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National Ragtime and Jazz Archive Recordings: M - O Titles

Accession Number

Title of Work


Performer/Performing Group

Record Label Number

284 Ma Conrad Jones, Isham and his Orchestra Brunswick 5065-A  -B
620 Mabel's Dream Smith Wilber, Bob Commodore FL 20,020
(FL-49A FL-52A)
114 Maceo's 32-20 Merriweather Merriweather, "Big" Maceo, Tampa
Red (Whittaker, Hudson); and Dixon, Tyrell
RCA Victor (20-2028-A)
2246 Mad Lad Boogie Parker Parker, Leo (All Stars) Savoy 929-A (S-3498) -B (S-3496)
187 Magic Garden Scott Scott, Raymond and his Orchestra Sonora (3008-A) (-B)
(SR-527) (-526) 
1902 Magnolia DeSylva/Brown
Gold, Lou & Orchestra
Deep River Orchestra
Perfect 14821 
195 Mahogany Hall Stomp Williams Armstrong, Louis and his Orchestra Decca (824-A) (-B) (60363)
573 Mahogany Hall Stomp   Armstrong, Louis
Dorsey, Jimmey     Orchestra
Decca DL 5225
(MG1600, MG1601)
668 Mahogany Hall Stomp Williams Lewis, George Blue Note BLP-7027
1442 Mahogany Hall Stomp Williams Armstrong, Louis & Orchestra Decca A-572 (25154-A)(B)
1153 Mahogany Stomp Williams Armstrong, Louis & Dixieland Seven RCA Victor (20-2088-A)(B)
630 Mahzel Wayne/Beekman Goodman, Benny Capitol H-409
791 Mahzel [Means Good Luck] Wayne/Beekman Goodman, Benny Capitol 416 (1867) (1868)
611 Maids of Cadiz Delibes Goodman, Benny Capitol H-202
1270 Main Stem Ellington Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Victor (20-1556-A)(B)
624 Make A Pallet On The Floor   Bechet, Sidney Jazz Panarama 1801
260 Make Believe Shilkret Jones, Isham and his Orchestra Brunswick (5049-A) (-B)
715 Make Me a Pallet on the Floor Bradford Cless, Roo Black & White 30-A 30-B
470 Make the Trombone Laugh Scharf Plantation Jazz Orchestra Emerson 10131 (4885) (4886)
1373 Makin' Friends Teagarden Teagarden, Jack and Whopee Makers
Mole, Miff & Little Molers
Columbia C-46-5 C-46-6
649 Makin' Whoopee Kahn/Donaldson Goodman, Benny Capitol H-295
784 Malibu Carter Carter, Benny Capitol 200 (257) (611)
252 Mama Come Home Myrow/Gannon/Battle Fitzgerald, Ella and The Keys Decca 18347 A (70652)
                    B (70653)
695 Mama Goes Where Papa Goes Yellen/Ager Cotton Pickers Brunswick (2490-A)(2490-B)
659 Mama Inez Grenet Lamare, Hilton "Nappy" Capitol 15050 (2390-Y)(2393-Z)
816 Mama's ???   Smith, Bessie Columbia A3900 (80995)(80996)
2576 Mama's Gone, Good Bye Bocage/Piron Miller, Ray & Orchestra Brunswick 2632 -A -B
751 Mama's Gone, Goodbye Bocage/Piron Mannone, Wingy & Orchestra Bluebird (B-11107-A)(-B)
1816 Mama's Got a Baby Morton Morton Sextet General Tavern Tunes 1710
2226 Mambo is Everywhere Lawrence Brooks, Billy
Saunders, Red
Duke 142 (ACA 3109)(ACA 3110)
1588 Man Eater McNeely McNeely, Big Jay Savoy 713-A (SLA 501-1)
-B (Bop 63-1)
1632 Man From The South-Fox Trot Bloom/Woods Bloom, Rube & Bayou Boys Columbia 2103-D
191 Man Here Plays Fine Piano Bushkin/DeVries Goodman, Benny and his Orchestra Columbia 37207 (HC0-2083)
1331 Man I Love You Gershwin/Gershwin Cole, King (trio) Capitol A-8 20010
584 Man I Love, The   Hampton, Lionel   All Stars Decca DL 7013
(MG 1916, MG 1917)
759 Man is a Brother to a Mule Fisher/Roberts Sisters, Andrew & Eddie Heywood Decca 23641A(L4252)B(L4253)
494 Man Who Come Around Tucker/Lair/Green Osborne, Will and his Slide Music Varsity 8143 (US 1185)
                   (US 1186)
2447 Man With New Radio Templeton Templeton, Alec Victor 26348 -A -B
640 Man With The Horn   Famous Jazzmen Decca DL 5191 (MG1514 1515)
266 Mandalay Burnett/Lyman/Arnheim Abe Lyman's California Orchestra Brunswick 2631-A  -B
593 Mandy Clarke/Turk/Johnson Bechet, Sidney Blue Note BLP 7014
1573 Mandy, Make Up Your Mind Clarke/Turk/Meyer
Spanier, Muggsy & Ragtime Band Bluebird B-10766
604 Manhattan   McPartland, Marian Savoy MG 15032
(AC885, AC886)
1738 Manhattan Maroomba Daniels/Williams Daniels, Joe & Hot Sticks Decca 3482
1867 Manhattan Rag Carmichael Trumbauer, Frankie & Orchestra Okeh 41330
1558 Manteca Gillespie/Pozo Gillespie, Dizzy & Orchestra RCA Victor 20-3023-A -B
1319 Many Happy Returns of the Day Burke/Dubin Crosby, Bing Brunswick B-1015 80058-A
624 Maple Leaf Rag   Bechet, Sidney Jazz Panarama 1801
627 Maple Leaf Rag Joplin Hodes, Art Blue Note BLP 7004
1195 Maple Leaf Rag Joplin New Orleans Rhythm Kings U.H.C.A. (45)(46)(90375-A)(9773-A)
1943 Maple Leaf Rag Joplin Mares, Paul & Friar Society Orchestra Columbia 35686 (C-871) (Okeh 41575) (C-872) (Okeh 41574)
