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Thunderbird - Importing Local Calendars

This document provides an overview of a range of functions and behavior when interacting with Office 365 using the Lightning add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird, with Exchange Calendar and Tasks Add-On as the Exchange Provider. The functionality examined below pertains only to Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts. This add-on provides no Exchange email capability.

Testing Configuration and Versions:

The version of Exchange Calendar and Tasks Add-on for Lightning tested is 3.3.0. It was tested on Windows 7 SP1 running Mozilla Thunderbird 31.3.0 and Lightning 3.3.1. Mileage may vary with disparate releases or systems.


This extension is not maintained by Mozilla. It is a third-party extension that provides Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts for the Lightning calendar add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird using EWS (Exchange Web Services) as the provider. Updates to the add-on are likely to add, remove, change, or break functionality. The information given below is for reference; it is not intended to provide any guarantee of functional level.

Installing the Add-on:

        1. Install the latest version of Mozilla Thunderbird.
        2. Install the latest version of the Lightning add-on.
        3. Download the latest version of the Exchange Calendar and Tasks Add-on. * Latest version 3.3.1: Ericsson/exchangecalendar
        4. In Thunderbird, click on Tools | Add-ons
        5. Click on the Gear icon (next to "Search all add-ons") and select Install Add-on From File...
        6. Browse to the downloaded add-on in the previous step
        7. Click Install to verify that you understand that you are trusting the add-on from a non-verified author
        8. Click Restart Now to restart Thunderbird and finish installation of the add-on
Configuring to Access O365:
      1. Launch Thunderbird
      2. Click on File | New | Calendar

For assistance with exporting from your email client, please click here.

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