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Frank Cherry Collection: I - L Titles

(Stock orchestral arrangements)

Title Accession Number
I Ain't Lazy, I'm Just Dreamin 380
I Apologize 6
I Believe In Miracles 514
I Can Pull A Rabbit Out Of My Hat 713
I Can't Believe It's True 140
I Can't Dance 439
I Can't escape From You 744
I Can't Get Mississippi Off My Mind 7
I Can't Get Up The nerve To Kiss You 1376
I Can't Lose That Longing For You 818
I Can't Resist You 1199
I Can't Write The Words
I Couldn't Believe My Eyes 610
I Couldn't Tell Them What To Do 279
I Cover The Waterfront 254
I Didn't Know About You 1339
I Didn't Know What Time It Was 1136
I Do, Do You 1242
I Don't Care Who Know It 1342
I Don't Know Why 5
I Don't Suppose 73
I Don't To Make History 699
I Don't Want To Be Loved 1348
I Double dare You 920
I Dream Of You 1336
I Feel Like A Feather in The Breeze 662
I Found A Dream 647
I Get Along With Out You Very Well 1061
I Give You My Word 1224
I Got Plenty O' Nuttin 671
I Gotcha Where I Wantcha 295
I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan 161
I Hadn't Anyone Till You 988
I Have Eyes 1046
I Haven't Got Time To Be A Millionaire 1183
I Hum A Waltz 865
I Idolize My Baby's Eyes 24
I Just Couldn't Make It Baby 352
I Know Now 872
I Like Mountain Music 228
I Like The Likes Of You 357-A
I Love You With All My Heart 979
I May Be Dancing With Somebody Else 272
I May Never pass Your Way Again 176
I Never Had A Chance 421
I Only Have Eyes For You 355-B
I Only Have Eyes For You 455
I Promise You 44
I Promise You 1054
I Raised My Hat 328
I Saw Stars 442
I See Two Lovers 532
I Simply Adore You 931
I Still Love To Kiss You Goodnight 896
I Thought About You 1150
I Threw A Bean Bag At The Moon 524
I Threw A Pebble In The Pond 654
I Told Santa Claus To Bring Me You 905
I Tried 1243
I Understand 1254
I Used To Be Color Blind 1007
I Wake Up Smiling 232
I Wanna Be In Winchel's Column 919
I Want The Whole World To Love You 756
I Want To Love You Like I Do 1328
I Was Doing Alright 963
I Was Lucky 552
I Wish 1374
I Wish I Could Hide Inside This Letter 1383
I Wish I Knew 1340
I Wish I Were Alladin 622
I Wish I Were Twins 411
I Wished On The Moon 600
I Would If I Could But I Can't 284
I Wouldn't Change You For The World 52
I'd Be Telling A Lie 345
I'd Like To Dunk You In My Coffee 503
I'd Rather Be With You 451
I'd Rather Be With You 551
Ida, Sweet As Cider 674
If I Didn't Care 1076
If I Had A Million Dollars 481
If I Had My Way 1107
If I Knew Then 1122
If I Should Lose You 673
If It Rains Who Cares 991
If It Wasn't For The Moon 1167
If It's The Last Thing I Do 907
If My Love Could Talk 596
If The Moon Turns Green 530
If We Never Meet Again 755
If You Were As Lonely As You Are Lovely 641
If You Were Only Mine 122
I'll Be Faithful 304
I'll Be Seeing You 1423
I'll Close My Eyes To Everyone Else 437
I'll Follow You 182
I'll Have The Last Waltz With Mother 348
I'll Miss You In The Evening 74
I'll Never Be The Same 130
I'll Never Forget I Love You 639
I'll Never Have To Dream Again 155
I'll Never Say Never Again 580
I'll Never Smile Again 1188
I'll See You In Church 330
I'll Sing You A Thousand Love Songs 761
I'll Stand By 716
I'll String Along With You 382
I'm A Gambler 1315
I'm All Dressed Up With A Broken Heart 8
I'm An Old Cowhand 749
I'm Building Up To An Awful Let Down 680
I'm Facing The Music 527
I'm Feelin Like A Million 879
I'm For You A Hundred Percent 31
I'm Glad For Your Sake 939
I'm Gonna Goo 1387
I'm Gonna Love That Guy 1373
I'm Gonna See My Baby 1384
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter 677
I'm Gonna Slap My Hands 693-A
I'm Growing Fonder Of You 491
I'm In A Dancing Mood 797
I'm In Love 444
I'm In My Glory 695
I'm In The Mood For Love 611
I'm Just An Ordinary Human 562
I'm King Again 1327
I'm Lonesome For You Caroline 482
I'm Madly In Love With You 1062
I'm Makin Hay In The Moonlight 146
I'm Nobody's Baby 1181
I'm On A See-Saw 613
I'm Only Guessin 64
I'm Playing With Fire 198
I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket 689
I'm Shootin High 674-A
I'm Sittin High On A Hilltop 634
I'm Sorry Dear 30
I'm Stepping Out With A Memory Tonight 1190
I'm Through With Love 4
Immagination 1174
In A Little Gypsy Tea Room 583
In A Little Hula Heaven 849
In A Moment Of Madness 1401
In A Shany In Old Shanty Town 98
In A Shelter From A Shower 355-A
In My Hide-Away 97
In The Blue Of The Evening 1393
In The Chapel By The Moonlight 769
In The Dark 1325
In The Middle Of A Dream 1099
In The Middle Of A Kiss 563
In The Mood 1386
In The Twinkle Of An Eye 564
In The Valley Of The Moon 238
In the Valley Of Yesterday 400
In Your Little Innocent Way 652
Indian Summer 1140