1956 Maple Leaf Rag Joplin Hines, Earl & Orchestra Decca 218 A (9462) B (9463)
2340 Maple Leaf Rag Joplin Watter, Lu (Yerba Buena Jazz Band) Jazz Man Album 1, No. 1 (MLB 109)(MLB 119)
170 March of the Bob Cats Bob Cats Bob Crosby's Bob Cats Decca 25298 (63423) (63428)
405 March of the Bob Cats Bob Cats, The Bob Crosby's Bob Cats Decca (1865-A) (-B)
(DLA-1061) (63423)
2476 March of the Boyds Raeburn Raeburn, Boyd & his Orchestra Musicraft 489 (542) (543)
1085 March of the Hoodlums Carmichael Mole, Miff    Molers
Lange, Eddie
Parlophone R-1157 (400896-A)
235 Marcheta Schertzinger/Serrano Great White Orchestra Victor (19046-A) (-B)
1186 Marge Davis/Conrad/Robinson Beiderbecke, Bix and his Gang Special Editions 5013-S
315 Margie Robinson/Conrad Gene Rodemich's Orchestra Brunswick 2060-A -B
336 Margie Davis/Conrad/Young Lunceford, Jimmie and his Orchestra Decca (1617-A) (-B) 184
(63133) (DLA-1011)
557 Margie Conrad/Davis Basin Street Six Capitol L-403 (CL-7) (-8)
578 Margie   Basin Street Six Mercury MG 25111
670 Margie Conrad/Robinson/Davis Basin Street Six Circle (L-403-A)(L-403-B)
1139 Margie Davis/Conrad/Robinson Beiderbecke, Bix Parlophone R-2833(401140)(401139)
1243 Margie Davis/Conrad/Robinson Goodman, Benny & Orchestra Victor (26060-A)(B)
1833 Margie Davis/Conrad/Robinson Redman, Don & Orchestra Bluebird B-10061-A -B
2135 Margie Davis/Conrad/Robinson Brother Bones & his Shadows Tempo (TR-652-A)(TR-652-B)(UR-110115)(UR-109831)
2334 Margie Conrad/Robinson/Davis Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Brunswick 7526 (B 16973)(B 17974)
1929 Margie - Medley Conrad/Robinson Original Dixieland Jazz Band Victor 18717
1223 Marie Berlin Dorsey, Tommy & Orchestra Victor (25523-A)(B)
1969 Marie Berlin Dorsey, Tommy & Orchestra Victor P80-3-P80-4
946 Mark Hop Haggart Crosby, Bob Decca (3594-A)(B)(DLA-2277)(2276)
1710 Marmaduke Parker Parker, Charlie (All Stars) Savoy 938-A (B908)B(B909)
2002 Married Man Blues Holiday Shine, Black Boy Vocalion 03454
2217 Married Man Blues Austin/Mallard Tibbs, Andrew with Tom Archia Aristocrat 1103 A (U-7077) B (U-7074)
803 Married Woman Blues Estes Estes, Sleepy John Champion (50048-A)(-B)
1191 Martian Madness   Teagarden, Jack Teagarden 11224 (RB-112-A)(B)
445 Martinque Paris Darensbourg, Joe and his Dixie Flyers Lark LS-782 (LM-0957-3) (-4)
465 Mary Ann Silver/Davis Ukulele Ike Columbia 1295-D (145459)
458 Mary's Special Williams Williams, Lou Decca(781-A)(-B)(61023)(60878)
1216 Mas De Lo Que Tu Sabes Rose/Eliscu/Youmans Goodman, Benny (trio) Victor (25345A)(B)
598 Massachusetts Razaf Krupa, Gene Columbia CL 6066
(LP 1295, LP 1296)
431 Match Box Blues Broonzy Broonzy, Big Bill Melotone 6-05-56 (C-1246)
421 May Every Day Be Christmas Jordon Jordon, Louis and his Tympany Five Decca 27806 (81148) (81150)
621 Maybe It's Because Scott Armstrong, Louis Decca DL 5401
(MG 2523, MG 2524)
961 Maybe It's Because Scott/Ruby Armstrong, Louis Decca 24751 (75221)(75222)
2495 Maybellene Berry Berry, Chuck & his Combo Chess 1604 (7844) (7845)
640 McGhee Special   Famous Jazzmen Decca DL 5191 (MG1514 1515)
2262 Me and the Blues Koehler/Warren Basie, Count & Orchestra RCA Victor 20-2127 -A -B
1262 Me Cayo Mal Y Eso No Es Bueno Webster/Ellington Dorsey, Tommy & Orchestra Victor (27531-A)(B)
888 Me Tratas Mal Turk/Alhert Wilson, Teddy Columbia (291228-A)(-B)
2088 Mean and Evil Baby Monroe Archia, Tom & his All Stars Aristocrat 601A (U 7028) B (U 7031)
2093 Mean Cicero Blues Waldron/Baskette Duncan Sisters Victor 19527
436 Mean Old Bed Bug Blues Johnson Johnson, Lonnie Okeh 8497 (81214) (81220)
669 Mean To Me Turk/Ahlert Goodman, Benny Capitol H-441(H1-411)(H2-411)
1957 Mean to Me Turk/Ahlert Tanner, Lou & his Band Champion 15697-A -B
2306 Mean to Me Turk/Ahlert Tanner, Lou & his Band Champion 15697-A -B
2322 Mean to Me Turk/Ahlert Finley, Bob & Orchestra Cameo 9103 (3704)(3718)
133 Meanest Blues Napolean/Signorelli Original Memphis Five, The Victor (19480-A) (-B)
1157 Meanest Thing You Ever Did Was
Kiss Me
Lewis/Newman/Mencher Waller, Fats and his Rhythm RCA Victor (20-2219-A)(B)
1427 Meditation Bulterman Hawkins, Coleman & Orchestra
Lunceford, Jimmy & Orchestra
Decca 182 (3520-A)(B)
1711 Meeskite Eager Eager, Allen w/ Be Bop Boys Savoy 908-A (S 3434)
B (S 3433)
2421 Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland Friedman/Whitson Condon, Eddie & Windy City Seven
Teagarden, Jack & his Trombone
Commodore 505 A (22831-1) B (22832-2)
