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2018-2019 Executive Branch

The Executive Branch serves as the selective sounding board for introduction of new policies and programs and serves as a communications network to the Senate. The Executive Board acts in the best interests of the Senate when the Senate is not in session. The Executive Board ensures the inner workings of Student Government are working smoothly so the senate can ensure they are advocating for the voice of the student body

Meet Your Executive Board

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Mackenzie Rogers, Student Body President

Hometown: Marshall, IL
Year in School: Junior
Major: Psychology with Biology, Chemistry, Pre-Law minors
Vision for Student Government: "To be an approachable group of leaders that our peers can trust; to stand up for what is right even when it proves difficult; and to use our voices for the betterment of the students and our university."
Hobbies: I enjoy writing articles and poems, reading, doing yoga, working out, trying new things, and spending time with friends and family. 
Other campus involvement: Alpha Phi Sorority, Dance Marathon

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Sadie Spears, Vice President

Hometown: Shelbyville, IL
Year in School: Senior
Major: Political Science
Vision for Student Government: To be an open-minded, inclusive, and visible asset to campus
Hobbies: traveling, playing with Toto (my hedgehog), exploring STL
Other campus involvement: Alpha Xi Delta Sorority, Order of Omega, Honors Student Association, Springboard Student Leader, Cougar Guide

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Molly Smith, Student Trustee

Hometown:  West Frankfort, IL
Year in School:  Senior
Major:  Biology & Psychology
Vision for Student Government: "My goal is to offer the best representation for our university at a system level to continue moving forward."
Hobbies: School and crafting
Other campus involvement:  Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, Pre Med Association, Cougar Guide, Research assistant, and NSLS

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SG logo Diego Espinoza, Financial Officer

Hometown:  Round Lake, IL
Year in School: Sophomore
Major: Computer Management & Information Systems
Vision for Student Government: "We serve as liaisons to students to guide them to campus resources."
Hobbies: Video gaming & watching The Office
Activities: None

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Matt Butler, External Affairs Officer

Hometown: Alton, IL
Year in School: Junior
Major: Biomedical Science
Vision for Student Government: “An organization that every student is comfortable coming to in order to express their ideas/concerns in order to work together to take action."
Hobbies: Hiking, reading, studying, watching Netflix/Hulu
Activities: Pre-med Association

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Kalli Morris, Internal Affairs Officer

Hometown: Mascoutah, IL
Year in School: Senior
Major: Political Science
Vision for Student Government: “I want to provide a platform for students to express their goals and aspirations. I hope to properly represent my constituents and execute their visions. It is my intent that together, we can work to improve the collective good of our amazing institution!"
Hobbies: traveling abroad and immersing myself in new cultures!
Other campus involvement: Global Ambassadors Program, Alpha Sigma Tau, Pi Sigma Alpha

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Michelle Krichevsky, Student Diversity Officer  

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Year in School: Senior
Major: Exercise Science
Vision for Student Government: "My goal for student government is to create a platform for all students to share their voices."
Hobbies: HGTV, ABC, and Netflix are my favorite pass time. I love stand up comedy (George Carlin is the best)
Other campus involvement: None

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Adam Aldabe, Organization Relations Officer  

Hometown: Orland Park, IL
Year in School: Senior
Major: Pre-Medical Biology
Vision for Student Government: “I would like for us to cultivate an environment in which students can easily integrate themselves into the community and find their purpose at SIUE. I would also like for us to effectively and accurately stand up for what the students believe in, while doing everything in our power to make change for a better future at SIUE."
Hobbies: Getting paid; Golfing with the Chancellor; Cash; Sleeping in public
Other campus involvement: URCA; Springboard to Success Leader; Member of the Honors Student Association, Lyceum Club of SIUE, Students for Justice in Palestine, Pre-Medical Association, and Muslim Student Association, and probably some more clubs that I'm unaware of

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Fee Commissioner
Elizabeth Ellingsworth,Elections Commissioner  
Year in School:
Vision for Student Government:
Other campus involvement:
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