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Committees and Boards

Anyone on the student body is eligible to apply to join a committee if they meet the criteria in our bylaws. If you are interested in joining any of the committees listed below, please contact Internal Affairs Officer Kalli Morris at

Finance Board
The Finance Board makes recommendations to the Student Senate regarding allocation of funds to support student organizations, student travel, and student programming. The board shall exercise fiscal responsibility in establishing recommendations and will work with all organizations in developing a sound approach to program budgeting.

Financial Officer: Diego Espinoza

Information for Student Organizations: Registered student organizations are eligible to apply for programming funds, travel funds, and allocation funds. For more information on Student Organization Funding processes and forms, go here.

Contact: Please email Financial Officer Diego Espinoza (

External Affairs Committee
The External Affairs Committee shall be responsible for all activities outside of Student Government, including lobbying efforts and community involvement. Throughout the school year the External Affairs Officer and the committee plan events that are sponsored by Student Government. 

External Affairs Officer: Matt Butler

Contact: Please email External Affairs Officer Matt Butler (

Student Organization Advisory Board
The SOAB shall be responsible for overseeing and making recommendations for space distribution, as well as approving or revoking any student organization’s constitution. The board will also make recommendations on the status of student organizations and review the criteria for an organization’s recognition, which includes reviewing and recommending revisions to the Student Organization Handbook.

Organization Relations Officer: Adam Aldabe

Contact: Please email Organization Relations Officer Adam Aldabe (

Marketing & Communications Committee
The Marketing & Communications committee meets every other Monday and is responsible for helping Student Government properly implement brand management. They aid in coming up with creative ideas for merchandise, social media and all Student Government events.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Marketing and Communications Officer:  

Contact: Please email Robin Ermer ( 

Student Diversity Council
The Student Diversity Council shall be responsible for improving communication between diverse student groups and the University Administration, as well as creating recommendation for University Governing bodies. The council shall promote diversity and inclusive programming, and assist the Associate Vice Chancellor for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion with efforts in creating a campus climate that embodies the five values of SIUE.

Student Diversity Officer: Michelle Krichevsky

Contact: Please email Officer Michelle Krichevsky ( 

Fee Review Commission (convened as needed)
The Fee Review Commission shall be responsible for reviewing and researching all student fee changes in accordance with the fee review process. The commission will propose recommendations in fees to the Senate for approval.

Fee Review Commissioner: 

Contact: Please email Fee Review Commissioner

Election Commission (convened as needed)
The Election Commissioner oversees the Student Government elections.They are an unbiased resource that will plan election debates, manage the regulations of the campaigns, and run the student body voting.

Election Commissioner:  Elizabeth Ellingsworth

Contact: Please email Election Commissioner Ellingsworth (

2018-2019 Campus Committees/Boards
SIUE students are asked to serve on a variety of committees and boards each year.  If you would like to be considered for one of these boards, please contact Kalli Morris at or complete the SG Committee Application.

  • Committee on Assessment - Karlee Stapf
  • Counseling Services & Health Services Advisory Board - Marcus Kwasa
  • Curriculum Council - Shawn Gillies & Hannah Coleman
  • Educational & Research Policies Committee - Kristi Oklanwa
  • General Education Committee - Janki Vyas
  • Graduate Council - Kevin Greer & Mica Coleman
  • Honorary Degrees and Distinguished Service Awards Committee - Jonathon Adeniyi
  • Intercollegiate Athletic Committee - Megan Sands
  • Parking & Traffic Committee - Michael James, Mackenzie Rogers, Joe Paolucci & Stefan Jones
  • Pharmacy Dean's Search Committee - Catherine Gilmore
  • Programs Committee (Graduate) - 
  • Residential Housing Association (RHA) - Stefan Jones
  • Student Fee Review Committee - Kelsey Lane,
  • Student Publications Advisory Committee - Christian Arcelona & Mackenzie Rogers
  • Teaching Excellence Awards Committee - Kalli Morris
  • Textbook Service Advisory Committee - Jakhari Watson
  • University Center Board (UCB) - Chelsie Zajac, Jacob Graham, Jazmine Rosales
  • University Policy & Budget Council (UPBC) - Mackenzie Rogers, Sadie Spears & Ashley Cameron
  • University Quality Council (UQC) - Matt Butler
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