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National Ragtime and Jazz Archive Recordings: G - H Titles

Accession Number

Title of Work


Performer/Performing Group

Record Label Number

500 G.I. Jive Mercer Jordan, Louis Decca (8659-A) (-B) (71872) (L-3205)
780 G.I. Jive Mercer Mercer, Johnny
Whiteman, Paul
Capitol 141 (80) (81)
839 Gal From Joe's Ellington/Mills Ellington, Duke and Orchestra Columbia 36108 (M-753)(-772)
1044 Garfield Avenue Blues Waterford/McShann McShann, Jay Mercury (8002-A) (B) (300)(301)
543 Gasser, The Eldridge Eldridge, Roy & Orchestra
Price, Sam & Blusicians
Brunswick BL-58045
(MG-3247) (MG-3248)
2593 Gate Mouth Armstrong New Orleans Wanderers Columbia 698-D (142426)(1422427)
1609 Gates Blues Wade Wade, Jimmy & Dixielanders Brunswick 80041
744 Gaucho Serenade Cavanaugh/Redmont Miller, Glenn and Orchestra Bluebird (B-10570-A)(-B)
2250 Gee, Baby, Ain't I Good to You Redman Cole, Nat King (Trio) Capitol 169 (124-A)(214-4-A)
127 Gee, But I Hate To Go Home Alone Hanley Virgians, The Victor (18965-A) (-B)
944 Gee, But I Hate to go Home Alone Hanley/Goodwin Grace, Teddy Decca (3463-A)(B)(68153)(68154)
1974 Gentleman Obviously Doesn't Believe Pola/Carr Kemp, Hal & Orchestra Columbia 35930 (B 17885) (B 19800)
113 Georgia Donaldson Superior Jazz Band Bell Record (P-144-A)(P-144-B)
198 Georgia   Samantha Bumgarner Columbia 166-D (817118)
562 Georgia   Bechet, Sidney Savoy MG-15013
(DAC-634 -635) 
667 Georgia Bo Bo Trent/Waller Armstrong, Louis Brunswick BL-58004
(MG-1482) (MG-1483)
1613 Georgia Bo Bo Trent/Waller Armstrong, Louis & Lill's Hot Shots Brunswick 80060
955 Georgia Cake Walk   Hodges, Art Decca (18437-A)(B)A-324
623 Georgia Jubilee   Goodman, Benny Jazz Panarama 1812
533 Georgia on My Mind Carmichael/Gorrell Gray, Glen & Casa Loma Orchestra Decca (2399-A)(-B) 43-11 43-12 (65183) (64963)
600 Georgia on My Mind Carmichael Goodman, Benny Columbia GL102(LP 9401, 9402)
1463 Georgia on my Mind Carmichael/Gorrell Waller, Fats Victor P-109-1 P-109-2
1746 Georgia on my Mind Carmichael/Gorrell Bailey, Mildred w/ Delta Rhythm Boys Decca 3961
644 Georgia Swing   Morton, Jelly-Roll Jazz Panorama 1810
1018 Georgia Swing Morton/Pecora Morton, Jelly-Roll His Masters Voice B.9221
1905 Georgianna McKenzie/Carle/Croom
McKenzie, Red & Orchestra Perfect 8-02-04
2542 Gertie Senter Senter, Boyd Perfect 14451 -A -B
510 Get 'Em From the Peanut Man Johnson Johnson, Lil Champion (50002-A) (-B)
1412 Get Happy Arlen/Koehler Tatum, Art Decca 126 (18050-A)(B)
2106 Get Hip Kresa/Palmer Sosnik, Harry & Orchestra Nocturne (3135A-1)(3135B-1)
2432 Get Hot  Siegel Tampa Blue Jazz Band Okeh 4397-A (S-70044-A) -B(S-70043-C)
2144 Get it Fixed Williams Williams, Clarence (Blue Five) Okeh 8267 
2370 Get it Fixed Williams Dixie Stompers Harmony 88-H (141303) 5-E-17 (141422) 2-C-22
1941 Get Low-Down Blues Moten Moten, Bennie & Kansas City Orchestra Victor 21693
2221 Get Lucky Bargy Jones, Isham (Orchestra) Brunswick (2678-A)(2678-B)
952 Get Me On Your Kind Johnson/Turns McShann, Jay Decca (4418-A)(B)(70994)(70995)
919 Get Out Of Here Ory/Scott Ory, Kid Crescent (CPM-10321A)(10342A)
206 Get Ready to Meet Your Man Clark Clark, James (Beale Street) Columbia 36948 (C-4463)
1011 Get Ready, Set, Jump Cooper/Raye Pastor, Tony
Hawkins, Coleman
His Masters Voice B-9151
1060 Get Right With God   Gates, Rev. J.M. Okeh 8458 (80-468)(80-472)
646 Get the Bucket Morton Morton, Jelly-Roll Commodore FL 20, 018
(FL-43-A, FL-44-A)
1815 Get the Bucket Morton Morton Sextet General Tavern Tunes 1706
1278 Get the Mop Allen Allen, Red & Orchestra Victor (20-1808-A)(B)
2595 Get Up Get Up Breedlove Baker, LaVern & Gliders w/ Orchestra Atlantic 1087 (A-1785)(A-1811)
1859 Get Up Off Your Knees Williams Smith, Hazel Okeh 8620
1865 Get'em from the Peanut Man Johnson Johnson, Lil Okeh 03199
186 Getting Older Every Day Broonzy Broonzy, Big Bill Okeh 06116 (-3509) (-3513)