350 Melancholy Bloom/Melrose Delta Four Decca (3864-A) (-B) (60271)
501 Melancholy Bloom/Melrose Armstrong, Louis Brunswick (80059-A)(-B)
B-1016 (22725)(E-6441)
546 Melancholy Bloom/Melrose Dodds, Johnny & Chicago Boys
Noone, Jimmy & Orchestra
Brunswick BL-58046
(MG-3249) (MG-3250)
667 Melancholy Bloom/Melrose Armstrong, Louis Brunswick BL-58004
(MG-1482) (MG-1483)
2367 Melancholy   Dodd, Johnny (Blackbottom Stumpers) Brunswick 3567 (A)(B)
626 Melancholy Rhapsody   Basin Street Six Mercury MG 25160
2267 Melancoly Baby Burnett/Norton Robertson, Dick & Orchestra Decca 2276 -A (64888A) -B (64889A)
2263 Melancoly Lullaby Carter Carter, Benny & Orchestra Vocalion v4984 (WM1046)(WM1048)
2569 Mellow Rhythm Blythe Melrose Stompers
Miles, Lizzie & Melrose Stompers
Vocalion 05260 (WC 2773)(WC 2774)
1051 Memories of You Blake/Razaf Wilson, Teddy Musicraft (318-A)(-B)(5241)(5238)
1246 Memories of You Razaf/Blake Hampton, Lionel & Orchestra Victor (26304-A)(B)
145 Memphis Blues Handy Dixieland Jazz Group, The Victor P-82-1 P-82-2
(27542-A) (-B)
435 Memphis Blues Handy Maddox, John with the Rhythmakers Dot (1023-A) (-B)
591 Memphis Blues Handy, W. C. Hodes, Art  Hot Five Blue Note BLP 7005
1449 Memphis Blues Handy Ellington, Duke & Orchestra RCA Victor P-182
(20-2325-A) (B)
2339 Memphis Blues Handy Watter, Lu (Yerba Buena Jazz Band) Jazz Man Album 1, No. 2 (110)(113)
2583 Memphis in June Webster/Carmichael James, Harry & Orchestra Columbia 36833 (HCO 1409)(HCO 1411)
638 Men of State   Lawson-Haggart Jazz Band Decca D127 (MG2789 2790)
1538 Mend Your Ways Kirkland/Chase Brown, Ruth & Orchestra Atlantic 993(A-1048)(A-1051)
544 Me-ow One-Step Kaufman, Mel B. Smith, Joseph C.   Orchestra Victor 18511-A -B
595 Merry Widow Waltz   Assunto, Frank Imperiol IM-3005
(XRLP-10-95, XRLP-10-96)
1362 Merry-Go-Round Ellington Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Columbia C-38-7 C-38-8
35837 (B-13081)(265049)
1723 Merry-Go-Round Broke Down Franklin/Friend Lunceford, Jimmie & Orchestra Decca 1318
471 Messin' Around   House Rockers Miracle M-125 (22322) (22325)
2160 Messy Bessy Hendricks Jordan, Louis & Tympany Five Aladdin 3246 (AV-8) X (AV-16) Q
108B Metronome All Out Ellington/Strayhorn Metronome All-Star Band RCA Victor (40-4000-A)(B)
886 Mi Melancolia Nena Morton/Burnett Wilson, Teddy Columbia (291185-A)(-B)
(B-18830) (-19498)
432 Midnight Blues Williams/Thompson Sylvester, Hanna
Fletcher Henderson Orchestra
Paramount (12033-A) (-B)
2570 Midnight Blues Thompson/Williams Henderson, Rosa
Miles, Linda
Victor 19124 -A -B
2149 Midnight Echoes Bishop Herman, Woody & Orchestra Decca 2817 (66673, 65979)
2083 Midnight in the Barrel House Otis/Lewis Otis, Johnny (Orchestra) Excelsior OR 536-A -B
471 Midnight Jump Cotton House Rockers Miracle M-125 (22322) (22325)
1608 Midnight Mama   Morton, Jelly-Roll &  Levee Seranders Brunswick 80040
2188 Midnight Special Groves Groves, Big Boy & Band Spark 114 (LS 33)(LS 34)
2071 Midnight Sun Hampton/Burke Hampton, Lionel & Orchestra Clef Records 89153-A (2391-2) -B (2392-2)
1916 Midnite Blues Brown Brown, Pete (Sextette) Savoy 579
592 Mighty Blues   Bechet, Sidney Blue Note BLP 7022
722 Mighty River Baskette Armstrong, Louis Bluebird (B-5409-A)(-B)
103B Milenberg Morton Lewis, George and his New Orleans Stompers Climax (102-A)(-B)(CD-118)(104)
559 Milenberg Joys Morton Bechet, Sidney & Bunk Johnson Blue Note BLP 7008
610 Milenberg Joys Morton Lewis, George Blue Note BLP 7010
647 Milenberg Joys Bujie Hodes, Art Blue Note 7015
1019 Milenberg Joys Morton McKinney's Cotton Pickers His Masters Voice B.9228
2544 Milenberg Joys Mares/Ropplo/Morton Senter, Boyd Perfect 14501 -A -B
2581 Milenberg Joys Roppolo/Mares/Morton Crosby, Bob & Orchestra Decca 25293 -A(DLA 2867) -B(DLA 2855)
1715 Mile-Or-Mo Bird Rag Ammons Ammons, Albert Decca Records 975
130 Milk Cow Blues Kokomo/Arnold Crosby, Bob and his Orchestra Decca (1962-A) (-B)
(63389) (DLA-1020)
1179 Milk for Mezz Mezzrow Mezzrow, Mezz (trio) Session 10-008 (160)(161)
1287 Milneberg Joys Rappallo/Morton Henderson, Fletcher
Connie's Inn Orchestra
Asch (350-1A)(1B)(0-1506)(1503)
1477 Mingo Drag Waller Waller, Fats Victor P-151 (20-1583-A)(B)
638 Minnesota Rouser   Lawson-Haggart Jazz Band Decca D127 (MG2789 2790)
2235 Minnie the Moocher Calloway/Mills/Gaskill Calloway, Cab & Orchestra Brunswick (80015-A)(80015-B) B-1004 (E-36212)(E-37268)
1574 Minor Drag Waller Waller, Fats Bluebird B-10185-A -B
543 Minor Jive   Eldridge, Roy & Orchestra
