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Kimmel Student Involvment Center

Spring 2019 Leadership Schedule

Leadership Program Sessions

**Unless otherwise noted, all sessions will be in the Student Success Center Room 200 and will last approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour**

January 15, 2019
Am I an Option or a Priority
It's easier than ever to go through life distracted and burnt out. Come explore mindfulness and self-care with us to learn how to create more awareness and wellness in your life. Ask yourself the question, are you an option or a priority? Are you taking charge of your life or allowing your life to take charge of you? 
Presented by Sharon Stewart and LaShata' Grayson

January 22, 2019
Creative Leaders Produce More Efficient Leaders
Have you struggled with developing the leadership skills of members within your organization? Or have you contemplated about efficient practices to getting your own ideas off the ground? This presentation will explore the depths of what it means to be a creative leader with various approaches to contribute to your already fabulous leadership style. Through this presentation, you will leave with tips and tricks to inspire those around you with a more festive, creative approach.
Presented by Alexis Lambert

January 29, 2019
Learning from Failure
Failure is not final. Delay doesn’t mean denial. To be able to learn from our failures, we need a way to decode the teachable moments hidden within them. This leadership luncheon will assist you in analyzing your failures and identifying specific issues you need to correct when pursuing goals or tasks going forward.
Presented by Lauryn Joiner and Stephanie Bargiel

February 5, 2019
Developing Your Own Brand
During this presentation, we will discuss the importance of knowing and understanding your target audience, visual branding, and how to be impactful. The goal of this presentation is for student organization leaders to learn ways to provide meaningful experiences to their organization members and their target audiences.
Presented by Kimberly Pope and Brian Pearlman

February 12, 2019
Conflict/Controversy with Civility
According to the report "Workplace Conflict and How Businesses Can Harness It To Thrive", 85% of employees deal with conflict on some level. By attending this session on conflict management you will learn how you can utilize your conflict management style in the workplace and  learn effective conflict resolution strategies.
Presented by Abigail Gnewikow and Brittany Buchanan

February 19, 2019
Enhancing Leadership through Social Media
Social media allows for a leader to engage in effective communication with a large audience. Therefore, successful leaders will greatly benefit from enhancing their presence and comfortability with various social media platforms. This presentation will focus on how to utilize social media in a leadership capacity, and will incorporate techniques and netiquette rules to follow as a social leader. Come learn about the true power of social media and how it can enhance your leadership presence! 
Presented by Jamie Doss

February 26, 2019
Priority Management and Success: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Higher Achievement
Have you ever been told that the key to personal success is through better utilization of your time? This presentation will outline how priority management helps not only you, but also those around you to achieve success both personally and professionally. In addition, it will provide a brief review of strategies for better priority management as they relate to physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being. Are you someone who has a busy, overwhelmed life? This presentation is for you.
Presented by Anna Mae Wells

March 5, 2019
Meaningful Mentorship
In this session we will cover the basics of how to mentor, how to nurture effective mentorship relationships, and talk about personal experiences within mentorship. Participants will leave the session with information on how to be both a skillful mentor and a receptive mentee.
Presented by Harold Hendricks

March 19, 2019
Accepting the Past, Being Vulnerable, and Self-Reflecting to Keep Moving Forward
In this session, we will discuss learning how to accept what has happened in your life. Only by being accepting will you begin to be vulnerable. From being vulnerable, you are slowly being able to self reflect on your past which is the first step in moving forward.
Presented by Nolan Spaenhower

March 26, 2019
Combatting Systemic Injustices: "I'm Just One Person, What Can I Do?"
No matter what field or career path, it is almost inevitable that we will come into contact with a form of systemic, institutionalized injustice. What can one person do to change such "impossible" issues? How can we fight against hopelessness or apathy? Also, does being "woke" play a role in becoming complacent in inaction when combatting systemic issues?
Presented by Hannah Queen

April 2, 2019
The Future of Leadership 
As the end of the academic year approaches, consider reflecting not only on where you have been, but where you are headed. This session is broken into two parts. First, we will be discussing trends in leadership as a whole. Then, I will present the new opportunities available for those at SIUE in the coming year. We will wrap up with time to reflect on how both of these things will influence your future leadership development plans, whether you are graduating or pursuing another year at SIUE. 
Presented by: Melinda Daniels

Special Events

Women's Leadership Institute

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 --4:00pm-7:30pm
Morris University Center, Conference Center
Join the Kimmel Student Involvement Center for the 4th annual Women's Leadership Institute.  Learn more about the program and register to attend here:

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