587 Getting Together   Mezzrow & Ladnier Jazz Panorama 1814
1550 Getting' Together Mezzrow Mezzrow, Milton & Orchestra
Mezzrow-Ladnier Quintet
Bluebird B-10088
650 Gettysburg March   Janis, Conrad Circle (L-404-A)(L-404-B)(CL-11)
668 Gettysburg March   Lewis, George Blue Note BLP-7027
1763 Gimme a Pig's Foot and a Bottle of Beer   Jaxon, Frankie Decca 7795
1092 Gin Mill Blues Sullivan Sullivan, Joe Parlophone R-1686
905 Gin Mill Stomp Davenport Davenport, Cow Cow Comet (C4A) (C4B)
1146 Girl in My Dreams Tries to Look Like
Ellington Ellington, Duke RCA Victor (27326-A)(B)
2338 Gladiolus Rag Joplin Stafford, Lee Castle Records No.11 HF-23 HF-24
2529 Gloomy Sunday Javor/Seress Shaw, Artie & Orchestra Victor 26563-A -B
595 Glory of Love   Assunto, Frank Imperiol IM-3005
(XRLP-10-95, XRLP-10-96)
2277 Glory of Love Hill Goodman, Benny & Orchestra Victor 25319 -A 25316 -B
282 Glow Worm, The Lincke Prince's Orchestra Columbia A711 (4098) (4117)
1056 G-Men Williams Williams, Cootie and Orchestra Okeh 6370 (30423)(30426)
1645 Go Back Where You Stayed Last Night Easton/Waters Waters, Ethel & Ebony Four Columbia 14093-D
603 Go Down the Wishin' Road Stanton-Higgs Herman, Woody Mars MRX 2
(TV 18576, TV 18579)
1716 Go Harlem Razaf/Johnson Webb, Chick & Orchestra Decca 995 (61123)(61127)
638 Go U Northwestern   Lawson-Haggart Jazz Band Decca D127 (MG2789 2790)
496 Goin' Crazy Houston/Taub Houston, Joe & Orchestra Modern Hollywood 917 (2022)
1126 Goin' Places Venuti/Lang Venuti, Joe & Ed Lang Parlophone R-2632(81059)(81058)
1025 Goin' To Town Ellington/Miley Ellington, Duke Hot Jazz Club of America
HC-83 (RAV-171)(172)
441 Going My Way Brown Brown, Gabriel and his guitar Gennett (5004-A) (-B)
308 Going Out the Back Way Hodges Hodges, Johnny and Orchestra Bluebird (30-0817-A) (-B)
599 Going Out the Back Way Hodges Hodges, Johnny RCA Victor LPT 3000
(E2VL-4055, E2VL-4056)
1374 Gold Digger's Song Warren/Dubin Higginbotham, J.C. & Six Hicks
Morton, Benny & Orchestra
Columbia C-46-7 C-46-8
1061 Gold Toothe Mama Spand Spand, Charlie Okeh 05757 (WC-3150)(3152)
1409 Golden Cross Ellington Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Columbia C-164-5 C-164-6
1794 Golden Earrings Livingston/Evans/Young Spivak, Charlie & Orchestra RCA Victor 20-2585-A -B
1068 Golden Wedding Marle Herman, Woody Oseon (283.549-A)(B)(68328)(65588)
2155 Gone Hinds McPhatter, Clyde & Drifters Atlantic 1055 (A-1085)
1053 Gone at Dawn Simon Evans, Warren National (9003-A)(B)(NSC-20)(12)
1870 Gone With "What" Wind Basie/Goodman Goodman, Benny & Orchestra Columbia 35404 (WCO 26494) (WCO 26495)
2215 Gone, But Not Forgotton Grant Hart, Charles Brunswick (2141-A)(2141-B)
734 Goober Dance Hardin Dodds, Johnny  Hot Six Bluebird (B-10240-A)(-B)
2365 Goober Dance Armstrong Dodds, Johnny (Hot Six) Hot Jazz Club of America HC 61 (RAV 131)(RAV 132)
1718 Good Bait Gillespie/Dameron Gillespie, Dizzy & Orchestra RCA Victor 20-2878-A -B
309 Good Boy Broonzy Broonzy, Big Bill Melotone 8-03-54 (C-2027)
2003 Good Cabbage Spivey Spivey, Victoria Vocalion 03639
565 Good Gal Blues   Hodge, Johnny Jazz Panorama 1815
2076 Good Man is Hard to Find Green Brown, Les & Orchestra Columbia 36688 (HCO859)(31328)
1439 Good Morning Blues Durham Basie, Count & Orchestra Decca 215 (18125-A)(B)
2148 Good Morning Blues Durham Basie, Count & Orchestra Decca 1446 (62511, 62512)
267 Good Night Wood/Bibo/Conrad Lewis, Ted & Band Columbia 1296-D (144990)
689 Good Night Wood/Bibo/Conrad Lewis, Ted Columbia 36299 (C69-1)(C69-2)
646 Good Old New York Morton Morton, Jelly-Roll Commodore FL 20, 018
(FL-43-A, FL-44-A)
599 Good Queen Bess Mills Hodges, Johnny RCA Victor LPT 3000
(E2VL-4055, E2VL-4056)
1164 Good Queen Bess Hodges/Mills Hodges, Johnny and Orchestra RCA Victor (20-2542-A)(B)
760 Good Time Flat Blues Williams Armstrong, Louis and Maggie Jones Brittish Rhytm Society BRS-6
