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Why are there so many different types of sick leave rules and types?

Sick leave policies have changed over the years. The typical accruable sick leave is separated by 3 time periods;

  • Sick leave earned prior to 1984,
  • Sick leave earned from 1984 to 1997, and
  • Sick leave earned after 1997

Sick leave earned from 1984 to 1997 is the only sick leave payable at termination or retirement and it is payable at 50% of the balance. All unused regular sick leave is reported to the State Universities Retirement System upon an employee's retirement to aid in any eligible retirement calculations.

There is also a required hierarchy to use sick leave and those rules can be found on the Benefits section of the Human Resource web pages referenced below.

Eligible Civil Service employees earn extended sick leave each year that does not accrue (carry over to the next year). Professional staff employees are granted a one-time amount of extended sick leave and any unused balance carries over until it is used. Eligible administrative staff and faculty earn non-accruable sick leave each year that does not carry over to the next year.

For details on sick leave, see for Civil Service and for Professional Staff, Administrative Staff, and Faculty.