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Academic Innovation & Effectiveness
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Relationship to AQIP

SIUE is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. As such, we are actively involved with the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP), which infuses the principles and benefits of continuous improvement into the culture of colleges and universities. As part of the process, we select goals for continuing improvement and conduct a sequence of events that align with those goals in order to improve performance in the designated areas. As an AQIP continuous improvement institution, it's our responsibility to identify areas of improvement using data and feedback provided by the Higher Learning Commission. These areas of improvement become the focus for AQIP Action Projects. Action Projects provide evidence that SIUE is working on concrete improvement projects. For that reason, the Higher Learning Commission asks that AQIP institutions have at least three action projects underway at all times.

In the 2006 AQIP Quality Check-Up the Higher Learning Commission identified an opportunity for improvement in the area of assessment. The Commission recommended that SIUE take a more "scholarly approach" to assessment measures. In the 2007 Retention, Graduation, and Student Success Report the AASCU team found that SIUE could improve decision-making by using validated measures to make data-driven decisions. Additionally, the 2009 Systems Portfolio Appraisal recommended that SIUE expand the use of validated data driven measures for making decisions.

Based on the feedback from the Higher Learning Commission through reports and from the April 2010 Strategy Forum, faculty and administration believe that the development of a validated Student Evaluation of Teaching form used as one source of data for tenure and promotion decisions would demonstrate our commitment to the scholarly approach to evaluation and the use of validated measures to make decisions. Responding to the commitment of "valuing people" by addressing concerns expressed by faculty, the SET project is a priority for SIUE's continuous improvement efforts. (See "Valuing People Through an Improved Process for Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET)."

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