Price, Sam & Blusicians
Brunswick BL-58045
(MG-3247) (MG-3248)
792 Minor Riff Rugolo/Kenton Kenton, Stan Capitol B-449 (1638-Y)(1804-Z)
1619 Minor Walk Garner/Gillespie Gillespie, Dizzy & Orchestra RCA Victor 20-3186-A -B
1965 Minor's Swing Reinhardt/Grappelly Quintet the Hot Club of France Victor 26218
815 Minuet in Blues Strayhorn/Bigard Bigard, Barney and Orchestra Vocalion 5378
(WM 1036)(WM1117)
2538 Minuet in Jazz Scott Scott, Raymond Brunswick m7992(m117)(m118)
1529 Minuet In Vout Gaillard Gaillard, Slim (quartette) Atomic A230
2094 Misirlou   August, Jan  Diamond (2009-A)(2009-B)
363 Miss Annabelle Lee Clare/Pollack Four Aristocrats Victor 21104-A  -B
1227 Miss Annabelle Lee Clare/Pollack Quintet of The Hot Club of France Victor 40-0125 -A -B
1672 Miss Brown To You   Wilson, Teddy & Orchestra
Holiday, Billie
Columbia 36205
1555 Miss Hannah Redman/Nesbit McKinney's Cotton Pickers Bluebird B10232
1699 Miss Otis Regrets Porter Lunceford, Jimmie & Orchestra Decca 130
653 Mission To Moscow Powell Goodman, Benny Columbia 36680 (CO-29504)
487 Mississippi Cradle Olman Fenton, Carl      Orchestra Brunswick 2129-A  -B
834 Mississippi Mud Barris Washingtonians
Seven Little Polar Bears
Romeo 618 (2946)(2970)
1201 Mississippi Mud Barris Whiteman, Paul Victor (21274-A)(B)
217 Mississippi Shiver Confrey Confrey, Zez and his Orchestra Victor (19430-A) (-B)
2423 Mistakes Leslie/Nicholls Steele, Blue & Orchestra Victor 22142 -A -B
1252 Mister Meadowlark Mercer/Donaldson Shaw, Artie and Orchestra Victor (26614-A)(B)
2269 Misty Morning Whetsel/Ellington Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Victor V-38058 -A -B
2536 Mobile Blues Rose/Short Rodemich, Gene (Orchestra) Brunswick 2599 -A -B
2473 Mommy I Don't Want To Go To Bed Redman/Cook Redman, Don & Orchestra Brunswick 6523 (13006)(13008)
1368 Monday Date Hines Hines, Earl Columbia C-41-3 C-41-4
35876 (402210)(402211)
1678 Monday Date   Armstrong, Louis Columbia 36375
1970 Monday Date Hines Hines, Earl Columbia 2800-D (402211)(402220)
1728 Monday Morning Worrell Grace, Teddy w/ Orchestra Decca 2128
1352 Money Blues Lender/Coleman/Eller Henderson, Fletcher & Orchestra Columbia C-30-3 C-30-4
35669 (B-23414)(142205)
2387 Money Blues Wray/Carter Howard, Camille & Boy Friends Specialty SP 401 A (B)
1831 Montmartre Moan Williams Polo, Danny London 381
2271 Montparnase Jump Trad./Feather Polo, Danny & his Swing Stars London 380 A (4862hpp)B(DTB.3249)
1089 Mooche Ellington Ellington, Duke
Harlem Footwarmers
Parlophone R-1615(401175)(404522)
2341 Mooche Ellington/Mills Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Victor 24486 -A (20-1532B) -B(20-1531)
1336 Mooche, The Ellington/Mills Greer, Sonny and Duke's Men Capitol Criterion CE-17
1470 Mooche, The Ellington/Mills Ellington, Duke & Famous Orchestra Victor P-138-1 P-138-2
1601 Mooche, The Ellington/Mills Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Brunswick 80002
910 Mood at Twilight Powell Powell, Mel Commodore (544-A)(-B)
(76987A) (76989A)
1378 Mood Hollywood Hayton/Dorsey Dorsey Brothers & Orchestra Columbia C-51-7 C-51-8
36066 (B-13152)(13148)
2065 Mood I'm In Leatherwood Howard, Camille Specialty SP 325 A B
1336 Mood Indigo Bigard/Ellington
Greer, Sonny and Duke's Men Capitol Criterion CE-17
1471 Mood Indigo Ellington/Bigard/Mills Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Victor P-138-3 P-138-4
2234 Mood Indigo Ellington/Mills/Bigard Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Brunswick (80003-A)(80003-B) B-1000 (E-34928)(E-31509)
2341 Mood Indigo Ellington/Bigard/Mills Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Victor 24486 -A (20-1532B) -B(20-1531)
831 Mood Indingo Ellington/Mill/Bigard Ellington, Duke Columbia 35427(WM-1135)(1137)
846 Mood Indingo Ellington/Mills/Bigard Ellington, Duke Columbia 36312 (LO-377) (378)
876 Mood Indingo Ellington/Mills/Rigard Ellington, Duke Columbia C-163-7 C-163-8 38221
(W-401690) (WM-1137)
2332 Mood to be Wooed Hodges/Ellington Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Victor 20-1670 -A(8S) -B(11S)
560 Moodamorphosis Fuller-Burns Moody, James & Modernists Blue Note BLP 5006
560 Mood's All Frantic Moody-Fuller-Burns Moody, James & Modernists Blue Note BLP 5006
132 Moon Love David/Davis/Kostelanetz Miller, Glenn and his Orchestra Bluebird B-10303-A   -B
2036 Moon Love David/Davis/Kostelanetz Dorsey, Tommy & Orchestra RCA Victor (20-2871-A)(20-2871-B)P-209