(Z-125) (-914)
883 Good Woman Blues Ellington Ellington, Duke Columbia 38702 (CO-42552)(42553)
1567 Good, Good, Good Robert/Fischer Crosby, Bing & Andrew Sisters with
Vic Shoen and Orchestra
Decca 23437 A (L3877)
B (L3876)
600 Goodbye Jenkins Goodman, Benny Columbia GL102(LP 9401, 9402)
2279 Good-Bye Gordon/Jenkins Goodman, Benny & Orchestra Victor 25215 -A 25215 -B
2227 Goodbye Blues McHugh/Fields/Johnson Mills Brothers Brunswick 6278 (11421)(11491)
1877 Goodbye Daddy Rainey Rainey, Ma Paramount 12290
1761 Goodbye Good Luck To You Guesnon Guesnon, Creole George Decca 7740
1539 Goodbye, Little Darling', Goodbye Marvin/Autry Crosby, Bing & John Scott Trotter Eight Decca 3856 A (DLA 2401)
B (DLA 2402)
392 Goose Pimples Trent/Henderson Beiderbecke, Bix and his New Orleans
Lucky 7
Columbia C-29-1 C-29-2 35664
(81519) (81568)
2275 Got a Letter From My Kid Today Zaret/Whitney/Kramer Krupa, Gene & Orchestra Okeh 6306 (30827)(30828)
1372 Got Another Sweetie Now Harrison Chocolate Dandies
Condon, Eddie & Orchestra
Columbia C-46-3 C-46-4
36009 (404597)(B-14194)
2208 Got Everything But You Palmer/Razaf Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Bluebird (B-10244-A)(B-10244-B)
1995 Got No Blues Hardin Armstrong, Louis & Orchestra Vocalion 3204
1110 Got No Rhythm   Armstrong, Louis & Hot Five Parlophone R-2449 (400968)(82038)
982 Got No Time Koehler/Bloom Waller, Fats His Masters Voice B.D.5493
1125 Got the Jitters Rose/Webster/Loeb Redman, Don Parlophone R-2624(12447)(14559)
528 Got to Cool My Doggies Now Shafer/Thompson/Williams Cotton Pickers Brunswick (2338-A)(-B)
615 Gotta Be This or That Skypar Goodman, Benny Columbia CL 6048
(LP 909, LP 910)
503 Gotta Gimme Whatcha Got Lee Lee, Julia and her Boy Friends Capitol 308 (1370) (1371)
1917 Grab Your Axe Max Winding Winding, Kai (New Jazz Group) Savoy 590
2525 Grabtown Grapple Shaw/Harding Shaw, Artie & Gramercy Five Victor 20-1647-A -B
2457 Grace and Beauty Scott van Eps, Fred Edison Record 51324-L(9365)(9366)
2026 Grand Slam Goodman Goodman, Benny & Sextet Columbia 36722 (C-102-5)(C-102-6)(WCO-26719)(WCO-26744)
564 Grandpa's Spells Morton Murphy, Turk   Jazz Band Good Time Jazz LP-4
(LKLP-1   LKLP-2)
567 Grandpa's Spells   Morton, Jelly-Roll & Red Hot Peppers Jazz Panorama 1818
1636 Graveyard Dream Blues Cox Smith, Bessie Columbia A4001
1417 Gravier Street Blues Williams Dodds, Johnny & Orchestra Decca 144 (18094-A)(B)
2504 Greasy Feet Brooks King, Kid (combo) Excello 2025 A B
393 Great Camp Meetin' Day Mikell/Sissle Sissle, Noble Pathe (20484-A) (-B)
598 Green Eyes Rivera Krupa, Gene Columbia CL 6066
(LP 1295, LP 1296)
681 Greenwich Witch Confrey Confrey, ZEZ Brunswick (2167-A)(2167-B)
828 Grievin' Strayhorn/Ellington Ellington, Duke Columbia35310(WM-1093)(1094)
2298 Grievin' Me Blues Dorsey Red, Tampa with Georgia Tom Vocalion 1216
Grizzly Bear Berlin-Botsfor Brewer, Teresa & Jack Pleis London APB.1006(LRL.9 LRL10)
1828 Groovin With J.C. traditional Heard, J.C. (Quintet) Keynote K623
1293 Grooving with Joe   Milton, Roy Roy Milton Record Co. FC-1-11-A -B
1717 Guarachi Guaro Gillespie/Wilson Gillespie, Dizzy & Orchestra RCA Victor 20-3370-A -B
597 Guess Who's In Town Razaf Kaminsky, Maxie Commodore FL-20,019
(FL-45A, FL-46A)
915 Guess Who's In Town Razaf/Johnson Kaminsky, Max Commodore (560-A)(-B)(A4788-2)
1838 Gulf Coast Blues Williams Barnet, Charlie & Orchestra Decca 18810 A(71799) B(71800)
2139 Gulf Coast Blues Williams Smith, Bessie Columbia A3844 (30863, 30864)
1184 Gully Low Blues Armstrong Armstrong, Louis and Hot Seven Special Editions 5003-S
(X CO-38820)(W-80848)
1667 Gut Bucket Blues Armstrong Armstrong, Louis & Hot Five Columbia 36152
1665 Gypsy Reid Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye RCA Victor 20-1844-A -B
638 Hail Purdue   Lawson-Haggart Jazz Band Decca D127 (MG2789 2790)
