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Faculty active in this area:

Dr. Serdar Celik

fig 5 serdar

A water-cooled solar panel tested under different resistances

fig 6 serdar

Data collection from the green roof of the SIUE Engineering Building for thermal

evaluation of the building roof

Research topics in this area:

Solar energy

  • Photovoltaic panel surface cooling

  • Photovoltaic panel surface coating

  • Thin-film solar panels

  • Solar-tracking systems

  • Solar-powered refrigeration systems

Building energy efficiency

  • Green roofs

  • Green walls

  • Natural insulation materials

Energy-efficient refrigeration systems

  • Stirling refrigeration

  • Magnetic refrigeration

fig 7 serdar

A Stirling refrigerator prototype operating with only water and helium. The system does not employ any CFC or HCFC refrigerants.

fig 8 serdar

Temperature and velocity contour maps of water flowing through a jet-impingement heat exchanger in a Stirling refrigerator.

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