1281 Moon Mist Ellington Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Victor (82-0132-A)(B)(27856-A)(B)
2268 Moon Won't Talk Hathaway/Bliss/Sauter Goodman, Benny & Orchestra Columbia 35487 (WCO 26808) (WCO 26811)
161 Moonglow DeLange/Mills/Hudson Shaw, Artie and his Orchestra Victor P-85-7 P-85-8
(27549-A) (-B)
600 Moonglow Hudson, Mills Goodman, Benny Columbia GL102(LP 9401, 9402)
1258 Moonglow DeLange/Mills/Hudson Shaw, Artie and Orchestra Victor (27405-A)(B)
1798 Moonglow Hudson/DeLange/Mills Grappelly, Stephane & his Hot Five
Reinhardt, Django
Decca 23031
2266 Moonlight  Conrad Weems, Ted & Orchestra Decca 3044 -A (66727A) -B (66723A)
1531 Moonlight and Roses Black/Moret Shilkret, Nat & Victor Orchestra Victor 20194-A -B
1222 Moonlight Becomes You Burke/Van Heusen James, Harry & Orchestra Columbia36668(HCO 852)(HCO 912)
2174 Moonlight Becomes You Van Heusen/Burke Sherwood, Bobby & Orchestra Capitol 123 (2700, 2702)
289 Moonlight Blues Deane Handy's Orchestra Columbia A2418 (77369)(77373)
1185 Moonlight Fiesta Tizol/Ellington/Mills Ellington, Duke and Orchestra Special Editions 5007-S
2328 Moonlight in Hilo Friend/Erickson Ellis, Freddy & Orchestra Melotone 6-05-11 (18827)(18828)
1958 Moonlight Mood Adamson/DeRose Kyser, Kay & Orchestra Columbia 36657 (HCO 897)(HCO 900)
683 Moonlight Serenade Miller Miller, Glen Bluebird (B-10214-A)(B-10214-B)
1677 Moonlight Serenade Miller Miller, Glenn & Orchestra RCA Victor 20-1566-A -B
1981 Moonlight Serenade Miller Miller, Glenn & Orchestra RCA Victor 420-0045 (D2VB-0028)(D2VB-0029)
2127 Moonlight Serenade Parrish/Miller Basie, Count & Orchestra Vocalion 5036 (W24978, W24980)
2499 Moonlight, A Waltz and You Snodgrass/Koehler
Snodgrass, Harry Brunswick 2850 -A (14976) -B (14999)
2395 Moose the Mooche Parker Parker, Charlie (Septet) Dial Records 1003-A (D-1011-4)(D-1010-2)
2256 Moosie Mousie Boogie Froeba Froeba, Frank Decca 23603 A (71464) B (71473)
492 Mop Mop DeMetruis/Williams Jordan, Louis Decca (8668-A) (-B) (71873)
619 Mop Mop Hawkins Hawkins, Coleman Commodore FL 20,025
(FL-29-A, FL-30-A)
1759 More I See You Gordon/Warren James, Harry & Orchestra Columbia 36794 (HCO1200)(HCO1201)
545 More Moon Rogers Herman, Woodrow & Orchestra  
2392 More Power to You Adamson/McHugh Waller, Fats & his Rhythm Victor 25679-A -B
2271 More Than Somewhat Polo Polo, Danny & his Swing Stars London 380 A (4862hpp)B(DTB.3249)
932 More than That Williams/Barnett Smith, Bessie Decca (1308-A)(-B)(61935)(61936)
640 More Than You Know   Famous Jazzmen Decca DL 5191 (MG1514 1515)
1128 More Than You Know Rose/Eliscu/Youmans Wilson, Teddy
Holliday, Billie
Parlophone R-2660(24046)(24047)
2199 More Than You Know Rose/Eliscu/Youmans Moore, Johnny (Three Blazer)
Brooks, Hadda
Modern Hollywood 20-599A (309) B(594)
2502 More Than You Know Youmans/Rose/Eliscu Spanier, Muggsy & Orchestra Decca 03397 A(XYX70802) B(XYZ70804)
937 Morning Air Smith Smith, Willie Decca (2269-A)(-B)(63141)(63142)
1249 Morning Glory Ellington Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Victor (26536-A)(B)
2460 Morning in Noah's Ark Rollinson Pryor, Arthur (Band) Victor 16955-A -B
  Mosquito Knees   Getz, Stan Royal Roost RLP 407
(LPM 213, LPM 214)
1936 Moten Stomp Moten/Hayes Moten, Bennie & Kansas City Orchestra
Hayes, Clifford & Louisville Stompers
Victor 20955
607 Moten Swing   Young, Lester w/ Count Basie Orchestra Jazz Panorama 1813
1342 Moten Swing Moten/Moten McShann, Jay & Kansas City Stompers Captiol Criterion CE-19 10039(345-B-RE-1)(348-A--)
1424 Moten Swing Durham Hines, Earl & Orchestra
Kirk, Andy & Clouds of Joy
Decca 182 (3517-A)(B)
2086 Moten Swing (part 1) Buster/Moten James, Harry & Orchestra Columbia 37351 (HCO-2138)(HCO-2139)
2086 Moten Swing (part 2) Buster/Moten James, Harry & Orchestra Columbia 37351 (HCO-2138)(HCO-2139)
1976 Moten's Blues Moten Moten, Bennie (Kansas City Orchestra) Victor V-38072
1440 Moten's Swing Moten Durham, Eddie & Band Decca 214 (18126-A)(B)
603 Mother Goose Jumps Stein Herman, Woody Mars MRX 2
(TV 18576, TV 18579)
631 Motl Der Operator   Ginades, Shep Storyville STLP 309
552 Mountain Air   Hines, Earl & Orchestra Mercury (MG-25018-A)
1857 Mountain City Blues Troutt Williams, Clarence & Orchestra Okeh 8592
2414 Mountain City Blues Troutt Trout, Charlie (Melody Artists) Okeh 40589 A (9627A) B (9626A)
207 Mountain Top Blues Williams Smith, Bessie Columbia 14031-D (81881)
527 Mournful Serenade Oliver Morton, Jelly-Roll & Red Hot Peppers Bluebird [RCA](B-6601-A)(-B)