224 Hallelujah Youmans/Robin/Grey Scott, Hazel Decca (18342-A) (-B) (A-321)
(70414) (70413)
2353 Hallelujah Blues   Dunn, Johnny Columbia A-3839 (80859)(80860)
1541 Hallelujah! Things Look Rosy
West/Flatow/Magine King, Tempo & Kings of Tempo Bluebird B6687
464 Hamp's Boogie Woogie Hampton/Buckner Hampton, Lionel and his Orchestra Decca (18613-A) (-B)
          (71828) (71826)
  Hamp's Boogie Woogie Hampton Hampton, Lionel Decca DL 5230
(MG1628 MG1629)
613 Hamp's Walkin' Boogie Hampton Hampton, Lionel Decca DL 5230
(MG1628 MG1629)
1465 Handful of Keys Waller Waller, Fats Victor P-109-7 P-109-8
1787 Handy Andy Razaf Barker, Blue Lu Decca 7709 A (66956) B (66893)
1456 Hangover Guarnieri Guarnieri, Johnny (trio) Savoy(555-A)(B)
2098 Hangover Boogie Crabb/Mann/Glover Newman, Bob King (1008-A)(1008-AA)(3171)(3253)
797 Happy Blues Larkin Hollywood Hucksters Capitol A40022 (2008-Y)(2007-Z)
1079 Happy Feet  Ager/Yellen Mole, Miff and the Molers
Traumbauer, Frankie  Orchestra
Parlophone R-701 (403740A)
1748 Happy New Year Brandt/Morgan Jones, Spike & City Slickers RCA Victor 20-3177-A -B
1035 Happy New Year, Darling Johnson Johnson, Lonnie King (4251-A)(B)(5312)(5559)
448 Hard Hearted Woman Broonzy Broonzy, Big Bill and his Chicago Five Columbia 37196 (C-4197)(-4199)
1850 Hard Hearted Woman Broonzy Bill, Big & Chicago Five Okeh 6651
2196 Hard Luck Blues Brown Milburn, Amos Aladdin 3059A B
2201 Hard Luck Blues Cox Cox, Bill Banner (33280-A)(33280-B)(15864)(13898)
258 Hard Notch Boogie Beat Caston/Crawford/Dixon Big Three Trio Columbia 30156 (COO-5031)
2017 Hard Times Calloway/Battle/Noel Calloway, Cab & Orchestra Vocalion 5566
1823 Hard Times Blues Cuney/White White, Joshua Keynote K516
1881 Harlem Air-Shaft Ellington Ellington, Duke & Famous Orchestra Victor 26731-A -B
1902 Harlem Blues Robinson Gold, Lou & Orchestra
Deep River Orchestra
Perfect 14821 
2174 Harlem Butterfly Mercer Sherwood, Bobby & Orchestra Capitol 123 (2700, 2702)
1574 Harlem Drag Waller Waller, Fats Bluebird B-10185-A -B
2066 Harlem Joys Smith/Williams/Bishop Smith, Willie "the Lion" & his Cubs Decca (1144-A)(1144-B)(39490)(39492)
806 Harlem Madness Yellen/Ager Seven "Hot Air" Men Columbia CB-53 (W-149746)
943 Harlem Stomp Higginbotham/Higginbotham Armstrong, Louis Decca (3092-A)(B)(67322)(67323)
1436 Harmony Blues Moten Williams, Mary Lou & Kansas City 7 Decca 214 (18122-A)(B)
643 Harmony Rag Nicholas Sexette from Hunger MacGregor MAC 3309
2193 Harry Caray Polka Young Young, Glenn (Orchestra) Premier 1199-A -B
371 Has Your Love Grown Cold Stansel Howard, Camille and Her Trio Specialty (SP-309-A)
1402 Hastings Street Spand Lewis, Meade Lux
Spand, Charlie
Columbia C-130-7 C-130-8
410 Hattie Blues Broonzy Broonzy, Big Bill Melotone 8-01-58 (0-1959)
251 Haunted House Blues Johnson Smith, Bessie Columbia 14010-D (81466)
2275 Have You Changed Gordon/Von Duyke
Krupa, Gene & Orchestra Okeh 6306 (30827)(30828)
688 Have You Ever Been Lonely? Rose/Brown Lewis, Ted Columbia 36302 (C69-7)(C69-8)
714 Have You Ever Felt That Way Williams Cless, Roo Black & White (29-A)(-B)
1908 Have You Ever Felt That Way   Henderson, Katherine w/ Clarence Williams Q.R.S. R.7032
2435 Have You Seen Ida B Sykes Sykes, Roosevelt (Honey Dripper) Decca 7586 -A (75408-A) -B(65401-A)
2354 Hawaiian Blues Bradford/Brassfield Dunn, Johnny Columbia A3729 (80529)(80530)
1824 Hawaiian War Chant Freed/Noble/Leleiohaku Jones, Spike RCA Victor 45-4165-A (Y 359) -B (Y 359)
2047 Hawaiian War Chant Noble/Leleiohaku Dorsey, Tommy & Orchestra RCA Victor 20-2006-A (B)
1268 Hayfoot, Strawfoot Lenk/Drake/McGrane Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Victor (20-1505-A)(B)
1254 Hazel's Boogie Woogie Scott Scott, Hazel Decca 18340 A (70411) B (70412)
2447 Hazy and Blue Templeton Templeton, Alec Victor 26348 -A -B
2496 He May Be Your Man Fowler Smith, Trixie w/ Orchestra Black Swan 14114-A -B
