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National Ragtime and Jazz Archive Recordings: Numerical Titles

Accession Number

Title of Work


Performer/Performing Group

Record Label Number

2462 1. This is the Life
2. International Rag
Berlin Pollack, Ben & Orchestra Decca 1891 A (DLA 1234) B (DLA 1235)
361 12th Street Rag Summer/Bowman Waller, Fats and his Rhythm Victor 25087-A -B
2546 15-40 Special Weaver Weaver, Joe & his Blue Notes De Luxe 6006 (GV-2-101)(GV-2-104)
650 1919 March   Janis, Conrad Circle (L-404-A)(L-404-B)(CL-11)
583 1919 Rag traditional Murphy, Turk   Jazz Band Good Time Jazz LP-5
(LKLP-8   LKLP-7)
1414 2:19 Blues Deadume Armstrong, Louis & Orchestra Decca 126 (18090-A)(B)
1188 24 Hours at "Booth's" Sullivan Sullivan, Joe Sunset (SRC-100)(101)
546 29th and Dearborn Jones Dodds, Johnny & Chicago Boys
Noone, Jimmy & Orchestra
Brunswick BL-58046
(MG-3249) (MG-3250)
774 29th and Dearborn Jones Dodds, Johnny and Chicago Boys Brunswick 03205-M
109B 29th and Dearborn Jones Jones, Richard M (Jazzmen) Session 12-006 (154)(155)
1639 31st Street Blues Hall/Geise Smith, Clara & Jazz Band Columbia 14009-D
980 35th and Calumet O'Brien/Mezzrow Mezzrow, Mezz and Orchestra His Masters Voice B.8408
2435 44 Blues Sykes Sykes, Roosevelt (Honey Dripper) Decca 7586 -A (75408-A) -B(65401-A)
440 4F Ferdinand, the Frantic Freak Gibson Gibson, Henry Musicraft (293-A) (-B) (5170)
429 5:30 AM Blues Provised Daily, Pete and His Chicagoans Jump (14-A) (-B) (J45-3) (J52-1)
1913 52nd Street Theme Monk Gillespie, Dizzy & Orchestra RCA Victor 40-0130
1970 57 Varieties Hines Hines, Earl Columbia 2800-D (402211)(402220)
485 57th Street Drag Schwartz Chester, Bob & Orchestra Bluebird (B-10532-A) (-B)
1435 627 Stomp Johnson/Dexter Johnson, Pete & Band
Turner, Joe & Fly Cats
Decca 214 (18121-A)(B)
296 88 Boogie Caston/Dixon Big Three Trio Columbia 38093 (CCO-4987)
1547 99 Blues Johnson Green, Lil Bluebird B9030


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