1018 Mournful Serenade Oliver Morton, Jelly-Roll His Masters Voice B.9221
301 Mournin' Blues Sbarbaro/Robinson Crosby, Bob and his Orchestra Decca (2482-A) (-B) (64989)
2304 Mournin' Blues Sbarbaro Fazola, Irving & Dixieland Band RCA Victor 40-0142 HJ-12 (-A)(-B)
2091 Move Best Heath, Ted & his Music Decca F-9313 (DR-14229-A)(DR-14230-B)
117 Move Over Shavers Kirby, Jack and His Orchestra; with
Procope, Russell; Bailey, Buster; and Shavers, Charlie
Victor (27712-A) (27712-B)
123 Movin' the Boogie Johnson/Ammons Johnson, Pete and Albert Ammons Victor P-69-7 P-69-8
(27507-A) (27507-B)
187 Mr. Basie Goes to Washington Scott Scott, Raymond and his Orchestra Sonora (3008-A) (-B)
(SR-527) (-526) 
1775 Mr. Dues Winding Johnson, Jay Jay
Reig, Teddy & All Stars
Savoy 975-A (S-3309)B(S-3376)
1743 Mr. Freddie Blues Shayne Lewis, Meade "Lux" Decca 3831
588 Mr. Jelly Lord   Morton, Jelly-Roll & Orchestra Jazz Panorama 1804
647 Mr. Jelly Lord Morton Hodes, Art Blue Note 7015
1608 Mr. Jelly Lord Morton Morton, Jelly-Roll & Levee Seranders Brunswick 80040
2460 Mr. Rooster Lampe Pryor, Arthur (Band) Victor 16955-A -B
530 Muddy Water Trent/Rose/Richman Pettis, Jack and his Band Regal (8243-A)(-B)(7032)(7041)
1575 Muddy Water Trent/DeRose
Leary, Ford & Boys Bluebird B11031
1933 Muddy Water Trent/DeRose/Richman Whiteman, Paul & Orchestra
Shilkret, Nat & Victorian Orchestra
Victor 20508
1679 Muggles Armstrong/Hines Armstrong, Louis
Hines, Earl
Columbia 36377
1978 Mule Face Blues Oliver/Nelson Oliver, King (Orchestra) Victor 38134
367 Muscle Shoals Blues Thomas Raderman, Harry        Jazz Orchestra Okeh (4477-A) (-B)
712 Muscle Shoals Blues Waller Waller, Fats Biltmore 1005 (RF-9)(-10)
1854 Mush Mouth Blues Jones Jones, Richard M. (Jazz Wizards) Okeh 8349
644 Mushmouth Shuffle   Morton, Jelly-Roll Jazz Panorama 1810
657 Mushmouth Shuffle Morton Morton, Jelly-Roll Bluebird (B-8201-A)(B-8201-B)
630 Mushrat Ory Goodman, Benny Capitol H-409
623 Music Hall Rag   Goodman, Benny Jazz Panarama 1812
967 Music, Maestro, Please Wrubel/Magidson Dorsey, Tommy
Cherry, Don
Decca 27247 (76865)(76866)
374 Muskrat Ramble Ory Ory, Kid and his Creol Band Decca A-549 (25133-A) (-B)
(L-3755) (-3756)
536 Muskrat Ramble Ory Goodman/Miller/McPartland/Breidis
Brunswick BL-58015
547 Muskrat Ramble Ory Hunt, Walter "Pee Wee" & Orchestra Capitol H-312 (H-312-Y)
561 Muskrat Ramble   Hartman, George & Orchestra Mercury 25065
578 Muskrat Ramble   Basin Street Six Mercury MG 25111
581 Muskrat Ramble   Hunt, Pee Wee MG 15042 (AC 897, AC 898)
639 Muskrat Ramble   Napoleon, Phil Mercury MG 25078
651 Muskrat Ramble   Wein, George
Jones, Jo
Storyville (LP-307-A) (LP-307-B)
727 Muskrat Ramble Ory Waller, Fats
DeLange, Eddie
Bluebird (B-10035-A)(B)
1307 Muskrat Ramble Ory Goodman, Benny & Boys Brunswick B-1007 80028-A
1365 Muskrat Ramble Ory Freeman, Bud and Chicagoans Columbia C-40-5 C-40-6
35855 (CO-27686)(27685)
1963 Muskrat Ramble Ory Hampton, Lionel & Orchestra Victor 26017
2571 Muskrat Ramble Ory Miller, Eddie (Orchestra) Capitol A40039 (564)(Z)(1776)(Y)
2260 Mutton Leg Basie/Edison Illinois Jacquet & Orchestra RCA Victor 20-3060-A (-B)
801 Mutt's Blues   Noone, Jimmy
Ory, Kid     Creole Jazz Band
Carousel 2501 (MU-603)(MU-604)
2506 My Autum Love Taylor Danderliers States 147 (1527) (1528)
2114 My Baby Knows How Davis/Akst/Richman Lanin, Sam & Orchestra Perfect (14728-A)(14728-B)
2409 My Baby Knows How Davis/Akst/Richman University Six Harmony 296-H (142899) 3-B-9 (142901) 2-B-9
1944 My Blue Days Blew Over Seymour/Rich Blake, Eubie Victor 22735
486 My Blue Heaven Donaldson/Whiting Lunceford, Jimmie and his Orchestra Decca(712-A)(-B)(60274)(38917)
556 My Blue Heaven Donaldson/Whiting Anthony, Ray & Orchestra Capitol L-22
691 My Blue Heaven Whiting/Donaldson Hawkins, Coleman Bluebird B-10770-A -B
902 My Blue Heaven Whiting/Donaldson Shaw, Artie Columbia (30-1047-A)(-B)
1011 My Blue Heaven Whiting/Donaldson Pastor, Tony
Hawkins, Coleman
His Masters Voice B-9151
1258 My Blue Heaven Whiting/Donaldson Shaw, Artie and Orchestra Victor (27405-A)(B)
1406 My Blue Heaven Whiting/Donaldson Herman, Woody & Orchestra Columbia C-147-7 C-147-8
1427 My Blue Heaven Donaldson/Whiting Hawkins, Coleman & Orchestra
Lunceford, Jimmy & Orchestra
Decca 182 (3520-A)(B)
1457 My Blue Heaven Donaldson Guarnieri, Johnny (trio) Savoy (556-A)(B)
632 My Bucket's Got a Hole In It Williams Armstrong, Louis Decca DL 5279
(MG 1797, MG 1798)
