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Instructions/information for Faculty wishing to upload Music Listening CDs to the Streaming Server for use in Blackboard.

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As a result of recent changes in copyright laws, ITS is changing the way it handles copying media for instructional
purposes. These guidelines were developed in consultation with SIU Legal Counsel.

  1. Instructor will bring their compilation CD(s) to Information Technology Services in the basement of
    Lovejoy Library.
  2. Instructor will need to complete a form indicating where the tracks were taken from (University owned
    music, faculty owned, public domain, or Creative Commons).
  3. Instructor will allow 5 business days for the streaming process and emailing of the links. The beginning
    of the semester is very busy, so please submit your requests early.
  4. ITS staff will stream the tracks from the CD(s) and upload them to the Streaming Server.
  5. ITS staff will send the link of each track to the instructor and the instructor will be responsible for
    inserting the links into their password-protected Blackboard course for exclusive use of students
    enrolled in the course.
    1. Each track will be labeled accordingly: Instructor's eid-Course#-CD#-Track#. (examples -
      atallan-MUS111-CD1-Track01 or maschap-MUS411-511-CD5-Track19).
  6. Instructions for inserting your music links
    1. Enter Blackboard,
    2. Click on the appropriate course in my courses
    3. On the left, click [Coursework]
    4. Click [Build Content]
    5. Click [Content Folder]
      1. Give the folder a name (ex.- Music Tracks)
      2. On the left in the blue area, click [Coursework] again
      3. Click on the (ex. - Music Tracks) folder
      4. Click [Build Content]
      5. Click [Web Link]
      6. Section 1 - Name - Give the link a name (ex. - CD 1 - Track 01)
      7. Section 1 - URL - Insert the URL supplied by ITS, from the Streaming Server
      8. Section 2 - Type in a description of the link - optional
      9. Scroll down to Section 4: Options - Click yes radio button for the option Open in a new window
      10. Scroll to the bottom and click [Submit]
  7. If you need further instructions please contact the ITS Help Desk for appointment with a Blackboard
    support staff person. 618-650-5500 or email .
  8. Instructor should keep in mind that inserting multiple large tracks into Blackboard will take some time.
  9. For those students without computers, copies of the CD will be available in the Library Music Listening
    Room (located in Lovejoy Library on the first floor).
  10. The Library Music Listening Room will loan out to the students but advise the students not to burn the
    CD's or use them for any purpose other than the class. One CD for every ten students will be kept in the
    Music Listening Room.
  11. If possible the samples of music must be as short as possible to convey the teaching point the Instructor
    is trying to convey. If they can convey the point with a portion of the music then they should use that
    portion and not the whole song. If the whole song must be used then it may be used but the Instructor
    may have to justify that use if a complaint is made against the University. Professors must use the least
    amount of the work as possible.
  12. At the end of each semester, tracks will be removed from the streaming server. If the instructor plans
    to use the same tracks the following semester, the instructor will need to send in another request for the
    tracks for that next semester. New links for each of the tracks will be sent to the instructor to re-insert
    into their Blackboard course.

Information for Public Domain and Creative Commons websites.

This website is the Internet Archives website and the works posted here are public domain.
details/audio . There is a search box located in the upper left side of this sight. Type in the composer's name
and click [go]. A list of available music will appear, allowing the instructor to download the music. An MP3
file format is fine.

This is a Creative Commons website for music. Here artists upload or link their own music to this website and
have given permission to use it. There is a search area in the upper right hand side of this
page. Click on Search and a box will appear where you can type a composer's name in the [Search Text] box
and click search below. A list of available music will appear, allowing the instructor to download the music.

If you need further instructions please contact the ITS Help Desk for appointment with a Blackboard support staff
member. 618-650-5500 or email .

If you have any questions, please contact ITS at 650-5500 or email us at


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