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Book Club: Whistling Vivaldi


November 08, 2018 / 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM


Missouri Room, MUC

Book Club: Whistling Vivaldi by Claude Steele

Discussion Leaders:

Lakesha Butler (Pharmacy)

Elora Voyles (Psychology)

Meeting Times:

Thursdays, October 11, October 25, and November 8, 2018


Missouri Room, MUC


Whistling Vivaldi presents a compelling narrative that explores stereotype threat by including personal accounts and social science research. The experience of stereotype threat is characterized by performance decreases as the result of awareness of negative stereotypes concerning one’s group. Centering on stereotypes of race and gender, Steele describes the factors in stereotype threat with an aim of understanding how to reduce the occurrence and negative effects of stereotype threat.

In our book club group, we will discuss the effects of stereotypes and how those stereotypes can influence/affect students and our interactions in the classroom. In addition, we will draw on experiments referenced in Whistling Vivaldi to discuss and practice research-supported methods for reducing the negative effects of stereotypes for our students.

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