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National Ragtime and Jazz Archive Recordings: K - L  Titles

Accession Number

Title of Work


Performer/Performing Group

Record Label Number

1399 K.K. Boogie Kersey/Allen Allen, Henry "Red" & Orchestra Johnson, James P Columbia C-130-1 C-130-2
609 K.M.H. Drag Hodes Hodes, Art Blue Note BLP 7021
164 Kalamazoo Gordon/Warren Miller, Glenn and his Orchestra
Eberle, Ray - vocals
Victor 27934-A   -B
2141 Kansas City Blues Bowman Louisiana Five Columbia A2768 (78366, 78523)
2564 Kansas City Blues Jackson Memphis Stompers Victor 21270-A (41882) -B(41841)
452 Kansas City Boogie Woogie Scott Sampson, Deryck Davis DA-7-3 DA-7-4
1941 Kansas City Breakdown Moten/Walder Moten, Bennie & Kansas City Orchestra Victor 21693
701 Kansas City Caboose Stewart Greer, Sonny Apollo 354 (R-1012) (-1013)
255 Kansas City Man Blues Johnson/Williams Bechet, Sidney
with Bob Wiber's Wildcats
Columbia C-173-3 C-173-4
2372 Kansas City Shuffle Moten Dixie Jazzers Washboard Band Perfect 139 A(7539A) B(7539B)
2373 Kansas City Shuffle Moten Dixie Jazzers Washboard Band Perfect 139 A(107619-21)B(107620-21)
644 Kansas City Stomps   Morton, Jelly-Roll Jazz Panorama 1810
650 Kansas City Stomps Morton Janis, Conrad Circle (L-404-A)(L-404-B)(CL-11)
1160 Kate Berlin Dorsey, Tommy and Orchestra RCA Victor (20-2363-A)(B)
601 Kaycee on my Mind   Various Artists Decca DL 5249
(MG1658, MG1659) 
2497 Kay's Lament Stanley/Starr Starr, Kay w/ Orchestra Capitol 2151 (9907-N1)(9908-D2)
2203 Kazoo Man   Washboard Rhythm Kings Bluebird (B-5790-A)(B-5790-B)
2235 Kazoo Man Arlen/Koehler Calloway, Cab & Orchestra Brunswick (80015-A)(80015-B) B-1004 (E-36212)(E-37268)
875 Keen and Peachy Burns/Rogers Herman, Woody Columbia 38213(HCO-3045)
265 Keep A Goin' Gay Miller, Ray & Orchestra Brunswick (2547-A) (-B)
2513 Keep Your Arms Around Me Crudup Crudup, Arthur "Big Boy" Bluebird 34-0738-A -B
637 Keep Your Skirts Down Mary Ann Sterling/King/Henderson Hare, Ernest and Billy Jones Regal 9976-A  -B
2126 Keep Yourself Together Sweet Papa (Mama's Got Her Eyes On You) Williams Miles, Lizzie
Lewis, Emma
Victor 19158
545 Keeper of the Flame Rogers Herman, Woodrow & Orchestra  
2528 Keepin' Myself for You Clare/Youmans Shaw, Artie & Gramercy Five Victor 26762-A -B
146 Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now Razaf/Waller Waller, Fats Victor P-109-5 P-109-6
(27767-A) (-B)
1876 Kentucky Man Blues Cox Austin, Lovie & Blues Serenaders Paramount 12220
2267 Kermit the Hermit Kahn/Lewis/Waters Robertson, Dick & Orchestra Decca 2276 -A (64888A) -B (64889A)
760 Keyhole Blues Armstrong Armstrong, Louis and Maggie Jones Brittish Rhytm Society BRS-6
(Z-125) (-914)
1418 Keystone Blues Williams Noone, Jimmie & Orchestra Decca 144 (18095-A)(B)
1116 Kickin' the Cat Venuti/Lang Venuti, Joe & Blue Four Parlophone R-2551(81119)(81118)
1086 Kickin' the Gong Around Arlen/Koehler Armstrong, Louis Parlophone R-1170 (405130)
401 Kid Man Blues Maceo Maceo, Big Bluebird (34-0735-A) (-B)
2566 Kidney Stew Blues Blackman/Vinson Vinson, Eddie & Orchestra Mercury 8028-A (634) -B(636)
2249 Kilroy Is In Town Sykes Sykes, Roosevelt & Original
RCA Victor 20-2534-A -B
1854 Kin to Kant Blues Jones Jones, Richard M. (Jazz Wizards) Okeh 8349
2565 King for a Day Blues Vinson Vinson, Eddie & Orchestra Mercury 8060 (922)(635)
