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Mechanics of Material




The Mechanics of Materials laboratory is the place where students are initiated to techniques and instrumentation for measuring strain, stress and fatigue life testing. A range of experiments are designed to measure strains on the surface of components or specimen using A 10 Channel Module with embedded Strain Gage Conditioner, Digital Readout and Power Supply. The measured strains enable the computation of the mechanical stresses taking into account the material properties such as modulus of elasticity and Poisson's ratio. Other equipment available to students include the Wilson Rockwell for hardness test, Combined Bending and Torsion Apparatus with Dial Indicator to monitor deflections, Rotating Bending Fatigue Machine for fatigue test, and P-3500 Strain Indicator to familiarize students with Wheatstone Bridge Circuit (Quarter bridge, half bridge and full bridge). Students are also introduced to installing strain gage with M-Bond 200 and AE-10 Adhesive Systems. This laboratory is projected to expand in order to include experiments using photoelasticity, interferometry, and digital image correlation.

Energy Harvesting Research

In this Lab, Dr. Wang and her students conduct energy harvesting experiments with smart materials, such as piezoelectric materials. In this experiment, the piezoelectric element is shaking by a vibration apparatus and a purely resistive load is connected on the piezoelectric element. The output voltage and power of the piezoelectric material are studied by the experiment.

Dr. Soondo Kweon and Mr. Daniel Raja (PhD student) are performing a hardness test.

Dr. Kweon - 1

Dr. Kweon - 2
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