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‘Of The Month’

Of The Months, otherwise known as OTMs, are one way NRHH recognizes outstanding students, advisors, and programs on the campuses of colleges and universities across the United States. OTMs are the primary source of recognition throughout NRHH. OTMs are written at individual schools, graded on their local level, and then graded on regional and national levels. OTMs are separated into 11 categories that are graded on the regional and national levels. Anyone can submit an OTM — this is a great opportunity to honor and recognize colleagues and programs.

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Category Description

The focus of the Advisor OTM should be based on the advisory role of the person rather then their professional role. Personal examples are often the best way to express the intangible contributions of an advisor. The nomination should display how the advisor was instrumental in helping the leaders they work with grow, learn, and develop.

Residential Community

Any residential community, such as wings, halls, floor, complexes, etc. This award should emphasize what this community has done as well as how it has supported others (both within and outside their community). This community being recognized must not be an official campus organization. Should illustrate what brings a group of individuals together and how they worked together as a group to accomplish their goals during the month of nomination. Communities that would be eligible for nomination in any other category are ineligible for nomination in the Community category.

Executive Board Member

Any executive board member of any on campus student’s organization in housing can be nominated for this category. A nominee can be on the executive board of the RHA or NRHH, or can be a hall/council executive board member.

Institution Faculty/Staff

Individuals who aid students in their academics, which includes professors, instructors, teaching assistants, counselors, and other academic affairs staff. This category is intended to recognize institutional faculty who have made a contribution to the residence life community both in and out of the classroom.

First-Year Student

Only first year students can be nominated in this category. It is important to show how this first year student has put forth special effort during the month of nomination. Has the student shown exceptional growth during the month of nomination? What makes the nominee extraordinary during the month and how has the nominee helped out on campus community? Please note that Resident Assistants, National Communication Coordinators, and Advisors are not eligible for this award.

Residence Life Faculty/Staff

Individuals who aid residents within the housing campus community. This category is intended to recognize the Residence Life Faculty/Staff who are not eligible for the Resident Assistant category and who have made contributions to the residence life community.


An organization is a group of people who work together towards a common goal. RHA, NRHH, and the Area Councils are the organizations that work toward a better housing experience for all.An outstanding organization is one that makes a positive impact on not only the other members of the group, but also the people and students around them. Make sure to include the organization you are writing about.

Resident Assistant

Uniqueness in this category is very important. New and creative approaches to the position show a true dedication to helping out the students. If possible, include any difficult confrontations with which the RA intervened or crisis situations with which he/ she managed to make a difference. Be sure to include some of the RA's duties and how they have gone above and beyond them because the duties of an RA vary from campus to campus.


This award is intended to recognize outstanding OTMs that don’t fit into any set category, such as Graduate Assistants, Food Service Personnel, night security, professor, etc. The nominee cannot be an advisor, executive board member, residents assistant, or student. Include how this person has helped out an individual or contributed to the well being of a building or living community.


Any student can be nominated in this category. It is important to show a student show has put forth special effort during the month of nomination. Has the student shown exceptional growth during the month of nomination? What makes the nominee extraordinary during the month and how has the nominee helped out their on campus community?

Program Nominations

Program OTMs (Community Service, Diversity, Educational, Passive and Social) are the longest OTMs. First, filling out the form is extremely important. When determining the target population, do not select a number of people you wanted to attend. If you advertise for a program for a whole building or campus population, the total population is the number to be used. If the program is for a floor, the number of residents that live on a floor is the population, not the number of people you hope show up. The target population is determined by the number of residents on a floor, building, apartment complex, or campus depending on who you present the program to.

Quick Tips for Writing a Quality OTM

  1. OTMs are due by 11:59 p.m. on the 5th of each month following the month of nomination at
  2. Use the Nominate Now! button to complete the OTM.
  3. Be descriptive, creative and inventive when talking about people and events. Those reading the nominations probably won’t know about about specific schools besides what is in the nomination. Write so the reader can visualize and understand - paint a picture so readers feel like they have the nominee or attended a program.
  4. Write OTMs immediately following the program for which they are written. It will be easier to remember all of the details and events that occurred. If you are not writing it directly after the event, take some notes to make the OTM writing process easier.
  5. Look at all the criteria for winning the OTM and interview the person, if applicable. This will help make the OTM detailed and informative.
  6. Search the OTM database at You can use the database to see nominations that have won in the past. Check out what a winning OHM is composed of — don’t copy, but learn how to make an OTM better!
  7. Define acronyms — they aren’t always universal! State what you are talking about, put the acronym in parentheses and then you can use it throughout the OTM. Be specific and cover all your bases.
  8. Make sure you are nominating someone or something in the correct category. To avoid mistakes, look at the definition and criteria for each category. If in doubt, check with a member of the NRHH executive board.
  9. Preparation is key! Make sure you proofread and include spaces between paragraphs.
  10. Make sure a nomination is month-specific! This specification is very important to highlight the outstanding things that the nominee did during the month of nomination. Use phrases like “in the month of ____ they did ....” Maintain this consistency throughout the OTM. If the OTM is not month-specific, it could be disqualified when being graded on the regional level.
  11. Have fun! Realize you are doing this to honor someone else. Try to imagine their face when out of the blue they receive an award congratulating them for a job well done!
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