1251 My Buddy Kahn/Donaldson Hampton, Lionel & Orchestra Victor (26608-A)(B)
1252 My Fantasy Whiteman/Meskill/Edwards Shaw, Artie and Orchestra Victor (26614-A)(B)
1182 My Fate is in Your Hands Waller/Razaf Hines, Earl (trio) Signature (S1-1-2A)(-2B)(28110-A)
679 My First Love Lowe/David Dorsey, Jimmy & Orchestra Decca 18582A (L3249)
                   B (L3212)
2442 My First Love Blues Whittaker Tampa Red Bluebird 34-0700-A -B
1445 My Gal Sal Dresser Guanieri, Johnnie Majestic M-11 (1094-A)(B)
2397 My Great Love Affair Braden Four Blazes
Braden, Thomas
United U-168 (1365)(1363)
300 My Guy's Come Back McKinley/Powell Goodman, Benny & Orchestra Columbia 36874 (CO-35190)
2595 My Happiness Forever Pomus Baker, LaVern & Gliders w/ Orchestra Atlantic 1087 (A-1785)(A-1811)
1275 My Heart, Sings Rome/Jamblan/Herpin Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Victor (20-1644-A)(B)
341 My Hi De Ho Man Armstrong Armstrong, Lil & Swing Orchestra Decca (1059-A) (-B) (90970)
1816 My Home Is In a Southern Town Morton Morton Sextet General Tavern Tunes 1710
233 My Honey's Lovin' Arms Meyer/Ruby Virgians, The Victor (18881-A) (-B)
370 My Honey's Lovin' Arms Ruby/Meyer Manone, Wingie & Orchestra Bluebird (30-0801-A) (-B)
643 My Honey's Lovin' Arms Meyer-Ruby Sexette from Hunger MacGregor MAC 3309
156 My Ideal Robin/Whiting/Chase Butterfield, Billy Capitol 134 (56) (57)
619 My Ideal Robin-Chase Hawkins, Coleman Commodore FL 20,025
(FL-29-A, FL-30-A)
642 My Ideal   Edmund Hall All-Stars Savoy MG 15028 (AC 876, 877)
2210 My Isle of Golden Dreams Kahn/Blaufuss Miller, Glenn & Orchestra Bluebird (B-10399-A)(B-10399-B)
931 My Last Affair Johnson Fitzgerald, Ella and Savoy Eight Decca (1061-A)(-B)(61422)(61419)
1591 My Last Affair Johnson Wilson, Teddy & Orchestra Brunswick 7840
1620 My Lily and My Rose Zaret/Singer/Stuart Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye RCA Victor 20-3609-A -B
710 My Lips Remember Your Kisses Scherman/Ray/Siegel Cole, King Atlas KC-100 (1A-2078)(-2101)
1294 My Lips Remember Your Kisses Scherman/May/Siegel Cole, King (trio) Premier KC 100 B(1A-2078)
2224 My Little Bunch of Happiness Davis/Akst Bernie, Ben & his Hotel Roosevelt
Brunswick (3442-A)(3442-B)
178 My Little Cousin Lewis/Braverman/Coben Goodman, Benny and his Orchestra Okeh 6606 (32318) (32384)
512 My Little Flower Broonzy Broonzy, Big Bill Okeh 06386 (C-3742)(-3743)
131 My Love is Down Johnson Johnson, Lonnie RCA Victor (20-1890-A) (-B)
482 My Lovin' Sing-Song Man Bernard Bernard, Al and Frank Kamplain Brunswick 2040-A  -B
1630 My Lucky Star DeSylvia/Brown
Whiteman, Paul & Orchestra Columbia 1736-D
2118 My Mama Don't Allow Me Crudup Crudup, "Big Boy" RCA Victor 20-2509
1817 My Mammy Donaldson Jones, Isham (Orchestra) Brunswick 5046-A (4872) B (4887)
2491 My Mammy  Donaldson/Berlin Whiteman, Paul & Orchestra Victor 18737-A -B
1034 My Man Shavers Shavers, Charles Keynote (K-619-A)(B)(HL68)(69)
1666 My Man   Wilson, Teddy & Orchestra Columbia 36113
188 My Man From Caroline Donaldson Venuti, Joe and his Orchestra Victor (23015-A) (-B)
173 My Mary Hamblen/Davis Maddox, Johnny and the Rhythmakers Dot 15004 (M-5001) (-5002)
262 My Melancholy Baby Burnett/Norton Quintet of the Hot Club of France Decca 23261 A (4213)
                    B (4973)
1124 My Melancholy Baby Norton/Burnett Bailey, Mildred Parlophone R-2622(22908)(22906)
1219 My Melancholy Baby Norton/Burnett Goodman, Benny (quartet) Victor (25473-A)(B)
1279 My Melancholy Baby Norton/Burnett Ellington, Duke & Orchestra
Goodman, Benny & Orchestra
Victor (82-0033-A)(B)(25473-A)(B)
1459 My Melancholy Baby Norton/Burnett Hines, Earl Victor P-75-1 P-75-2
116 My Mellow Man Broonzy Green, Lil RCA Victor (20-2161-A)
1305 My Monday Hines Noone, Jimmie & Apex Club Orchestra Brunswick B-1006 80026-A
2290 My Ohio Home Kahn/Donaldson Goldkette, Jean (Orchestra) Victor 21166 -A 21166 -B
854 My Old Flame Johnson/Coslow Goodman, Benny Columbia 36754(CO-31363)(31392)
2371 My Own Blues Williams Dixie Washboard Band Columbia 14141-D (142172) 1-C-13 (142173) 2-C-7
171 My Papa Doesn't Two-Time Any More Donaldson Olsen, George and his Music Victor (19419-A) (-B)
1020 My Pretty Girl Fulcher Goldkette, Jean and Orchestra His Masters Voice B.9237
2171 My Reverie Debussy/Clinton Weston, Paul & Orchestra
Vaughan, Sarah
Columbia 39446 (RHCO-4499)(RHCO-4500)
2198 My Song James Ace, Johnny with Beale Streeters Duke R-102-A B
1964 My Sunny Tennesse Kalmar/Ruby Jones, Isham (Orchestra) Brunswick 5066-A (6240C) -B (6236)(2134)
