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What are potential conflicts of interest and commitment?

SIU is committed to protecting the integrity of the research, education, service, and medical activities that occur on its campuses or involve its staff. SIU encourages its staff to engage in external activities that promote the University’s mission and contribute to their professional fields. SIU expects its staff to prioritize and fulfill their SIU obligations first and foremost and to conduct SIU activities free of personal conflict of interest or appearances of impropriety and self-dealing. All SIU staff must follow the conflict of interest policies and processes at their campus. 

If there is a relationship between university personnel and small business personnel, then that relationship must be disclosed prior to submission of a proposal.  For SIUE, see Policy 1Q9 Conflicts of Interest and Commitment.  For SIUC, see and

Faculty who are associated with the small business can hire but cannot advise or grade students.  The faculty member must comply with the terms of their conflict of interest management plan regarding notifying students of the faculty member’s relationship with the small business.