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Communicating with Culturally Diverse Learners

By Mary Konya Weishaar and Phil Weishaar

February 23, 2016

Communicating with Culturally Diverse Learners

Mary Konya Weishaar (Executive Director of International Affairs) and

Phil Weishaar (Associate Professor of Special Education)

International Landscape - SIUE (fall, 2015):

  • 3% of students are international
  • International students come from 51 countries (highest numbers from Nigeria, China, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey)
  • More international students are graduate (267) than undergraduate (150)
  • Most international students study in the School ...

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Disrupting the Discussion Board

By Jonathan Coons

February 10, 2016

Powerful things are often complicated and, in an instructor’s arsenal, the discussion board can be a powerful tool. That doesn’t mean that a discussion board should be difficult to utilize for anyone. However, novel application can increase the quality of learning when learning is being facilitated by technology. As an instructor, disruption may require a bit more time on the drawing board.

Building a Novel Experience

Imagine being in traditional classroom with 20 or more peers....

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