All My Heart 658
With Every Breath I Take 499
With My Eyes Open I'm Dreaming 410
With My Sweetie In The Moonlight 99
With The Wind And Rain in Your Hair 1165
With You On My Mind 637
Without A Word Of Warning 617
Without That Certain Thing 365
Woman's Got A Right To Change Her Mind, A 757
Wooden Soldier And The China Doll 68
Woodpecker Song, The 1166
Words In My Heart, The 558
Would You 706
Wouldn't I Be Awonder 628
Ya Got Me 1026
Yankee Doodle Never Went To Town 629
You 701
You Aint Been Livin Right 467
You Always Hurt The One You Love 1391
You And I 470
You And I Know 893
You And My That Used To Be, The 876
You And The Night And The Music 510
You Are My Lucky Star 627
You Are Too Beautiful 230
You Belong To Me 1380
You Better Give Me Lots Of Lovin Honey 1404
You Came To My Rescue 801
You Can Be Kissed 578
You Can Call It Madness 33
You Can't Have Ev'rything 890
You Can't Pull The Wool Over My Eyes 719
You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming 897
You Couldn't Be Cuter 964
You Could've Knocked Me Over With A Feather 352
You Dear 1400
You Didn't Know Me From Adam 529
You Do The Darndest Things Baby 784
You Dropped Me Like A Red Hot Penny 775
You Forgot Your Gloves 36
You Go To My Head 999
You Gotta Be A Football Hero 297
You Look Good To Me 1025
You Might Have Belonged To Another 1265
You Ought To See Sally On Sunday 434
You Oughta Be In Pictures 362
You Showed Me The Way 835
You Started Me Dreaming 710
You Taught Me To Love Again 1096
You Took The Words Right Out Of My Heart 918
You Try somebody Else 38
You Turned The Tables On Me 759
You'll Always Be The Same Sweetheart 147
You'll Have To Swing It 800
You'll Leave Me Breathless 980
You'll Never Get Up To Heaven That Way 248
You'll Never Go To Heaven 864
Your Dancing On My Heart 76
You're A Heavenly Thing 540
You're A Sweetheart 917
You're A Vision To Behold 1318
You're All I Need 581
You're An Education 945
You're Blasé 121
You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me 215
You're Gonna Lose Your Gal 311
You're Laughing At Me 836
You're My Past, Present And Future 315
You're Not Thinking 741
You're So Darn Charming 606
You're Such A Comfort To Me 334
You're The Dream, I'm The Dreamer 1410
You're The One 80
You're The Only Star 1011
You're The Worlds Sweetest Girl 125
You're Waltzing On My Heart 1319
Yours 1255
Yours And Mine 878
You've Broken All My Dreams 219
You've Got Ev'rything 312
You've Got Me Crying Again 218
You've Got Me In The Palm Of Your Hand 113
You've Gotta Eat Your Spinach Baby 733
Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart 547

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