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Production Services Policies

  1. All work orders must be placed in person and signed by requesting faculty or teaching assistant.
  2. The Director of Audio Visual Services or the Instructional Communications Programmer may refuse service to any faculty person if proper information and/or cooperation is not given. The Instructional Communications Programmer will refer any faculty member to the Director of AVS if proper information and/or cooperation is not given.
  3. Requesting faculty will furnish all necessary information, including but not limited to, the following:
    1. If for classroom use, the course number will be recorded and verified by the University class schedule.
    2. If for research /publication, the client's department must be billed through local or research accounts only. The account number and fiscal officer approval must be received prior to the beginning of work.
    3. If work is for personal use, the client's department must approve payment on a charge back basis(see 3b above).
  4. Classroom production work will have first priority on all work orders. Charge back production work will have second priority and will be on a first come, first served basis. Completion dates will be assigned to work orders according to the departmental guidelines and existing workload. Clients will be advised of such dates.
    1. Slides average 1 week for up to 72 slides with an additional week for every increment of 72 slides.
    2. Overhead transparencies depends on work involved: thermal / black on clear transparencies can take 2 hours to 2 days depending on quantity. While-you-wait service for black on clear transparencies depends on availability of staff and is discouraged. Color transparencies can take 1 day to 1 week depending on whether the transparency is ready to image from a disk, or if scanning or computer entry in needed.
  5. Copyrighted material will be reproduced only after written release permission is received by Audio Visual Services.
  6. Work orders will not be accepted from students for studio use unless placed and signed in person by the requesting faculty. Students and faculty must reserve editing at least 1 week in advance. Students and facility should confer with Instructional Communications Programmer prior to shooting for guidelines.
  7. Audio Visual Services will process only film that has been shot in-house.
  8. Special or custom work requests require approval of the Director of Audio Visual Services.
  9. Questionable work orders will be referred to the Director of Audio Visual Services.


Equipment will be used by Audio Visual Services personnel only; no production equipment will be checked out to faculty or staff.


  1. The Self-Help Area is available to students and faculty on a charge back basis to produce their own materials provided they are for SIUE classroom use.
  2. An SIUE ID and current Student Schedule/Fee card is required to use the Area.
  3. AVS personnel provide technical assistance with equipment operation and the production of media materials.
  4. AVS personnel reserve the right to refuse service and limit the amount of material sold only after consulting with the Director of AVS.
  5. No raw material may be taken from the Self-Help Area.
  6. Self Help area equipment may not be checked out.


  1. The Video Studio is used to produce programs in support of direct or supplemental classroom instruction. Any non instructional use must be approved by the Director of AVS and the Instructional Communications Programmer.
  2. The studio and its contents are to be used and operated by AVS personnel under the direction of the Instructional Communications Programmer and/or the Director of Audio Visual Services.
  3. No studio equipment may be checked out to faculty or staff.
  4. Please review the Video Studio Shooting and Editing Guidelines.


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