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Academic Innovation & Effectiveness
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In Fall 2009, the Curriculum Council of the Faculty Senate charged a committee with two tasks. The first task was to survey our peer institutions as to their student evaluation of teaching (SET) practices. The second was to make recommendations related to creation and validation of a standardized SET that could be used across campus. The committee met and completed both tasks. The survey data and recommendations were presented in Faculty Senate in April of 2010. The first recommendation was to elevate the status of this project by turning it into an AQIP Action Project. The SET AQIP Action Project committee would be expanded to include representation from all academic units and to increase the transparency and communication with the university community.

Reporting to the Provost and the Faculty Senate, the Student Evaluation of Teaching Committee will work to carry out the recommendations set forth by the Faculty Senate SET committee. Specifically, the SET Committee will: 1) develop a set of standard SET administration procedures, 2) create and validate a SET instrument, 3) create documents detailing the administration of the SET instrument, the acceptable uses of the data from the instrument, and a framework for continued review of the instrument, 4) pilot the instrument in Fall 2010 using departments who voluntarily agree to participate, 5) openly document the progress and goals of the committee on-line for all faculty to observe and 6) establish procedures for the continued review of the SET instrument. The results of this process should then be shared with the Provost, Faculty Senate and the Curriculum Council in Spring 2011, upon which time a decision can be made as to the full scale implementation of a campus wide SET program.

Principal Functions:

  • Create a standard SET form

  • Validate the SET form through voluntary pilot testing

  • Develop standard procedures for administration of SETs

  • Develop guidelines for use of SET data

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of SET form, administration procedures, and data use guidelines

  • Openly communicate all SET activity to the university community

  • Present SET Committee work to Provost, Faculty Senate, and Curriculum Council

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