2274 King Porter Morton/Henderson Goodman, Benny & Orchestra Victor 25090 -A 25090 -B
686 King Porter Stomp Morton Hawkins, Erskine Bluebird 30-0820-A -B
901 King Porter Stomp Morton/Henderson Metronome All Star Nine Columbia (30-1032-A)(-B)
974 King Porter Stomp Morton Morton, Jelly-Roll General (4005-A)(-B)(2572)(2665)
987 King Porter Stomp Morton Gifford, Gene
Goodman, Benny
His Masters Voice B-8374
1416 King Porter Stomp Morton Singleton, Zutty & Orchestra Decca 144 (18093-A)(B)
1901 King Porter Stomp Morton Hollywood Dance Orchestra Perfect 14392
2297 King Porter's Stomp Morton Henderson, Fletcher & Orchestra Vocalion 2527 -A (13828) -B (13827)
2332 Kissing Bug Strayhorn/Sherrill
Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Victor 20-1670 -A(8S) -B(11S)
565 Kitchen Mechanic's Day   Hodge, Johnny Jazz Panorama 1815
122 Kitten On The Keys Confrey Confrey, Edward Elzear "Zez", and
His Orchestra
Victor (18900-A) (18900-A)
245 Kitten On The Keys Confrey Slack, Freddie and his Eight Beats Decca 4043 A (DLA 2469)
                  B (DLA 2471)
2104 Kitten on the Keys Confrey Slack, Freddie & Orchestra Capitol 20032 BD-12 (253-4A)(N-378-3A1)
2524 Kitten on the Keys Confrey Carle, Frankie Decca 25144 A (63124) B (63127)
1737 Kitten With the Big Green Eyes Sharbutt/Van/Stanton Sophiticates Decca 3307
1892 Knee Drops Hardin Armstrong, Louis & Hot Five Parlophone R 2438
2328 Knick Knacks on the Mantel Egan/Fio Rito Ellis, Freddy & Orchestra Melotone 6-05-11 (18827)(18828)
617 Knock Me A Kiss Jackson Krupa, Gene Columbia CL 6017
(LP 513, LP 514)
1083 Knockin' A Jug Armstrong/Condon Russell, Luis
Armstrong, Louis
Parlophone R-1064
1350 Knockin' a Jug Armstrong/Condon Armstrong, Louis & Orchestra Columbia C-28-7 C-28-8
35663 (80864)(401689)
607 Knowbody Knows   Young, Lester w/ Count Basie Orchestra Jazz Panorama 1813
1250 Ko-Ko Ellington Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Victor (26577-A)(B)
645 Krooked Blues Spike Bros. King Oliver's Jazz
Lawson-Haggart Jazz Band
Decca DL 5437 (MG 2916, 2915)
844 La Rosita Dupont Goodman, Benny Columbia 36284(CO-30599)(30651)
2225 La Veeda Alden Jones, Isham & Rainbo Orchestra Brunswick (5011-A)(5011-B)
621 La Vie En Rose David Armstrong, Louis Decca DL 5401
(MG 2523, MG 2524)
964 La Vie En Rose David/Louiguy Armstrong, Louis Decca 27113 (76528)(76529)
1524 Ladies Lullaby Thompson   Asch 355-2
539 Lady Be Good Gershwin/Gershwin Lawson, John "Yank" & Jazz Band Brunswick BL-58035
(MG-2575) (MG-2576)
572 Lady Be Good   Bechet, Sidney Storyville STLP 301(3115, 3116)
607 Lady Be Good   Young, Lester w/ Count Basie Orchestra Jazz Panorama 1813
100B Lady Be Good Gershwin/Gershwin Armstrong, Lil & her All Star Band Black & White (1211-A)(-B)(BW-82)(-83)(D5-CC-86)(D5-CC-87)
604 Lady is a Tramp, The   McPartland, Marian Savoy MG 15032
(AC885, AC886)
673 Lady is a Tramp, The Rodgers/Hart Cole, Buddy Capitol H-176(H-176-Y)(H-176-Z)
218 Lady of the Evening Berlin Shore, Dinah Victor P-86-3 P-86-4
(27623-A) (-B)
1408 Lady of the Lavender Mist Ellington Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Columbia C-164-3 C-164-4
1065 Lady, Be Good Gershwin Hawkins, Coleman Oseon(194329-A)(B)(CE-6739)(6740)
2175 Lady's In Love With You Loesser/Lane Lutcher, Nellie & her Rhythm Capitol Americana 40002 (1824, 1825)
329 Lafayette Basie/Durham Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra Bluebird (B-10955-A) (-B)
