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Mindset Matters

By Lynn Bartels

September 23, 2016

What are Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets?

Have you ever been frustrated by a student who told you “I’m just not good at that?”  For example, students may say “I’m not a math person.” This kind of thinking about one’s abilities is called a fixed mindset and it can cripple the learning process (Dweck, 2006).  With a fixed mindset, students believe that performance is determined mainly by innate and unchangeable characteristics.  Students with a f...

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Preventing Cheating

By Matthew Schmitz

September 08, 2016

A question instructional designers are often asked by faculty members is “How can I prevent cheating?” There are a number of long, drawn-out answers but the truth can be found in this simple statement: Reducing opportunities for cheating involves more work – both for faculty members and for their students. However, the increased workload will ideally lead to more rewarding teaching and learning experiences.

There are many reasons why students might cheat, including lack of pre...

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