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Discussion Board Prompts

By Lynn Bartels

January 27, 2016

Discussion Board Prompts


Next week’s Midweek Mentor video is Beyond the Discussion Board:  How Can I Engage Online Students. Discussion boards are frequently used in online or technology-enhanced courses.  Before we discuss alternatives to discussion boards, let’s think about what works in an online discussion.  Here are some ideas for discussion boards prompts. 

1.  Interview Someone in the Field

In this assignment, I ask students to interview s...

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Writing Tips for the New Year

By Sharon James McGee

January 13, 2016

As academics, we often think of the “new year” as the beginning of the academic year, but January is also a good time to start new, productive habits. I find that many faculty, particularly at a teaching-first institution like SIUE, find it difficult to sustain their writing during the semester. After all, having a classroom full of faces staring at you is motivation to prep for class and fielding constant questions about “when will our papers be graded?” encourages us to...

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