986 Lafayette Basie/Durham Moten, Bennie
Waller, Fats
His Masters Voice B-6390
1438 Lafayette Basie/Durham Page, Oran "Hot Lips" & Band Decca 214 (18124-A)(B)
2023 Lake Charles Boogie Lutcher Lutcher, Nellie & her Rhythm Capitol 10110 CC-70 (1876-Y)(2207-Z)
1858 Lame Duck Blues Williams Three Blues Chasers Okeh 8595
234 Last Night Blues Liggins Liggins, Joe and his Honeydrippers Exclusive (236-A) (-B)
(EXC-1085) (-1084)
922 Last Round-Up Hill Krupa, Gene Decca 201 (18115-A)(-B)
(C-90460) (90461)
1103 Last Round-Up Hill Krupa, Gene and Chicagoans Parlophone R2268 (90460)(90461)
487 Last Waltz Straus Fenton, Carl      Orchestra Brunswick 2129-A  -B
1832 Laugh! Clown! Laugh! Fiorito/Lewis/Young Lewis, Ted & Band Columbia 1346-D (145797)(145876)
635 Laughing at Life Todd-Kenny McKinney's Cotton Pickers RCA Victor LPT24
(E1VL 3418, 3419)
682 Laughing Boy Blues Cahn/Chaplin Herman, Woody Decca 1801 A (63608)
                  B (63605)
342 Laura Mercer/Raksin Bechet, Sidney        Quartet Columbia C-173-1 C-173-2
38318 (CO-38042) (-38040)
2479 Laura Raksin/Mercer Heywood, Eddie & Orchestra Decca 23812A (73609) B(73610)
349 Lay Something on the Bar Austin/Smith Jordon, Louis and his Tympany Five Decca 27898 (73642) (81915)
624 Lay Your Racket   Bechet, Sidney Jazz Panarama 1801
864 Lazy Lady Blues Feather/Moore Basie, Count Columbia 36990(HCO-1565)
1857 Lazy Mama Gray/Gifford Williams, Clarence & Orchestra Okeh 8592
1359 Lazy Rhapsody Ellington Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Columbia C-38-1 C-38-2
35834 (B-11205)(11866)
557 Lazy River Arodin-Carmichael Basin Street Six Capitol L-403 (CL-7) (-8)
578 Lazy River   Basin Street Six Mercury MG 25111
625 Lazy River   La Vere's Chicago Loopers Jump JL-1
669 Lazy River Carmichael/Arodin Goodman, Benny Capitol H-441(H1-411)(H2-411)
670 Lazy River Arodin/Carmichael Basin Street Six Circle (L-403-A)(L-403-B)
1732 Lazybones Carmichael/Mercer Gray, Glen & Casa Loma Orchestra
w/ Louis Armstrong & Pee Wee Hunt
Decca 2395
1760 Le Soir Gaste/Koger Reinhardt, Django Decca F.10219 (P.1723)(P.1726)
1773 Leaping Leo Parker Parker, Leo & All Stars Savoy 950-A (S-3495)B(D-803)
617 Leave us Leap Finckel Krupa, Gene Columbia CL 6017
(LP 513, LP 514)
2444 Leavin' Blues Terry Terry, Sonny Capitol (Americana) 40043 (1728-1D-1 4)(1297-1L 3)
368 Left a Good Deal in Mobile Jeffries/Leslie Jeffries, Herb         Orchestra Exclusive (208-A) (-B)
(EXC-1010) (CP-20)
545 Lemon Drop Wallington Herman, Woodrow & Orchestra  
1879 Lemon's Worried Blues   Jefferson, Blind Lemon Paramount 12622
607 Lester Leaps In   Young, Lester w/ Count Basie Orchestra Jazz Panorama 1813
612 Lester Leaps In   Basie, Count & Lester Young Mercury 25015
820 Lester Leaps In Young Basie, Count    Kansas City 7 Columbia DB-5073 (B-25296)
399 Lester Swings Young Lester Young Quartet Norgran Records 138 (533-1)
2072 Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella Kahal/Wheeler/Fain Carle, Frankie & Orchestra Columbia 38388 (CO38437)(CO38532)
2176 Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow Cahn/Styne Herman, Woody & Orchestra Columbia 36909 (CO 35458, 35501)
511 Let Me Be Your Winder   Broonzy, Big Bill Melotone 7-08-65(C-1920)(-1921)
1531 Let Me Call You Sweetheart Friedman/Whitson Shilkret, Nat & Victor Orchestra Victor 20194-A -B
2563 Let Me Explain Willis Cadillacs
Powell, Jesse (Orchestra)
Josie Record Co. 785 (052)(053)
