Name Description
This form is for removing members from your roster with our office.
This form is for adding members to your roster with our office.
This is your annual anti-hazing compliance form, it must be completed every year and submitted to our office.
To include the giving of our time and abilities to provide individuals or organizations with hands-on support. This form should be submitted only once, at the end of the semester after all community service hours have been collect from members currently on the roster.
Philanthropy involves the raising of resources to assist with the mission of a charitable organization. This form should be filled out after each event that raises goods or funds for a non-profit organization. This form can me submitted several times a semester.
2024 Fall IFC Grade Release Form
2024 Spring NPHC & UGC Grade Release Form
This form needs to be completed by every member of your chapter when they join the organization.
2024 IFC New Member Education Guidelines
Spring 2024 NPHC Membership Intake Guidelines
Spring 2024 PHC New Member Education Guidelines
Spring 2024 UGC Membership Intake Guidelines
Continuous Open Bidding Membership Recruitment Acceptance Agreement