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Student Evaluations of Teaching

The Student Evaluations of Teaching (SET) is one source of information used to make data-driven and validated tenure and promotion decisions (Student Evaluation of Teaching Committee). It is a tool to gather end-of-semester student evaluations of your teaching (SIUE policy 1J7).

This instrument has 11 core items and uses a five-point scale:

Strongly Disagree (1), Disagree (2), Neither Disagree Nor Agree (3), Agree (4), Strongly Agree (5).

    1. The course requirements were clearly communicated in the syllabus.
    2. The instructor was available to help students outside of class.
    3. The instructor provided timely feedback on student work (exams, assignments, activities, etc.).
    4. The instructor provided useful feedback on student work (exams, assignments, activities, etc.).
    5. The class was well-organized.
    6. The instructor was prepared for class.
    7. The instructor was responsive to student questions.
    8. The instructor explained difficult material clearly.
    9. The instructor used teaching strategies that enhanced my understanding of course content.
    10. The activities/assignments were useful in helping me learn.
    11. Overall, the instruction in this course enhanced my learning of the course content. 

Additional Resources

2010-2011 Full Developmental and Validation Process Report (Click here to download)

SIUE Student Evaluation of Teaching Committee webpage

SIUE Policy on SET development, administration, and data use

External discussion of student evaluations

Additional SET Questions (Click here to download)

For more information or to contribute to this resource, please contact Lynn Bartels.
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