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How Do I . . .

  • Write and publish academic writings?

    • Publish & Flourish: Become a Prolific Scholar by Tara Grey (available through Lovejoy Library's I-Share Program)
      • This book covers how to write daily for 15-30 minutes, organize around key sentences, solicit the right feedback from the right colleagues, and make effective use of feedback.
    • The Work of Writing: Insights and Strategies for Academics and Professionals by Elizabeth Rankin (available through Lovejoy Library's I-Share Program)
      • For writing journal articles, executive summaries, grant proposals, curriculum guides, and consultant’s reports
      • Topics include contributing to the professional conversation, meeting readers’ needs and expectations, finding your professional voice, and seeing the project through.
    • The Compleat Academic: A Practical Guide for the Beginning Social Scientist edited by Mark P. Zanna,  John M. Darley, Henry L. Roediger III (available through Lovejoy Library's I-Share Program)
      • Topics include controlling one’s career, power and politics in academic departments, everything you always wanted to know about research but were afraid to ask (your advisor), managing the faculty-graduate student research relationship, research grants, writing the empirical journal article, and advice for social scientists in nonacademic settings.
    • New Faculty: A Practical Guide for Academic Beginners by Christopher J. Lucas and John W. Murry, Jr. (Available through Lovejoy Library)
      • Topics include detailed advice on grant-writing, student advising, professional service, and publishing.
    • The Coach’s Guide for Women Professors Who Want a Successful Career and a Well-Balanced Life by Rena Seltzer (available through Lovejoy Library's I-Share Program)
      • This book covers topics such as time management, authority and influence, work/life balance, problems with teaching, leadership, negotiating better, finding time to write, developing your networks and social support, and navigating tenure and promotion.
    • Mentor in a Manual: Climbing the Academic Ladder to Tenure by A. Clay Schoenfeld and Robert Magnan (available through Lovejoy Library's I-Share Program)
      • Topics covered include research prerequisites, tuning up for research, different disciplinary concerns, what research says about research, final research checklist, choosing publishing role models, the ecology of your manuscript, fitting manuscript and medium, publishing and producing, the “business” side of writing, writing the standard research paper, the interpretative article or essay, the textbook, and principles of consistent publication.
    • Katie Linder’s webinar series How To: Academia and blog The Academic Creative
      • Webinar topics include juggling multiple writing projects, organizing an edited collection, promoting an academic book, interacting with journal editors, setting & accomplishing writing goals, writing a book proposal, being a productive writer, creating & maintaining your publishing pipeline, and designing a five-year publishing plan.
    • American Chemical Society Webinars
      • Topics include networking without saying a single word, managing US immigration and visa opportunities, metacommunication, writing for the lay public, and building a positive on-line personal brand.
    • How to Write a Lot: A Practical Guide to Productive Academic Writing by Paul J. Silvia
      • This book covers how to overcome motivational roadblocks and become prolific without sacrificing evenings, weekends, and vacations. After describing strategies for writing productively, the author gives detailed advice from the trenches on how to write, submit, revise, and resubmit articles, how to improve writing quality, and how to write and publish academic work.
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