699 Let Me Love You Tonight Parrish/Touzel Lutcher, Nellie Capitol 40017 (1878)(1879)
617 Let Me Off Uptown Evans Krupa, Gene Columbia CL 6017
(LP 513, LP 514)
2442 Let Me Play With Your Poodle Whittaker Tampa Red Bluebird 34-0700-A -B
2081 Let Me Up James James, Harry & Orchestra Columbia 36623 (HCO828)(HCO829)
1866 Let the Black Have his Way Sykes Sykes, Roosevelt Okeh 06542
499 Let the Door Knob Hitcha Gibson/Goodman Goodman, Benny and his Orchestra Columbia 35962 (CO-29502)
1542 Let Us Waltz As We Say
Beiner International Novelty Orchestra Victor 19801-A -B
1031 Let-Down Blues Glover/Weismantel Rhodes, Todd King 4666 (K9302)(K9303)
575 Let's Blow the Blues   Barnet, Charlie Clef Records MG C-139
553 Let's Dance Baldridge/Stone/Bonime Goodman, Benny & Orchestra Columbia CL-6100 (LP-1973)
899 Let's Dance Baldridge/Stone/Ronime Goodman, Benny Columbia(30-1001-A)(-B)(LA-1952)
(WCO-26202)[DIP 2/G E-1053]1054
1576 Let's Dance Baldridge/Stone
Goodman, Benny & Orchestra Columbia 35301 (LA 1952)
(WCO 26202)
2424 Let's Forgive and Forget Delmarter Steele, Blue & Orchestra Victor 21068 -A -B
1976 Let's Get It Moten/Moten Moten, Bennie (Kansas City Orchestra) Victor V-38072
1518 Let's Get Lost Loesser/McHugh Kyser, Kay & Orchestra Columbia 36673 (HCO 898)
(HCO 902)
2374 Let's Get Together Fields/Hall White, Ted (Collegians) Oriole 1507 (a)(2095)(b)(2092)
1590 Let's Get Together and Swing Prima/Hain Prima, Louis & New Orleans Gang Brunswick 7740
832 Let's Make Hey!While the Moon Shines Williams/Basie Basie, Count and Orchestra Columbia 35500 (WCO-26657)
955 Liberty Inn Drag Hodges Hodges, Art Decca (18437-A)(B)A-324
2069 Liebestraum Liszt Sophisticates Decca (1818-A)(1818-B)(DLA-1247)(DLA-1248)
503 Lies Barris/Springer Lee, Julia and her Boy Friends Capitol 308 (1370) (1371)
1360 Lightin' Ellington Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Columbia C-38-3 C-38-4
35835 (B-11224)(12344)
336 Like a Ship at Sea Lunceford/Welcker Lunceford, Jimmie and his Orchestra Decca (1617-A) (-B) 184
(63133) (DLA-1011)
1785 Like Someone In Love Burke/VanHeusen Kyser, Kay & Orchestra Columbia 36771 (HCO 1187)(HCO 1188)
444 Li'l Liza Jane traditional Celestin's Tuxedo Jazz Band Bandwagon (RWP-9) (-10)
2381 Lilacs in the Rain DeRose/Parish Crosby, Bob & Bob Cats Decca 2763 (A)(66293)(B)(66292)
2582 Lili Marlene Schultze/Leip/Dietrich Dietrich, Marlene Decca 23456 -A(73031) -B(73032)
594 Lilly of the Valley traditional Barbarin, Paul Circle L-408 (CL-45)(-46)
1796 Lily Belle May June Crooker/Sullivan Grappelly, Stephanie & his Hot Five
Reinhardt, Django
Decca 23004
457 Limehouse Blues Furber/Braham Manone, Wingie & Orchestra Bluebird (B-10432-A) (-B)
642 Limehouse Blues   Edmund Hall All-Stars Savoy MG 15028 (AC 876, 877)
1797 Limehouse Blues Furber/Braham Quintet of the Hot Club of France w/
Reinhardt, Django and Stephane Grappelly
Decca 23021
2067 Linger Awhile Rose/Owens Lunceford, Jimmie & Orchestra Decca (1229-A)(1229-B)(61551)(61532)
1149 Linger in My Arms a Little Longer,Baby Magidson Armstrong, Louis RCA Victor (20-1912-A)(B)
1248 Lion and the Mouse Sterling/Kaye Holden, Lou & Disciples of Rhythm Decca 3281 A (93040) B (93041)
1215 Little Bit Independent Leslie/Burke Waller, Fats and his Rhythm Victor (25196-A)(B)
1677 Little Brown Jug Finegan Miller, Glenn & Orchestra RCA Victor 20-1566-A -B