Indiana Moonlight 1017
Intermezzo 1246
Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall 1300
Is It True What They Say About Dixie 702
Is That The Way To Treat A Sweetheart 1014
Is You Or Is You Ain't 1356
Isle Of Capri 507
Isn't Love The Grandest Thing 638
Isn't This A Lovely Day 618
It Happened When Your Eyes Met Mine 474
It Isn't Fair 266
It Looks Rain In Cherry Blossom Lane 855
It Makes No Difference Now 1074
It Never Dawned On Me 624
It Was A Night In June 257
It Was So Beautiful 123
It's Easier Said Than Done 962
It's A Blue World 1155
It's A Hundred To One 1108
It's A Sin To Tell A Lie 691
It's Been So Long 675
It's Dangerous To Love Like This 672
It's Dark On Observatory Hill 497
It's D'lovely 785
It's Easy To Remember 550
It's Funny To Everyone But Me 391
It's Like Reaching For The Moon 739
It's No Fun 708
It's Only A Paper Moon 316
It's Sunday Down In Caroline 252
It's Swell Of You 847
It's The Dreamer In Me 971
It's The Same Old Dream 1375
It's the Talk Of The Town 290
It's Winter Again 192
It's Within Your Power 211
It's Wonderful 947
It's Written In The Stars 649
I've Got A Date With A Dream 1006
I've Got A Feeling You're Foolin 623
I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams 995
I've Got An Invitation To A Dance 490
I've Got My Eyes On You 1160
I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm 819
I've Got The World On A String 208
I've Got To Pass Your House To Get To My Home 267
I've Got To Sing A Torch Song 269
I've Got You Under My Skin 802
I've Had My Moments 393
I've Had This Feeling Before 1397
I've Hitche My Wagon To A Star 928
Jambalaya 1381
Jersey Bounce 1302
Joseph, Joseph 959
Josephine 868
Journey To A Star, A ?
Judy 466
June in January 484
Just A Fair Weather Friend 526
Just A Little Flower Shop Around The Corner 236
Just A Little Home For The Old Folks 166
Just A Little South Of North Carolina 1251
Just A Prayer Away 1372
Just A Year Ago Tonight 283
Just An Echo In The Valley 205
Just An Evening At Home 567
Just Another Dream Of You 112
Just Because Your You 200
Just Friends 62
Just Once Too Often 496
Just One More Chance 9
Keep On Doin What Your Doin 344
Keeping The Keepsakes You Gave Me 543
Kickin The Clouds Away 653
Kid In The Three Cornered Pants, The 816
Kind'a Lonesome 1051
Kiss By Kiss 63
Kiss That You've Forgotten, The 18
Kissable Baby 25
Knock, Knock Whose There 736
Lady I Love, The 134
Lady In Red,The 577
Lady Is A Tramp, The 912
Lambeth Walk 1013
Lamp Is Low, The 1104
Last Night 1124
Last Round-Up, The 291
Later Tonight 1402
Laura 1306
Lawd You Made The Night Too Long 94
Lazy 102
Lazy Bones 264
Lazy River 108
Lazy Silvery Moon 197
Leanin On The Top Rail 1157
Learn To Croon 277
Let It Be Me 656
Let Me Call You Mine 445
Let That Be A Lesson To You 84
Let That Be A Lesson To You 933
Let Yourself Go 683
Let's All Sing Like The Birds Sing 239
Let's Call It A Dream 569
Let's Call The Whole thing Off 834
Let's Drift Away On A Dreamer's Bay 46
Let's Get Away From It All 1252
Let's Have Another Cup Of Coffee 101
Let's Put Out The Lights 164
Let's Swing It 595
Let's Try Again 115
Leven Pounds Of Heaven 67
Lies 53
Life Is A Song 565
Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries 1379
Life Of The Party, The 894
Lights Out 664
Lilacs In The Rain 1119
Lili Marlene 1382
Little Bit Later On, A 746
Little Curly Hair In The High Chair 1179
Little Did I Dream 378
Little Did I Know 1332
Little Girl 11
Little Independent, A 636
Little Kiss At Twilight, A 1005
Little Lady Make-Believe 967
Little Man You've Had A Busy Day 395
Little Mary Brown 20
Little Old Lady 831
Little On The Lonely Side, A 1352
Little Red Barn 409
Little Rendezvous In Honolulu, A 698
Little Skipper 1075
Little Things You Used To Do, The 554
Little White Gardenia, A 537
Live, Laugh And Love 144
Lonely Lane 354
Lonely Street 588
Lonely Swallow, The 492
Lonesome Nights 20-A
Long To Belong To You 1045
Look What I've Got 242
Look Who's Here 184
Lost 692
Lost In A Fog 463
Lost My Rhythm, Lost My Music, Lost My Mind 561
Louisiana Hayride 206
Lovable 71
Love And A Dime 553
Love And Learn 814
Love Bug Will Bite You, The 832
Love In Bloom 431
Love Is The Sweetest Thing 300
Love Is Where You Find It 1003
Love Letters In The Sand 10
Love Lies 1205
Love Locked Out 363
Love Me 403
Love Me Tonight 137
Love Passes By 631
Love Serenade 1055
Love Song Of Long Ago, A 152
Love Thy Neighbor 381
Love Walked In 952
Love You Are Mine Tonight 1235
Love You Funny Thing 82
Lovelight In The Starlight 977
Lovely Lade 694-A
Lovely To Look At 545
Lover 250
Lovliness Of You, The 893
Lullaby Of Broadway 531
Lullaby Of The Leaves 95

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