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Teaching Excellence Award Winners

To recognize the central importance of teaching to the mission of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE), the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, with the assistance of the Faculty Senate, each year will offer a monetary reward to each unit's official nominee as a Teaching Recognition award. In addition, one Teaching Excellence Award and up to five Teaching Distinction Awards will be awarded. One of the Teaching Distinction Awards will be made to faculty in the status of clinical faculty, instructors, lecturers, or part-time faculty as defined by University policy. The other awards will be made to full time tenured and tenure-track faculty. Nominations for the awards may be submitted by students and faculty, and are reviewed by the Teaching Excellence Awards Committee of eight faculty and three students. Those selected by the Committee as best qualified to receive awards are recommended to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

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Teaching with Technology Award

The Focus on Teaching and Technology Conference (FTTC) in St. Louis gives the Teaching with Technology Award to recognize use of technology and pedagogy in innovative and effective ways to actively engage students in the classroom and through online courses. 

2017 Winner: Susanne James for integrating technology into her classes through virtual simulation

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Learning-Centered Teaching Certificate

The Certificate for the Development of Learning-Centered Teaching for New Faculty is designed to encourage new faculty to engage in professional development in teaching and learning and to promote learning-centered practice. The program emphasizes the development of research-based teaching and learning practices. The program provides a structured pathway for developing skills in teaching and learning, but it is not intended to evaluate or certify quality of teaching.

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Dr. Jamie Hoelscher

Dr. Jamie Hoelscher

Dr. Hoelscher's comments on the program:

"After completing all requirements for the Certificate for the Development of Learning-Centered Teaching for New Faculty I have examined the way I teach and found great support for some of my methodologies and ways to improve others."

"Starting with the GIFT, performed by a professor in my department in my first year at SIUE, I was clearly able to understand my strengths and weaknesses as a new professor. In addition, I have been able to go beyond the text, incorporate real life examples and cases and utilize the text more as a reference for students than as the backbone of the course."

"Attending the most recent workshop, Making Learning Stick was by far the most important workshop for me to attend. It helped me consider ways I can stimulate student learning not just to achieve a good test score, but to understand and be able to recall the information later in life.

"Lastly, participating in the IDLT summer course better prepared me to teach my existing courses in an online/hybrid and gave me the tools I needed to offer a course to students using a variety of learning mechanisms (video, audio, case-based, tutorials, discussion posts, blogs, etc.) and to assess those students in various ways."

"I will continue to seek out additional faculty development opportunities. Such workshops not only give me the opportunity to reflect on what I am currently doing, but give me a variety of implementable ideas to continually improve my instruction methods and to appeal to new generations of learners."

Dr. Adriana Martinez

Dr. Adriana Martinez

Dr. Martinez's comments on the program:

"Thankfully, during my time at SIUE, I have become exposed to an institution that values the ability to teach and provides a plethora of opportunity for professors to hone their teaching skills."

"I have attended multiple workshops, participated in a book club, and received peer evaluations during my time at SIUE. I feel that each of these experiences has provided a tool to place within my ‘Toolbox’ of teaching techniques that I use in each of my courses."

"Throughout each of the workshops and teaching activities I have participated in, as well as peer evaluations, I continue to improve my teaching by adding new tools to my teaching ‘Toolbox’. Workshops, book clubs, and peer evaluations have and will continue to aid in my growing as an educator."

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