747 Little Curly Hair in a High Chair Tobias/Simon Waller, Fats and his Rhythm Bluebird (B-10698-A)(-B)
100B Little Daddy Blues Armstrong Armstrong, Lil & her All Star Band Black & White (1211-A)(-B)(BW-82)(-83)(D5-CC-86)(D5-CC-87)
949 Little David, Play Your Harp   Spanier, Mugsy and his Ragtime Band Decca (4271-A)(-B)(70124)(70127)
2410 Little Dutch Mill Freed/Barris Van Eps Dance Orchestra Perfect 15901-A (14837-3)(-1) -B (14864-1)(-1)
639 Little Emperor Blues   Napoleon, Phil Mercury MG 25078
1081 Little Girl Ryde/Henry Mackenzie, Red and Celestial Beings
Venuti, Joe  Blue Four
Parlophone (R-1003)
1944 Little Girl Hyde/Henry Blake, Eubie & his Orchestra Victor 22735
2470 Little Girl Henry Rich, Freddie (Radio Orchestra) Hit of the Week J4B 41
307 Little Joe From Chicago Williams/Wells Kirk, Andy Decca (3385-A) (-B) (60878)
1400 Little Joe From Chicago Williams/Wells Williams, Mary Lou
Johnson, Pete
Columbia C-130-3 C-130-4
1544 Little Joe From Chicago Williams/Wells Wingy Mannons & Orchestra Bluebird B7622
973 Little Joe's Boogie Liggins Liggins, Joe and Honeydrippers Specialty 379 A B
2385 Little Leg Woman Brown Washboard Sam & Washboard Band Bluebird B-8792 -A -B
2575 Little Mama Taylor/Carroll/Jesmet Clovers, The Atlantic 1022 (A-1122)(A-1124)
257 Little Old Clock On The Mantel Kahn/Fiorito Jack Shilkret's Orchestra Victor 19420 -A -B
2467 Little Picture Playhouse in my Heart Leslie/Burke Rodin, Gil & Orchestra
Morgan, Russ & Orchestra
Conqueror 8527 A (17049) B (17033)
353 Little Rock Getaway Sullivan Hug, Armand and Ray Bauduc Bandwagon (NOB-7A) (-7B)
461 Little Rock Getaway Sullivan Sullivan, Joe Decca (600-A) (-B) (DLA-225)
2452 Little Rock Getaway Sullivan Paul, Les Capitol 1316 (6832-N19)(6833-N18#3)
1041 Little White Lies Donaldson Shering, George MGM (10907-A)(B)
2517 Little Willie Blues Smith Smith, Jabbo (Rhythm Aces) Hot Jazz Club of America HC 111 (RAV 227)(RAV 228)
1783 Little Willie Leaps Davis Davis, Miles (All Stars) Savoy 977-A (S-3421) -B(S-3441)
2307 Little Woman You're So Sweet Long Fuller, Blind Boy Conqueror 9374 (w 26952A)(w 26601A)
547 Liverly Stables Blues Lopez/Nunez/Lee Hunt, Walter "Pee Wee" & Orchestra Capitol H-312 (H-312-Y)
1006 Livery Stable Blues Nunez/Lopez Spanier, Mugsy and his Ragtime Band His Masters Voice B.9042
1568 Livery Stable Blues Nunez/Lopez Spanier, Muggsy & Ragtime Band Bluebird B-10518
2596 Livery Stable Blues   Original Dixieland 'Jass 'Band Victor 18255 -A -B
2362 Livin' High Pinkard/Belledna Dixie Washboard Band Columbia 14128-D (141553)(141554)
838 Liza McKenzie/Condon/Rubin McKenzie & Condon's Chicagoans Columbia C-43-5 C-43-6 35952
(82083) (82082)
888 Liza Kahn/Gershwin/Gershwin Wilson, Teddy Columbia (291228-A)(-B)
1109 Liza  McKenzie/Condon/Rubin McKenzie & Condon's Chicagoans Parlophone R-2379 (82030)(82083)
1232 Liza  Kahn/Gershwin Goodman, Benny (quartet) Victor (25660-A)(B)
886 Llore Por Ti Freed/Arnheim/Lyman Wilson, Teddy Columbia (291185-A)(-B)
(B-18830) (-19498)
1919 Loaded  Miller Kai's Krazy Kats Savoy 602
2412 Lobsters' Promenade Steele/Langey van Eps, Fred Victor 17033 -A -B
2005 Loch Lomond   Sullivan, Maxine & Orchestra Vocalion 3654
2418 Loch Lomond traditional/Thornhill Sullivan, Maxine Parlophone R 2901 (21472)(21473)
643 Lock, Stock, and Barrel House Skrivanek Sexette from Hunger MacGregor MAC 3309
2390 London Suite Waller Waller, Fats His Master's Voice B.10059 (OEA 7878)(OEA 7879)