1602 He Treats Your Daughter Mean Wallace/Lance Brown, Ruth & Orchestra Atlantic 986 (A-515)(A-960)
1722 He Wears A Pair Of Silver Wings Maschwitz/Carr Lyman, Abe & Californians Bluebird B-11542-A -B
1952 He Wears A Pair Of Silver Wings Maschwitz/Carr Kyser, Kay & Orchestra Columbia 36604 (CO 32825) (CO 32826)
228 He Went in Like a Lion and Came Out Like a Lamb Sterling/Tilzer Murray, Bill Victor (18657-A) (-B)
1829 Head Quarters Berman Jackson, Chubby & Rhythm Keynote K625
413 Heah Me Talkin to Ya Armstrong/Redman Armstrong, Louis and his Orchestra Columbia C-73-7 C-73-8 3678
(402226) (402224)
292 Hear Me Talkin' To Ya Armstrong/Redman Armstrong, Louis and his Orchestra Decca (2405-A) (-B) (65345)
1886 Hear Me Talkin' To Ya? Armstrong/Redman Armstrong, Louis & Orchestra Parlophone R1767
1544 Heart of Mine Heyman/Webb
Wingy Mannons & Orchestra Bluebird B7622
1948 Heartaches Klenner/Hoffman Weems, Ted & Orchestra Decca 25017 A (DLA 1444) B (68629)
2087 Heartaches Klenner/Hoffman James, Harry & Orchestra Columbia 37305 (HCO-2230)(HCO-2232)
2123 Heartaches Klenner/Hoffman Weems, Ted & Orchestra RCA Victor (20-2175-A)(20-2175-B)
666 Heebie Jeebies Atkins/Jones Lewis, George Blue Note BLP-7028
(BN-7028-A) (BN-7028-B)
1347 Heebie Jeebies Atkins Armstrong, Louis & Hot Five
Armstrong, Louis & Hot Seven
Columbia C-28-1 C-28-2
35660 (9534)(80855)
702 Helena's Dream Stewart Greer, Sonny Apollo 355 (R-1014) (R-1015)
2483 Hello Beautiful! Donaldson Snooks & his Mephis Stompers Victor 23038 -A -B
1832 Hello Montreal! Warren/Rose/Dixon Lewis, Ted & Band Columbia 1346-D (145797)(145876)
693 Hello, Hello! King Sweatman, Wilbur & Original Jazz Band Columbia A-2818 (78588)(78692)
983 Hello, Lola McKenzie/Means Mound City Blue Blowers
McKinney's Cotton Pickers
His Masters Voice B.6168
1548 Hello, Lola McKenzie/Means McKenzie, Red & Mound City Blue
Bluebird B-10037
473 Help Me Mend a Broken Heart Hail/Biggs Hanley, Pete Okeh 6980 (CO-48881)
649 Henderson Stomp Henderson Goodman, Benny Capitol H-295
809 Henderson Stomp Henderson Henderson, Fletcher & Orchestra Columbia 817-D(142902)(142903)
2430 Her Beaus are Only Rainbows Bryan/Meyer Straight, Charley & Orchestra Brunswick 3203-A -B
2587 Her Mansion is Higher Than Mine Brumley Oak Ridge Quartet Capitol 48025 (1161)(1174)
767 Here Comes Cookie Gordon Brown, Cleo Brunswick 02013 (39395)(39397)
1999 Here Comes the Man With the Jive Smith/Palmer Smith, Stuff & Onyx Club Boys Vocalion 3316
2290 Here Comes the Showboat Rose/Pinkard Goldkette, Jean (Orchestra) Victor 21166 -A 21166 -B
348 Here We Are Kahn/Warren Weems, Ted & Orchestra Victor 22037-A  -B
2245 Here You Are Robin/Rainger Slack, Freddie & Orchestra Capitol 102 (14-A)(16-A)
368 Here's Hoping Rene Jeffries, Herb         Orchestra Exclusive (208-A) (-B)
(EXC-1010) (CP-20)
2276 Here's Love in Your Eyes Robin/Rainger Goodman, Benny & Orchestra Victor 25391 -A 25391 -B
1105 He's A Different Type of Guy   Noone, Jimmy & New Orleans Band Parlophone R-2303 (90577)(90575)
699 He's A Real Gone Guy Lutcher Lutcher, Nellie Capitol 40017 (1878)(1879)
426 He's Commander-in-Chief of my Heart Beacon Lytell, Jimmy Beacon (104-A) (-B)
1643 He's Gone Blues Smith Smith, Bessie Columbia 14083-D
2569 He's My Man Miles Melrose Stompers
Miles, Lizzie & Melrose Stompers
Vocalion 05260 (WC 2773)(WC 2774)
640 Hesitating Blues   Famous Jazzmen Decca DL 5191 (MG1514 1515)
949 Hesitating Blues Handy Spanier, Mugsy and his Ragtime Band Decca (4271-A)(-B)(70124)(70127)
566 Hesitation Blues   Johnson, James Stinson Records SLP 21
769 Hey Lawdy Papa Reed Grace, Teddy Brunswick 02920-A 02920-B
(65588) (65626)
1420 Hey Lawdy, Mama Easton Basie, Count Decca 152 (2722-A)(B)
276 Hey Mr. Postman Raye/Weston Slack, Freddie and Rhythm Capitol 251 (1006)(1007)
613 Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop Hamner Hampton, Lionel Decca DL 5230