2197 My Sweetheart Milton Milton, Roy and Solid Senders Specialty SP 349 A B
493 My Sweetie Went Away Turk/Handman Smith, Bessie Columbia 13000-D (81244)
299 My Wild Irish Rose Olcott Pollack, Ben Decca (1458-A) (-B)
236 Mysterico Shaw/Carleton Shaw, Artie and his Gramercy 5 Victor (20-1800-A) (-B)
929 Mystery   Venuti, Joe & Blue Four Decca (625-A)(-B)
1227 Mystery Pacific Grappelly/Reinhardt Quintet of The Hot Club of France Victor 40-0125 -A -B
2095 Mystery Street Plante/Phillipe/Gerard Calvert, Eddie Essex 336 (E-336A)(E-336B)
2201 N.R.A. Blues Cox Cox, Bill Banner (33280-A)(33280-B)(15864)(13898)
124 Nagasaki Dixon/Warren Ammons, Albert and his Rhythm Kings Decca (749-A) (749-B)
(90568) (90567)
611 Nagasaki Warren/Dixon Goodman, Benny Capitol H-202
1125 Nagasaki Dixon/Warren Redman, Don Parlophone R-2624(12447)(14559)
1286 Nagasaki Dixon/Warren Dandridge, Putney and Orchestra Vocoline (3024-A)(B)(17729)(17938)
2420 Nagasaki Warren/Dixon Henderson, Fletcher & Orchestra Columbia 2825-D (265136)(265138)
1959 Nagaski Dixon/Warren Quintette of the Hot Club of France Victor 25558
231 Na-Jo Wiedoeft/Holliday Benson Orchestra of Chicago Victor (18779-A) (-B)
454 Na-Jo Wiedoeft/Holliday Reg 1 Jazz Synocapators Regal 927 (41649)(41650)
2288 Name It   Georgia Washboard Stompers Decca 7095-A (39672A)(39678A) -B
1699 Nana Cohen Lunceford, Jimmie & Orchestra Decca 130
1789 Naptown Boogie Smith/Williams Chatman, Christine & Orchestra Decca 8660 A (71951) B (71948)
1183 Narcisse Allier Franceses, Ases & Argentinos del Jazz Sincopa Ritmo SR-3 (M-7)(-8)
1183 Narcisse Bernie/Pinkard/Casey Franceses, Ases & Argentinos del Jazz Sincopa Ritmo SR-3 (M-7)(-8)
866 Nat Meets June Mergentroid Metronome All Stars
Sinatra, Frank
Columbia 37293(CO-37177)(37178)
563 National Emblem-March Bagle Gold, Harry and his Pieces of Eight London LPB 333
(DRL 636, DRL 637)
620 National Emblem-March Bagley Bechet, Sidney Commodore FL 20,020
(FL-49A FL-52A)
1726 Naturally Barris/McCarty Pollack, Ben & Orchestra Decca 2012
806 Navy Blues Turk/Alhert Seven "Hot Air" Men Columbia CB-53 (W-149746)
1079 Navy Blues Turk/Alhert Mole, Miff and the Molers
Traumbauer, Frankie  Orchestra
Parlophone R-701 (403740A)
305 Near You Craig/Goell Maddox, Johnny and the Rhythmakers Dot 15008 (M-5005) (-5006)
2433 Neglected Marks/Davis Bryant, Willie & Orchestra Decca 1772 A (63561) B (63558)
940 Neighbors in the Sky Barris Crosby, Bing & Connie Boswell Decca (2626-A)(-B)(DLA-1781)(1793)
577 Nero's Conception Rogers, Norvo Herman, Woody & Woodchoppers Columbia CL 6092
(LP 1860, LP 1861)
1709 Netcha's Dream Hawkins Hawkins, Coleman & Orchestra Decca 661
286 Never Again Kahn/Jones Jones, Isham and his Orchestra Brunswick (2577-A) (-B)
2222 Never Getting No Place Blues Bernard/Frey/Robinson Bernard, Al
Robinson, Russel
Brunswick (2689-A)(2689-B)
979 Never Had a Reason to Believe in You Dilling/McKenzie Mound City Blue Blowers His Masters Voice B.D.187
1968 Never No Lament Ellington Ellington, Duke & Famous Orchestra Victor 26610
1485 Never Swat a Fly Sylva/Brown
McKinney's Cotton Pickers Victor HJ-4 (40-0117-A)(B)
1090 New Call of the Freaks Barbarian Russell, Luis
Chocolate Dandies
Parlophone R-1645(402938)(404598)
845 New East St. Louis Toodle-o Ellington/Miley Ellington, Duke Columbia 36276(M-180)(-733)
1457 New Exercise in Swing Guarnieri Guarnieri, Johnny (trio) Savoy (556-A)(B)
235 New Hampshire Schwartz Confrey, Zez and his Orchestra Victor (19046-A) (-B)
1648 New Jelly Roll Blues   Howell, Peg Leg & his Gang Columbia 14210-D
1354 New King Porter Stomp Henderson Henderson, Fletcher & Orchestra Columbia C-30-7 C-30-8
329 New Orleans Carmichael Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra Bluebird (B-10955-A) (-B)
555 New Orleans Carmichael Hackett, Bobby & Orchestra Commodore FL-20016
506 New Orleans Blues Rene Moore, Johnny  Three Blazers Exclusive (240-A)(-B)
632 New Orleans Function   Armstrong, Louis Decca DL 5279
(MG 1797, MG 1798)
1418 New Orleans Hop Scop Blues Thomas Noone, Jimmie & Orchestra Decca 144 (18095-A)(B)
109B New Orleans Hop Scop Blues Thomas Jones, Richard M (Jazzmen) Session 12-006 (154)(155)
297 New Orleans Parade McKinley Ray McKinley's Jazz Band Decca (1019-A) (-B) (DLA-328) (-329)
311 New Orleans Stomp Hardin/Armstrong Turk Murphy's Jazz Band Good Time Jazz 7 (LK-104-4)
564 New Orleans Stomp Hardin Murphy, Turk   Jazz Band Good Time Jazz LP-4
(LKLP-1   LKLP-2)