2390 London Suite Waller Waller, Fats His Master's Voice B.10059 (OEA 7878)(OEA 7879)
1196 Loneliness  Pollack/Clare Bar Harper Society Orchestra Velvet Tone 1803-V(147681)(147699)
2409 Lonely Eyes Davis/Akst University Six Harmony 296-H (142899) 3-B-9 (142901) 2-B-9
1937 Lonely Melody Coslow/Meroff/Dyson Whiteman, Paul & Orchestra Victor 21214
788 Lonely Moments Williams Goodman, Benny Capitol 374 (1609) (1612)
592 Lonesome Blues Armstrong Bechet, Sidney Blue Note BLP 7022
1634 Lonesome Blues   Williams, Bert Columbia 2979
2117 Lonesome Hours Friend Whiteman, Paul & Orchestra Victor 18865-A -B
2411 Lonesome Jimmy Blues Erby/Johnson Erby, Jack Columbia 14151-D (142430)(142433)
1908 Lonesome Lovesick Blues   Henderson, Katherine w/ Clarence Williams Q.R.S. R.7032
1573 Lonesome Road Austin/Shikret Spanier, Muggsy & Ragtime Band Bluebird B-10766
2286 Lonesome Road Blues   Reneau, George Vocalion A14809 B14809
633 Lonesome Road, The Austin Lunceford, Jimmie and his Orchestra Columbia GL104
(LP9941 9942)
669 Lonesome Road, The Shilkret/Austin Goodman, Benny Capitol H-441(H1-411)(H2-411)
720 Lonesome Road, The Johnson Johnson, Lonnie Bluebird (34-0714-A)(-B)
790 Lonesome Road, The Austin/Shilkret Goodman, Benny Capitol 394
1124 Lonesome Road, The Auston/Shilkret Bailey, Mildred Parlophone R-2622(22908)(22906)
1954 Lonesome Train Moore Jones, Mari w/
Moore, Johnny & Three Blazers
Modern Hollywood 888 (1911) (1912)
2588 Long About Dawn Baxter/Witherspoon Witherspoon, Jimmy Down Beat 163-A -B
563 Long John Stomp Gold Gold, Harry and his Pieces of Eight London LPB 333
(DRL 636, DRL 637)
2493 Long Lost, Weary Blues Smith Smith, Trixie & Jas. P. Johnson's Harmony Eight Black Swan 2044 -A (P-282) -B(P-283)
1741 Long, Long Ago Bayley Armstrong, Louis Decca 3700
108B Look Out Oliver Metronome All-Star Band RCA Victor (40-4000-A)(B)
2282 Look Out Papa Don't You Bend Down Carpenter/Bradford
Carpenter, Wingy & Wingies
Decca 7698 A (67057A) B (67055A)
1705 Look Over Yonder Eubanks Zutty & his Band Decca 431
1646 Look Where the Sun Done Gone Miller Smith, Clara & Jazz Band Columbia 14138-D
369 Loose Feet Spencer/Williams Cotton Pickers Brunswick (2382-A) (-B)
2146 Loose Feet Williams Tampa Blue Jazz Band Okeh 4773
2270 Loose Lid Special Oliver Dorsey, Tommy & Orchestra Victor 27526 (-A) (-B)
203 Loose Wig Hampton/Davenport Hampton, Lionel and his Orchestra Decca (18669-A) (-B)
          (71825) (L-3646)
1700 Lord, I Give You My Children Hanighen/Mercer Mercer, Johnny Decca 142
559 Lord, Let Me in the Life Boat   Bechet, Sidney & Bunk Johnson Blue Note BLP 7008
666 Lord, Lord You Sure Been Good To Me   Lewis, George Blue Note BLP-7028
(BN-7028-A) (BN-7028-B)
580 Lost In Meditation   Hodge, Johnny Jazz Panorama 1806
921 Lost in the Fog Fields/McHugh Dorsey Brothers Decca (195-A) (-B)
1064 Lost in the Fog McHugh Hawkins, Coleman Oseon(194297-A)(B)(E-6741)(6742)
1229 Lost Love Razaf/Waller Waller, Fats and his Rhythm Victor (25604-A)(B)
2557 Lost My Baby Doray/Levine/Bergner Darnell, Larry Regal 3240 (1078)(1085)
2579 Lost Wandering Blues   Rainey, Ma Paramount
577 Lost Week-End Phillips Herman, Woody & Woodchoppers Columbia CL 6092
(LP 1860, LP 1861)
1628 Lost Week-End Philips Herman, Woody & Woodchoppers Columbia 37227 (CCO 4543)
(C121-3)(CCO 4546)(C121-4)
1357 Lost Your Head Blues Smith Smith, Bessie Columbia C-31-5 C-31-6
35674 (CO-27487)(142147)