(MG1628 MG1629)
1541 Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Cogan/Riley/Johnson King, Tempo & Kings of Tempo Bluebird B6687
748 Hey, Stop Kissin' My Sister Peyton/Coblin/Coblin Waller, Fats and his Rhythm Bluebird (B-10829-A)(-B)
740 Heywood Blues Heywood Heywood, Eddie & Orchestra Decca 23677 A(L 4258)B(73496)
1532 Hi Fi    Thomas, Jon & Orchestra Checker 809 1000-A 1000-B
611 Hi Ya Sophia Powell Goodman, Benny Capitol H-202
2490 Hiawatha Moret Sousa's Band Victor 17252 -A -B
1374 Higginbotham Blues Russell/Higginbotham Higginbotham, J.C. & Six Hicks
Morton, Benny & Orchestra
Columbia C-46-7 C-46-8
1189 High Dudgeon Sullivan Sullivan, Joe (quintette) Sunset (SRC-103)(104)SRC-10052
2561 High Falutin' Stomp Durant McLean, Connie (Rhythm Orchestra) Bluebird B-6482-A -B
1452 High Society Steel/Melrose Johnson, Bunk & New Orleans Band RCA Victor (40-0127-A)(B)
1469 High Society Steel/Melrose Berigan, Bunny & Orchestra Victor P-134-7 P-134-8
183 High Society  Williams Mound City Blues Blowers Champion (40103-A) (-B)
(CH-60485) (-60223)
304 High Society  Williams Celestin's Tuxedo Jazz Band Bandwagon (RWP-11) (-12)
344 High Society  Williams/Steele Jelly Roll Morton's
New Orleans Jazzmen
Bluebird (B-10434-A) (-B)
557 High Society  Steele Basin Street Six Capitol L-403 (CL-7) (-8)
571 High Society  Mack/Johnson Hunt, Walter "Pee Wee" & Orchestra Capitol H-203
608 High Society  Williams Bechet, Sidney Blue Note BLP 7003
645 High Society  Piron, Williams King Oliver's Jazz
Lawson-Haggart Jazz Band
Decca DL 5437 (MG 2916, 2915)
666 High Society  Williams/Piron Lewis, George Blue Note BLP-7028
(BN-7028-A) (BN-7028-B)
670 High Society  Steele Basin Street Six Circle (L-403-A)(L-403-B)
796 High Society  Steele/Melrose Hunt, Walter "Pee Wee" & Orchestra Capitol 15299 (3447-Y)(3338-Z)
801 High Society    Noone, Jimmy
Ory, Kid     Creole Jazz Band
Carousel 2501 (MU-603)(MU-604)
083 High Tension Bee Russell, Luis
Armstrong, Louis
Parlophone R-1064
864 High Tide Basie/Green/Rutherford Basie, Count Columbia 36990(HCO-1565)
1681 High Wind In Hollywood McGhee McGhee, Howard (Sextet) Dial 1010 A (D 1043)
B(D 1044)
2169 High, Wide and Handsome Hammerstein II/Kern Tempo King & Kings of Tempo Vocalion 3630 (21266)(21268)
2471 Hilo Moon Parish/Mills/Fain Caroliners
Rich, Freddie & Orchestra
Cameo 9229 (3954)(3974)
301 Hindustan Wallace/Weeks Crosby, Bob and his Orchestra Decca (2482-A) (-B) (64989)
561 Hindustan   Hartman, George & Orchestra Mercury 25065
620 Hindustan Wallace-Weeks Bechet, Sidney Commodore FL 20,020
(FL-49A FL-52A)
641 Hindustan   Assunto, Frank New Orleans Bandwagon NOL-2
799 Hit That Jive Jack Tolbert Cole, King Decca 8630 A(69852)B(69853)
2437 Hobo's Prayer Senter/Hirsch Straight, Charley & Orchestra Brunswick 3224-A -B
904 Hobson City Stomp Davenport Davenport, Cow Cow Comet (C3A) (C3B)
2124 Hobson Street Blues-Fox Trot Zurke Zurke, Bob & his Delta Rhythm Band Victor 26317
580 Hodge Podge   Hodge, Johnny Jazz Panorama 1806
243 Hold Em Hootie McShann McShann, Jay and his Orchestra Decca (8583-A) (-B)
          (93735) (93732)
2564 Hold It Still Biggadike Memphis Stompers Victor 21270-A (41882) -B(41841)
1475 Hold Tight Brandow/Spotswood Waller, Fats Victor P-151 (20-1581-A)(B)
1910 Hole in the Wall   Martin, Sara
Williams, Clarence
Q.R.S. R.7035
2524 Holiday Ponce Carle, Frankie Decca 25144 A (63124) B (63127)
1339 Hollywood Stampede Hawkins Hawkins, Coleman & Band Capitol Criterion CE-19 10036 (585-2B)(586-3B)
315 Home Again Blues Berlin/Akst Gene Rodemich's Orchestra Brunswick 2060-A -B
1135 Home Cooking Condon Condon, Eddie Parlophone R-2807
2229 Home Cooking Condon Condon, Eddie & Orchestra Brunswick 6743
565 Home Town Blues   Hodge, Johnny Jazz Panorama 1815
1793 Homesickness Blues Hess Bayes, Nora Victor 45100-A -B
1751 Honey Dripper Blues Lawson/White Georgia White Decca 7122
