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Certificate for the Development of Learning-Centered Teaching for New Faculty


The Certificate for the Development of Learning-Centered Teaching for New Faculty is designed to encourage new faculty to engage in professional development in teaching and learning and to promote learning-centered practice. The program emphasizes the development of research-based teaching and learning practices. The program provides a structured pathway for developing skills in teaching and learning, but it is not intended to evaluate or certify quality of teaching. Faculty certificate programs are used at many other universities (e.g., North Carolina State University, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and University of Arkansas-Little Rock) and have been shown to be effective in developing skills in teaching and learning (Hubball & Burt, 2006).

The Benefits to New Faculty Participants:

   •   Learn research-based methods for improving instruction

   •   Gain a deeper understanding of best practices in higher education pedagogy

   •   Develop supportive relationships and networks with other faculty members interested in pedagogy.

Faculty Eligibility:

Any faculty member is eligible to participate in the Development of Learning-Centered Teaching for New Faculty program. The program is particularly designed for faculty members to begin prior to mid-tenure evaluation, but we invite non-tenure-track instructors, clinical-track faculty, mid-career faculty, and other interested parties to participate.

Program Requirements:

Participants will have no more than three years to complete the program requirements which include the following:

1.    Participants should download, complete, and submit an application to Lynn Bartels at Participants will be invited to participate in an initial self-assessment.

2.    Participants should attend at least four workshops.A list of qualifying workshops that are offered this year are listed here.

    • Assessment of Student Learning
    • Course Design
    • Learning-Centered Teaching
    • Elective Workshops (another full-length faculty development workshop of interest to the participant offered by the Office of Academic Innovation and Effectiveness or other campus groups such as IDLT, School or   Colleges, etc.)

3.     Participation in one intensive faculty development experience such as a faculty development book club or IDLT summer technology course is required.

4.   Participation in a peer feedback process (e.g., GIFT, class observation)

5.   Participants will complete one final project that demonstrates reflection and growth during the program. Participants may choose from the following options:

    •           Faculty Development Workshop Presentation
    •           Written reflection about Teaching and Learning that discusses pedagogical change and outcomes that relates back to their original goals and self-assessment (send to the director of Faculty Development)

6.   Participants will complete a battery of end-point assessments and submit a form documenting completion of program requirements to the Director of Faculty Development when ready to qualify for their certificate.

[1] This program was adapted from similar programs at North Carolina State University, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and University of Arkansas-Little Rock

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Please fill out the following application if you are interested in obtaining your certificate for the Development of Learning-Centered Teaching (DLCT). Once accepted into the program, you will be added to our DLCT mailing list to receive continuous updates and event notifications related to the certificate program.

Click here to complete the DLCT program application.


All appropriate DLCT related activities can be accessed through the faculty development web site under the "Events" section. There you can learn about specific events and register to attend. However, you can view all current events categorized by type of requirement met in the following document.

List of qualifying events.


Completion Form

Once you complete the certificate requirements you can update your progress here. After updating select NEXT when you have COMPLETED ALL REQUIREMENTS and are ready to submit your completed table.

Click here to fill out and submit your DLCT completion form.

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