1622 Loud Speakin' Papa Pollack/Yellen Charleston Chasers Columbia 446-D
511 Louis, Louis Blues   Broonzy, Big Bill Melotone 7-08-65(C-1920)(-1921)
1001 Louisana Razaf/Schafer/Johnson Whiteman, Paul His Masters Voice B.8913
A.43667 A.40937
2455 Louise Robin/Whiting Pollack, Ben & Park Central Orchestra Victor 21941 -A-B
196 Louise Louise Temple Crosby, Bob and his Orchestra Decca (2032-A) (-B) (63272)
238 Louise, Louise Blues Temple Temple, Johnny Decca (48002-A) (-B)
(91520) (90981)
256 Louisiana Johnson Beiderbecke, Bix and his Gang Columbia C-29-3 C-29-4 35665
(400617) (401189)
607 Louisiana   Young, Lester w/ Count Basie Orchestra Jazz Panorama 1813
671 Louisiana Johnson/Razaf/Schafer McPartland, Jimmy Brunswick BL-58049
(MG-3311) (MG-3312)
1139 Louisiana Razaf/Schafer/Johnson Beiderbecke, Bix Parlophone R-2833(401140)(401139)
1877 Louisiana Hoodoo Blues Rainey Rainey, Ma Paramount 12290
207 Louisiana Low-Down Blues Williams Smith, Bessie Columbia 14031-D (81881)
1737 Louisiana Purchase Berlin Sophiticates Decca 3307
1818 Louisville Lou Yellen/Ager Lannin & his Orchestra
Henderson, Fletcher & Orchestra
Grey Gull 1173
2292 Louisville Lou Ager Gibbs, Arthur & Gang Victor (19070-A)(19070-B)
2466 Lovable and Sweet Clare/Levant Campus Boys Banner 6483-A (2431) -B(2432)
1114 Love Ain't Nothin' But the Blues Goodwin/Alter Big Chocolate Dandies
Trumbauer, Frank
Parlophone R-2541(401171)(402963)
2406 Love Ain't Nothin' But the Blues Alter/Goodwin Wallace, Ted & his Campus Boys Columbia 2046-D (149453) 6-A-1 (149454) 5-A-1
2172 Love Contest Singleton/McCoy Brown, Ruth & Orchestra Atlantic 1018 (A-1140)(A-1170)
664 Love For Sale Porter Bechet, Sidney Columbia 38321(C-173-7)(C-173-8)(CO-38041)(CO-38043)
1341 Love For Sale Porter Cole, King (orchestra)
Carter, Benny (orchestra)
Capitol Criterion CE-19
10038 (125-A)(96-A)
2132 Love For Sale Porter Shaw, Artie & Orchestra Musicraft 391-L (5544) T (5636)
2181 Love Has Joined Us Together James/Smith Brown, Ruth & Clyde McPhatter Atlantic 1077 (A-1652)(A-1653)
2075 Love I Long For Dietz/Duke Harry, James & Orchestra Columbia 36758 (HCO1125)(HCO1126)
2436 Love in my Heart Alvis/Ellington Stewart, Rex (52nd Street Stompers) Vocalion v3844 (M550)(1-8)(M551)(1-6)
297 Love In the First Degree Brooks Ray McKinley's Jazz Band Decca (1019-A) (-B) (DLA-328) (-329)
582 Love Is Here To Stay Gershwin/Gershwin Herman, Woody MGM E 192
793 Love Is So Terrific Skylar/Shftal Felice, Ernie Capitol 486 (2478-Y)(2476-Z)
2228 Love is the Thing Young/Washington Waters, Ethel Brunswick 6564
141 Love Letters Reinhardt/Grappelly Quintet of the Hot Club of France Decca 23263 A (4970)
                    B (4209)
1849 Love Me or Leave Kahn/Donaldson Holiday, Billie Okeh 6369
143 Love Me Or Leave Me Kahn/Donaldson Benny Goodman Trio Victor (25406-A) (-B)
579 Love Me or Leave Me Kahn Heywood, Eddie & Orchestra Commodore FL 20007
(FL 15A, FL 16A)
934 Love Me or Leave Me Donaldson/Kahn Grace, Teddy Decca (2050-A)(-B)(64495)(64493)
2308 Love Me or Leave Me Donaldson/Kahn Starr, Kay & All Stars Crystalette CR-602 (S-1204)(S-1806)
2394 Love Me or Leave Me Kahn/Donaldson Waller, Thomas Victor 22092 -A -B
206 Love Me Or Let Me Be Clark Clark, James (Beale Street) Columbia 36948 (C-4463)
1912 Love Me Some More Gold/Reynolds Lopez, Vincent & Orchestra
Gold, Lou & Orchestra
Cameo 0203-A (19353) B (19337)
