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Smart Classroom Equipment Operation Instructions

  1. Pull down screen in front of classroom.
  2. Open equipment lectern.
  3. Retrieve Sharp LCD Projector remote from inside lectern and turn remote power on. The power switch is located on the upper right side of the remote.
side view of remote
  1. Turn the Sharp LCD Projector remote face up. Press the ON button located at the top left corner on the remote to turn on the ceiling mounted Sharp Video/Data Projector. The red light on the front of the ceiling mounted projector should go off and two green lights will turn on. It will take 20 to 30 seconds to fully power up the projector.
  2. Turn on the other data/audio/video components you will use by pressing individual power buttons to power up the Sharp VCR, JVC stereo receiver and/or the desktop computer stored in lectern. Slide out computer keyboard and mouse drawer.
  3. Use Input Select section on Sharp LCD Projector remote to choose visual input source to activate that projector function. Press button of choice on Sharp LCD Projector remote as follows:
Your Visual Input Source Remote Input Select Button
Laptop Computer Data 2
PC Computer Data 2
Panasonic VCR Video 1
DVD Player - where available* Video 1
*DVD Players are not available in all smart classrooms. DVD operations require the VCR power to be on and VCR set to channel AUX 1.
remote front view
  1. Press the Power button on the JVC RX-318 receiver to turn on the main power. Press the Source Selection Button (CD, PHONO, TAPE 1, FM or AM) to make your audio selection according to the table below. Receiver can also be operated using the JVC remote.
  2. JVC RX-318 Receiver control panel
    Your Audio Input Source JVC Receiver Selection
    PC CD
    VCR TAPE 1
    DVD TAPE 1
    FM Radio FM
    AM Radio AM
    The PHONO, and TAPE 2/VIDEO audio options are not connected, and should not be selected.
  3. Adjust JVC Receiver volume levels to suit. Note: DO NOT PRESS "Speakers 2" button. It must be in the off position or speakers will not work. The "Speakers 1" button should be the only button in the ON position.
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