2184 Honey Rush Stewart/Bigard/Taylor Bigard, Barney & Orchestra Okeh 5663 (WM 1036, WM 1119)
475 Honeysuckle Rose Waller/Razaf Wilson, Teddy         Quartet Blue Ace 228 (A) (B)
543 Honeysuckle Rose Waller/Razaf Eldridge, Roy & Orchestra
Price, Sam & Blusicians
Brunswick BL-58045
(MG-3247) (MG-3248)
553 Honeysuckle Rose Razaf/Waller/Henderson Goodman, Benny & Orchestra Columbia CL-6100 (LP-1973)
829 Honeysuckle Rose Razaf/Waller Goodman, Benny Columbia 35319
971 Honeysuckle Rose   Basie, Count and Orchestra Decca 61542A
1064 Honeysuckle Rose Razaf/Waller Hawkins, Coleman Oseon(194297-A)(B)(E-6741)(6742)
1092 Honeysuckle Rose Waller Sullivan, Joe Parlophone R-1686
1095 Honeysuckle Rose Waller Norvo, Red & Swing Octet
Webb, Chick & Savoy Orchestra
Parlophone R-2117
1098 Honeysuckle Rose Razaf/Waller Bailey, Mildred Parlophone R-2201
1182 Honeysuckle Rose Waller/Razaf Hines, Earl (trio) Signature (S1-1-2A)(-2B)(28110-A)
1244 Honeysuckle Rose Waller/Razaf Hawkins, Coleman & All Star Jam Band Victor (26219-A)(B)
1474 Honeysuckle Rose Waller Waller, Fats Victor P-151 (20-1580-A)(B)
1669 Honeysuckle Rose Waller/Razaf Jordan, Louis & Tympany Five Decca 7675 A (66872)
B (66874)
2018 Honeysuckle Rose Jefferson/Razaf/Waller Henderson, Horace & Orchestra Vocalion 5567
2100 Honeysuckle Rose Razaf/Waller/Immerman Waller, Fats & his Rhythm Victor 25779-A -B
115B Honeysuckle Rose Razaf/Waller/Immerman Waller, Fats & his Rhythm RCA Victor (36206-A)(36206-B)
926 Hong Kong Blues Carmichael Carmichael, Hoagy Decca A-284 (18395-A)(-B)
1790 Hong Kong Blues Carmichael/Kincaide Dorsey, Tommy & Orchestra Victor 20-1722-A -B
517 Honky Tonk Shuffle Campbell Light Crust Doughboys Okeh 06216 (DAL-1189)(-1194)
2179 Honky Tonk Train Lewis Crosby, Bob & Orchestra
Haggart, Bob & Ray Bauduc
Decca 2208 A (91536) B (91518)
2580 Honky Tonk Train Lewis Crosby, Bob & Orchestra
Haggart, Bob & Ray Bauduc
Decca 2208 A(91536) B(91518)
497 Honky Tonk Train Blues Lewis Crosby, Bob and his Orchestra Decca A-603 (25277-A) (-B)
(91536) (63386)
601 Honky Tonk Train Blues   Various Artists Decca DL 5249
(MG1658, MG1659) 
1402 Honky Tonk Train Blues Lewis Lewis, Meade Lux
Spand, Charlie
Columbia C-130-7 C-130-8
731 Honky, Tonk Train Blues Lewis Lewis, Meade Lux Bluebird (B-10175-A)(-B)
1061 Hoodoo Woman Blues Spand Spand, Charlie Okeh 05757 (WC-3150)(3152)
631 Hooray Hooray   Ginades, Shep Storyville STLP 309
340 Hootie Blues McShann/Parker McShann, Jay and his Orchestra Decca (8559-A) (-B) (93734)
1044 Hootie Boogie McShann McShann, Jay Mercury (8002-A) (B) (300)(301)
1133 Hop Off Williams/Waller Henderson, Fletcher Parlophone R-2783
1353 Hop Off Williams/Waller Henderson, Fletcher & Orchestra Columbia C-30-5 C-30-6
1540 Hop Skip and Jump Keller/Livingston
Krupa, Gene & Orchestra Columbia 36931 (CO 35337)
(CO 35342)
236 Hop, Skip and Jump Shaw/Carleton Shaw, Artie and his Gramercy 5 Victor (20-1800-A) (-B)
191 Hora Staccato Dinicu/Heifetz Goodman, Benny and his Orchestra Columbia 37207 (HC0-2083)
638 Horned Frongs We Are All For You   Lawson-Haggart Jazz Band Decca D127 (MG2789 2790)
1844 Hornet Harding Shaw, Artie Musicraft 409
1707 Hors D'Oeuvres Colmen Ambrose & his Orchestra Decca 500
1791 Horse Ain't Got Much Sense Lewis/Newman/Mencher Kyser, Kay & Orchestra Brunswick 7826 (1743)(1745)
1766 Hot and Bothered Ellington Profit, Clarence (trio) Decca 8503
566 Hot Harlem   Johnson, James Stinson Records SLP 21
1768 Hot House Dameron Gillespie, Dizzy (sextet) Musicraft 486 (555)(568)
1819 Hot House Dameron Gillespie/Parker/Catlett/Haig/Russell Guild 1003
153 Hot Lips Busse/Lange/Davis Whiteman, Paul and his Orchestra Victor (18920-A) (-B)
1579 Hot Lips Busse/Lange/Davis Cotton Pickers Brunswick 2292
1901 Hot-Hot-Hottentot Fisher Hollywood Dance Orchestra Perfect 14392
1425 Hotter Than 'Ell Henderson Henderson, Fletcher & Orchestra