1369 Love Me Tonight Crosby/Washington
Hines, Earl Columbia C-41-5 C-41-6
35877 (B-12080)(12079)
597 Love Nest Hirsch-Harbach Kaminsky, Maxie Commodore FL-20,019
(FL-45A, FL-46A)
2166 Love Nest Hirsch/Harbach Bradley, Will & Orchestra Columbia 35345 (W 26087)(W 26176)
827 Love Never Went to College Rodgers/Hart Goodman, Benny Columbia35230(CO-25352)(25353)
885 Love You Madly Ellington Ellington, Duke Columbia 39110 (CO-4462)(44663)
2032 Love, You Funny Thing Turk/Ahlert Torme, Mel & Orchestra Musicraft 529 S-8 (5890)(5892)
1167 Lovely Weather We're Having Devries/Bushkin Armstrong, Louis and his All Stars RCA Victor (20-2648-A)(B)
2060 Lover Hart/Rodgers Krupa, Gene & Orchestra Columbia 36986 (CO35113)(CO35242)
1692 Lover Come Back To Me Hammerstein II/Romberg Holiday, Billie & Orchestra
Holiday, Billie & Eddie Heywood Trio
Commodore 559
1717 Lover Come Back To Me Hammerstein II/Romberg Gillespie, Dizzy & Orchestra RCA Victor 20-3370-A -B
339 Lover Man Davis/Sherman/Ramtrez Holliday, Billie Decca (23391-A) (-B) (72404)
579 Lover Man Davis, Sherman Heywood, Eddie & Orchestra Commodore FL 20007
(FL 15A, FL 16A)
680 Lover Man Davis/Sherman/Ramirez Heywood, Eddie & Orchestra Decca 23398 A (72635)
                    B (72669)
2133 Lover Man Ramirez/Davis/Sherman Gillespie, Dizzy & All Star Quintette Musicraft 354 A (5388) B (5389)
600 Lover, Come Back to Me Hammerstein II, Romberg Goodman, Benny Columbia GL102(LP 9401, 9402)
948 Lover, Come Back to Me Romberg/Hammersmith Bailey, Mildred Decca (3953-A)(B)(69412)(69362)
1049 Lover, Come Back to Me Romberg Hibbler, Al Miracle M-501 (SU-2029)(2030)
265 Lovey Came Back Young/Lewis/Handman Miller, Ray & Orchestra Brunswick (2547-A) (-B)
2575 Lovey Dovey Curtis/Nuggy Clovers, The Atlantic 1022 (A-1122)(A-1124)
1027 Low Cotton Stewart Stewart, Rex H.R.S. 1003 (R-4098)(4099)
609 Low Doen Blues Williams Hodes, Art Blue Note BLP 7021
1203 Low Down Trent/Rose Virginians
Coon-Sanders Orchestra
Victor (21680-A)(B)
769 Low Down Blues Williams Grace, Teddy Brunswick 02920-A 02920-B
(65588) (65626)
1659 Low Flame Feather 52nd Street All Stars RCA Victor 40-0133-A -B
644 Low Gravy   Morton, Jelly-Roll Jazz Panorama 1810
551 Lower Register Girard Freeman, Lawrence
Marsala, Joe
Brunswick BL-58037
1765 Lucille McPhatter McPhatter, Clyde & Drifters Atlantic 1019 (A-1087)(A-1152)
2402 Lucille Wadsworth/Arden Sweatman, Wilbur (Original Jazz Band) Columbia A2752 (78373)(78374)
2406 Lucky Me - Lucky You Ager/Yellen Wallace, Ted & his Campus Boys Columbia 2046-D (149453) 6-A-1 (149454) 5-A-1
1875 Lucky Rock Blues Taylor/Winters Rainey, Ma Paramount 12215
686 Lucky Seven Johnson Hawkins, Erskine Bluebird 30-0820-A -B
1065 Lullaby Black Hawkins, Coleman Oseon(194329-A)(B)(CE-6739)(6740)
1776 Lullaby In Rhythm Hirsch/Sampson/Profit Ventura, Charlie & Orchestra RCA Victor 20-3346-A -B
1413 Lullaby of the Leaves Young/Petkere Tatum, Art Decca 126 (18051-A)(B)
978 Lulu's Back in Town Dubin/Warren Waller, Fats His Masters Voice J.F.47
(OA.89760) (OA.89761)
2288 Lulu's Back in Town Warren/Dubin Georgia Washboard Stompers Decca 7095-A (39672A)(39678A) -B
633 Lunceford Special Lunceford Lunceford, Jimmie and his Orchestra Columbia GL104
(LP9941 9942)
1762 Lu's Blues Barker Barker, Blue Lu Decca 7770
588 Lushhead Woman Berman/Witherspoon Witherspoon, Jimmy Down Beat 163-A -B


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