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Amending vs. Renewing a project in Kuali

The Kuali Electronic protocol system allows for amendments and renewals to previously approved protocols.

An Amendment should be submitted if you need to change anything about your previously approved protocol. This includes any alteration to the project's methods or design, extending the end date of the project, adding or removing project Investigators, or editing any instruments or consent forms previously approved.

A Renewal should be submitted if the project’s IRB approval is about to expire. This option should rarely be used since it does not allow you to amend/change any of the protocols sections, including the end date that you originally provided. It is likely if you are asking for a renewal, you will probably need to extend the end date as well. Check the protocol to make sure there is nothing that will need to be amended before selecting this option.

Kuali has an option to Renew/Amend as one submission. This option should be selected if you need to renew a project, AND at the same time, amend any of the project's information.