Basie, Count & Orchestra
Decca 182 (3518-A)(B)
1132 Hotter than That   Armstrong, Louis Parlophone R-2704(82055)(80884)
1997 Hotter that That   Armstrong, Louis & Orchestra Vocalion 3257 (18884)(82055)
847 Hour of Parting Kahn/Spoliansky Sullivan, Maxine Columbia 36341 (WCO-26788)
1587 Hour of Parting Kahn/Spoliansky
Goodman, Benny & Orchestra Columbia 35572
(WCO 26717) (WCO 26740)
992 House Hop Mundy/Goodman Goodman, Benny His Masters Voice B.8569
2194 House I Live In Allan/Robinson Ravens w/ Rhythm Acc. National 9073 (453)(461)
276 House Of Blue Lights Raye/Slack Slack, Freddie and Rhythm Capitol 251 (1006)(1007)
759 House of Blue Lights Raye/Slack Sisters, Andrew & Eddie Heywood Decca 23641A(L4252)B(L4253)
1161 House Rent Boogie Basie/Ebbins/Hardings Basie, Count and Orchestra RCA Victor (20-2435-A)(B)
556 Houseparty Hop Williams Anthony, Ray & Orchestra Capitol L-22
1987 How Can I Get It? Spencer/Williams Williams, Clarence & Orchestra Vocalion 2630
1205 How Can You Face Me Razaf/Waller Waller, Fats and his Rhythm Victor (24737-A)(B)
2384 How Can You Love Me Weldon Washboard Sam & Washboard Band Bluebird B-9039 -A -B
133 How Come You Do Me Like You Do Austin/Bergere Original Memphis Five, The Victor (19480-A) (-B)
277 How Come You Do Me Like You Do Austin/Bergere Gene Rodemich's Orchestra Brunswick 2824-A  -B
278 How Come You Do Me Like You Do Austin/Bergere Harris, Marion Brunswick (2610-A) (-B)
674 How Come You Do Me Like You Do Austin/Bergere Mole, Milfred
Hall, Edmond
Brunswick BL-58042
2253 How Could Red Riding Hood? Randolph Garber, Jan & Orchestra
Olsen, George & Music
Victor 20322 -A -B
854 How Deep Is the Ocean Berlin Goodman, Benny Columbia 36754(CO-31363)(31392)
1844 How Deep is the Ocean, How High is the Sky Berlin Shaw, Artie Musicraft 409
950 How Do I Know It's Real Shapiro/Seelen/Lee Sullivan, Maxine Decca (4307-A)(B)(70542)(70541)
1267 How Do They Do It That Way Spivey Allen Jr., Henry & Orchestra Victor (V-38088-A)(B)
2527 How Dry I Am   Shaw, Art & New Music Vocalion 4182 (B21425)(1-7)(B21426)(2-11)
652 How Good It Feel To Be Glad   Andrews, Ernie
Davis, Maxwell
Aladdin (175-A)(175-B)
611 How High the Moon Lewis Goodman, Benny Capitol H-202
662 How High the Moon Lewis/Hamilton Fitzgerald, Ella Decca 24387 (74324)(74387)
884 How High the Moon Hamilton/Lewis Ellington, Duke Columbia 38950 (CO-38388)
1806 How High the Moon Hamilton/Lewis Krupa, Gene & Orchestra Columbia 38345 (CO 35335)(CO 36364)
1384 How Long Blues Carr Basie, Count & Rhythm Section Columbia C-101-3 C-101-4
36710 (HCO-874)(873)
553 How Long Has This Been Going On? Gershwin/Gershwin Goodman, Benny & Orchestra Columbia CL-6100 (LP-1973)
2431 How Long How Long Blues Carr Tampa Red's Hokum Jug Band Vocalion 1228
228 How Sorry You'll Be Kalmer/Ruby Walker, Esther Victor (18657-A) (-B)
2473 How Ya' Feelin' Johnson/Redman Redman, Don & Orchestra Brunswick 6523 (13006)(13008)
2598 How Ya Gonna Keep Em Down on the Farm Donaldson/Young/Lewis Orlando's Orchestra Silvertone 5008 -A (2-484) -B (1-596)
2195 Huckle Buck Alfred/Gibson Milton, Roy and Solid Senders Specialty 328 A B
1735 Hullabaloo Phillips Herman, Woody & Orchestra Decca 2743
2491 Humming Breau/Henderson/Golden Whiteman, Paul & Orchestra Victor 18737-A -B
1411 Humoresque Dvorak Tatum, Art Decca 126 (18049-A)(B)
2175 Hurry on Down Lutcher Lutcher, Nellie & her Rhythm Capitol Americana 40002 (1824, 1825)
1789 Hurry, Hurry Larkin/Carter Chatman, Christine & Orchestra Decca 8660 A (71951) B (71948)
781 Hurry, Hurry! Larkin Carter, Benny Capitol 144 (93-A) (95-A)
166 Hush-a-Bye Galvin/Spencer Goldkette, Jean and his Orchestra Victor (20270-A) (-B)
1407 Hy'a Sue Ellington Ellington, Duke & Orchestra Columbia C-164-1 C-164-2
588 Hyena Stomp   Morton, Jelly-Roll & Orchestra Jazz Panorama 1804


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